Two Year Old iPhone 5S: User Review

by Greta Sukyte

Slightly more than two years ago I have bought my gold iPhone 5s. I have been caught up in the Apple obsession at that time.  iPhone models change so fast that keeping a phone for two or more years is like collecting antiques. For how long it works of course matters only if you care about the quality of the product you buy and also have some “environmentally friendly“ gene. So here is my review on how iPhone 5s has survived the 2 year challenge. SP685-color_gold

Battery Life & Charging

Fortunately, iPhone 5s is still to be found on official Apple site so I could check the official battery life. The site states that iPhone 5s’ battery is supposed to provide the user with 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time. I have a hard time to remember this being true even when it was new. So what about the 2-year-old iPhone? Well, I could not complain at this point of time. Battery charges pretty quickly compared to some other brands that my relatives own. It charges in about an hour and if not used constantly keeps for about a day. After certain period of time you willingly or unwillingly get into a habit of plugging in your phone for the night. The only drawback I have noticed when the winter came is that it does not make friends with cold. Little below zero and it gets paralyzed and turns off. Here you can read more about the technical features of iPhone 5S.

Performance & Design

Despite the worldwide obsession with the huge HD screen I still feel my heart to be close to the iPhone 5s’ size. If you are not too much into making HD photos and nagging your friends with these the 2,3 inches do just fine. It is a pretty heavy phone but for me weight associates with less plastic and more durability. I tent to keep only the most important and used applications on my phone so it is not over packed. Since I have bought my phone it has been frozen only couple of times. 20161203_153244(1)

Strength & Durability

iPhone survives smashing the ground better than me getting smashed by the iPhone straight to my face. I am not one of those people who guard their phone. The only thing I have been using throughout these years is a very cute plastic cover which neither saves the front of the phone nor the back. I have lost the count of it hitting the street about two months after I bought it. However, once I have smashed this iPhone with my car door and saw it bend I realized what the price was for. My current iPhone is slightly bent over; however the touch screen experienced no cracking or malfunctioning. 20161203_153347(1)

Best Features

Good Quality of the Camera

To add to phone-survived-smashing-the-door attribute of it, I can definitely say I love the camera. Of course during those three years since it has originally been released the technologies have changed. I am no photo professional but as for a hobby it does marvelous photos, some of them being so good I got questioned is it really iPhone.

Photos & Slideshow

As I have been repeatedly updating my iPhone for new IOs the new features of course came together with it. The most recent feature I found to be useful is the photo slideshow. Previously I used to make these with a separate app and it was time consuming. Now I can get the same result with just few clicks. Overall, I like that updating IOs do not interfere with downloading and using new applications. IMG_3472


Oh you know these hilarious messages that autocorrect makes: “make sand is a witch” instead of “sandwich”? I just love its ability to learn the language being used. I happened to speak in a different dialect of my native language and now my iPhone speaks the same dialect fluently. It makes writing messages and notes much easier.

Worst Features

Hard to Work with Calendar

During these two years of using the phone I just could not make friends with the calendar app. Somehow it just kept malfunctioning or maybe my schedule is too complicated to handle. It was very hard to navigate and insert appointments. I tend to have a stable calendar but once in a while the appointment would change or reschedule and the calendar app would just go nuts about it.

Shortage of Space

Since the very beginning I was very skeptical about the iPhone being not memory card friendly. My iPhone is 16GB and I ran out of space in about three months. The only thing that is helping me now is Dropbox application and once in a while transferring photos to my laptop. If you are a huge music lover well brace yourselves.


A little less than a year ago my iPhone 5s glitches have started. For some time it used to get stuck in a situation where I could not open any application. It would turn on and off just in a split of a second. I treated it with reinstallation of any application and it would get back to normal. Well, after some time glitches stopped and haven‘t happened since then.

Overall Review

These days is not that usual to keep a phone for two years or more due to their tendencies to crack, break, turn off, and dismantle. Both good and bad features have many times become good conversation starters (especially when I have bent my phone with car doors). One thing I have never tried to do is try its water resistance. I do use screen with wet hands but that’s about it. Some may say iPhone boom is a good marketing trick but I happen to love my phone to pieces. Well not literally. It stays in one piece when falling out of my pocket. After two years it functions without any major glitches. It allows me to do my daily tasks like shopping, checking bank account, planning and note taking. Overall evaluation for the phone would be 9/10. What about new iPhone? I am confused right now since the latest updates do not tickle my pickles. At the moment, if my phone crashed I would have some serious doubt whether to get a new iPhone or choose another brand. I hope this does not happen any time soon… I feel too attached to this “granny”.