Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro : User Review

by LeDigIT

Xiaomi is getting more and more known as a brand with good quality and pretty much high-performance mobile devices.¬†Model Redmi 3 Pro¬† (check here)¬†is not the exception and although it does not belong to the newest models, it can still pleasantly surprise. When I was deciding on the July 2016 what brand and model should I buy, I was trying to avoid Samsung and iPhone mobile devices. On the other hand, I have to admit I had almost no knowledge about Chinese¬†company Xiaomi and its offer. However, after the recommendation of my friend I started to examine their products and very soon I found out that you would just hardly find such great ratio between performance-quality and price. No wonder then, mobile phones from Xiaomi belongs to top low-end phones on the market. I was looking for something with a¬†decent hardware, big screen, and low price. One would maybe say it is impossible, yet here I came across model Redmi 3 Pro. After brief consideration, it was already in my “Shopping Cart” and on the way to me. Redmi 3


If you properly follow the rules of charging and take care of the battery as you should,  then here you absolutely don't need to worry about its life. In the beginning, it was enough to charge the battery once every 3 days, of course, it depends on how much you use it. It has  4100 mAh battery and the capacity 132% higher than the previous model. Although the battery is powerful and the body is from metal, the whole device is pretty much light. Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro supports quick recharging  5V / 2A  so you can get at 50% of battery in like 1 hour.


Here comes the most important part of why I have decided to buy Redmi 3 Pro. It has high-performance processor¬†Qualcomm Snapdragon 616¬†with 8 cores – 4 with 1,5 GHz and 4 with 1,2 GHz¬†frequency. You will also find 3 GB RAM. Simply said, this means you can start any application immediately¬†t without wasting any extra second. Even though many times I have several applications running in the background, the phone works just right. 5 ” HD display with resolution 1280 x 720 has 16 million colors and automatic optimization of brightness thanks to the Sun Screen Effect Technology. I used to make use of this technology during the summer but it can be turned off so currently, I have it set to the highest possible brightness. Although¬† I haven't had any problem to operate the phone with one hand, the phone offers a possibility to turn on the one-hand mode for easy¬†manageability. However, I¬†personally never used it.  


Here comes the problem.  I was satisfied till recently when I started to notice some kind of red grid of pixels in the middle of the display. This, however, is visible only on a black background and might be caused by the fact I dropped the phone on the floor. Here comes the problem, although the body of the Redmi 3 Pro is made of metal after it was dropped on the ground from approximately 1,5 meters, back side has buckled a bit. Since then, there is one little spot on the display that just hardly responds to the touch although the display itself is not ruptured at all.


  • Nice performance
  • Long Battery life
  • Very good quality of photos
  • Low price
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Large memory
  • Dual SIM
Redmi 3 Pro has absolutely no problem to handle multiple applications at once while retaining fluency. The battery has a long life and can be quickly charged. The phone has both front and rear camera. The front camera has 5 Megapixels and is just fine for either video calls or selfies and the rear with 13 Megapixels is doing really perfect photos with HDR possibility. This, however, is only truth during the day. Photos that are taken without natural light are qualitatively much lower. All this and more you can get buy for a price starting from 155 ‚ā¨. What I really enjoy about the phone is opening it and securing with Fingerprint Sensor located on the upper back side.First of all, it is safer than the common security of your phone and secondly, it is really fast and saves you a lot of time. I myself was pleasantly surprised by the internal memory of 32 GB with a possibility¬†to extend by another 128 GB with Micro SD. Although I didn't take advantage of this feature, some will definitely appreciate the possibility to use 2 SIM-cards at the same time. Bez n√°zvu


  • You can't change a battery
  • All the applications/whole menu is on the¬†desktop
  • Seems to be easy to damage
  • Newer models price/performance
It seems it become a new trend but it is quite a disadvantage for a user if he can't change a battery. Longer you use the battery, shorter its power becomes. Not even Redmi 3 Pro is an exception. It is a matter of habit, however having all the icons on the desktop while missing the menu button may be irritating for some of the people. In this, I can speak only for myself, but it seems the phone is easy to be damaged despite the fact it has a metal body. When I was buying the phone it cost me 185 ‚ā¨ and since then Xiaomi launched several newer models with of course better performance and attributes for either the same price or you can already get them cheaper.


When you are a type of person who doesn't want to spend 500+ ‚ā¨ for a mobile device but still would like to enjoy quality and speed, definitely consider Xiaomi mobile phones. Since I've bought Redmi 3 Pro I've met quite a lot people having either the same model or different from Xiaomi company and I've never heard someone saying they are not satisfied. Although I am satisfied with Redmi 3 Pro and I can totally recommend it, I believe nowadays you can get even “more music for the same money”. I have 100% confidence my next phone will be again from Xiaomi. More information can be found on the Xiaomi official website Overall Rating:¬†7/10