by Alycka Sky

  I’m Alycka and I’m a freelance direct response copywriter. What I’m about to show you today is the most helpful device I use in my day to day life — the smartphone Vivo Y81. I chose this device because it helped me graduate Cum Laude from the university and helped me to keep pursuing my copywriting career.   Mobile Phone Vivo Y81   Now others might read this and say “How could a mere device help achieve such big goals?” One word– convenience.   Everything that I need to study for exams… to study for my copywriting career… and to live everyday with convenience…it’s all in this simple gadget.   I bought it for only 10 000 PHP. It’s a student-friendly price.   With this phone, I can already…  

  • Read ebooks for lessons in schools and in copywriting
  • listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Type documents and make presentations
  • Use helpful apps for both entertainment and productivity
  • Communications
  • Camera
  • Recorder
  • Store data
  and many more.  

Physical Appearance

  The colors available for Vivo Y81 are red and black. I like to be perceived as a burning red passionate person, especially with my career and life goals. That’s why I chose the red matte version. If you’re a passionate and enthusiastic person, the red version might be perfect for you. If you’re feeling determined and bold, a black matte might be great. This smartphone’s matte texture compliments its bold colors. The way it looked mattered to me because we don’t always choose smartphones for its features. A smartphone becomes a fashion statement or a way of self-expression for many, and I love how its appearance is exactly my type. For a phone, I don’t like bulky types because it gives an impression of being “old-school”. In this modern day and age, the flatter your TV screens and phone, the more modern the vibe it exudes. That’s why I was glad the first time I held this phone. My impression was it’s really thin. It’s 7.7 mm slim. It’s perfect for those who admire slim phones like me.  

Weight and Size

  It was only 147 grams and had a 6.22 inches screen. I love the size of the screen.  

The Display

  If you’re like me who does most work with a phone, you’re going to spend each day staring at your smartphone. The Vivo Y81 has an HD+ display at 1520 x 720 resolution. It’s desirable for people who watch movies and series on their phone like me. I like the convenience of being able to be anywhere with just a phone on my hand. The Vivo Y81 is bright enough for its screen to be seen outdoors, and it’s sharp enough to see the text clearly when surfing the web. For someone who enjoys viewing lessons, reading eBooks or typing in documents, I was delighted for its wide and high-quality screen. I’m also delighted that I didn’t need to bring my laptop at all times.  

Battery Life

  A strict preference for most of us when buying phones is battery life. I used to bring my phone to school from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. without a charger. I’m glad it survives 12 hours or longer when using data or WI-FI. When I seldom use it, it lasts for two to three days due to its 3260 mAh built-in battery. It’s always convenient to have a phone with a battery that lasts long.  

Build Quality

  This phone fell more than five times now. It had a few scratches but it still works as if it’s new. I didn’t need to put a case on it. Even if it been exposed to dust, water, and shock, it still works perfectly.  


  The camera is one of the major things I consider when buying a phone. I use my phone to take pictures of important documentation related to work. The rear camera is 13 MP rear with LED flash. The front camera is 5 MP with face access and AI beauty had me satisfied with the resolution of the images. It’s clear and has a good focus. It can also capture live pictures. What I really enjoyed about the camera was its document feature. It became very convenient to take pictures of Powerpoint slides and documents. The feature automatically crops the shot making it look exactly how it was presented on the slide. I like it’s editing feature as well. I can enhance my pictures to look sharper or even more vibrant. I can even take great photos in low light without using the flash. It’s perfect for photo sessions during night-outs and evening events.  

Extra features

  It has 32 GB internal storage perfect for a person who stores data like me. It’s a dual sim. Therefore, I have the choice to expand the internal storage by inserting a micro SD even up to 256 GB or to have another sim card. The phone has almost any other normal features, like Bluetooth 5.0. But with Vivo Y81, I can have twin apps. Meaning, I can have 2 Facebook accounts or Instagram accounts. It makes it easier to separate my business account to my personal account. It never lags even if I have 15- 20 applications opened.  


  It has some built-in apps I don’t need, and I can’t uninstall them. Also, the first few weeks I was using it, it required 4 hours before it gets fully charged. Now it takes about 2 to 3 hours. To me, it’s worth it since it takes 12 hours or more to empty its battery again. It can also be too slippery or difficult to grip at times. That’s why it can fall from my hands many times especially when I’m moving too fast. The package also only included a charger.  

Overall rating

  Physical appearance: 10 Weight & Size: 9 Display: 10 Battery Life: 8 Build Quality: 9 Performance and other features: 10 My overall rating for this phone is 9/10. It’s a great phone from physical features, to build quality and performance. It’s totally worth its price.