THL 5000 : A Review

by Najih Waleedh


Some of us criticize things without even knowing about it. They just Google search, read something and would completely judge it, even if it's relevant or not. Some have a type of racism for Chinese products. But they have made some better products with a cheap price. A common logic which says inexpensive products are less in quality and usability does not fits for many products made in China. Likewise, that line does not suits to the great battery life smartphone THL 5000. It is a smartphone of Technology Happy Life (THL) brand, which is made in China. THL 5000 accessories   I got the device from a global e-commerce plat form named as The smartphones I have used previously lack the durability of battery life. So I look into a massive battery smartphone which does not lack the good performances in other smartphones. And I have known the THL 5000 as a great smartphone with a large battery.

Performance and Design

A smooth running Android KitKat 4.4.2 OS phone with a processor of MTK6592T, Cortex A-7 Octa-Core 2.00 GHz can do many things as a smartphone. The speed is fast enough to play 3D Games without any interferes. This phone contains 16 GB internal memory (ROM) with a 2 GB RAM and can insert memory cards for more storages. The IPS 1920 × 1080 pixels resolution screen display of the THL 5000 is moderate for users, which is 5.0 inches with a body of 2.9 inches wide and 5.7 inches tiptop. Hold by hand The design of the device is nothing new but classic with USB port and 3.5mm audio jack on the top of the device. Above the screen there is a front facing 5 megapixel camera with the earpiece and sensors. Down below the Menu, Home and back keys. On the right the volume buttons and power button is on the left. The back contain a 13 megapixel camera with led flash and the speaker. Even if it contains a huge battery it is not so thick as most of us would think. The thickness is 8.9 mm or 0.4 inches with a weight of 162 grams. To be exact, this phone fits my hand perfectly. 

Battery life and Charging

THL 5000 massive 5000 mAh battery is big enough for a smartphone. Yes, it can stay up for 2 days with a normal usage. The talk times in most pages describes as 47 Hours for 2G and 30 or 47 Hours for 3G. From my experience those times are very specific. The battery only drops 5% on a 2 hour call in 3G. You can stream a video online and watch it for 5 hours. And the battery would only drop about to 60% on mobile data in 3G if it is fully charged. The battery is a silicon anode li-polymer battery which is non user-removable. This helps the phone to be thinner and the greater density also added to make the phone relatively thin. From the original charger it would take around 4 hours according to the current/voltage rate of the country. Also, it have got a fast charging feature. It is recommended not to use any other chargers to get the full potential of the battery. THL 5000 Battery  

Strength and Durability

Some of the Chinese brand phone display is low in quality and easily breakable. However, THL 5000 have a solution for this issue. It adopts a corning 3rd generation gorilla glass which makes the display more firmer and scratch resistant. It also have one glass solution (OGS) which makes the display brighter and thinner. The materials used in fabrication of the device’s body is plastic. But this does not weakened the phone strength. THL 5000 I am using have dropped to a hard floor from 10 feet high more than 5 times. I did not have changed the display for even once or does not have changed the back cover or the body of the phone. It can withstand from a great fall and the locks of the cover is strong enough which does not break easily. You can use this mobile approximately for more than 10 years without any repairs or damages. Its durability would be according to the owner usage and carefulness. THL 5000 back&front  

Best features

This phone have all the basic features you would need in a smartphone. From multi-touch screen to NFC. There are two sim card slots with a 3G (W-CDMA) network in one and 2G (GSM) network in another. It have all the connectivity like Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0. The phone adopts one of the best camera assembly, Sony IMX135 13 MP camera. You can take auto focused clear photos with continuous shots from this device and record F’HD video. You can take photos in many different moods like Motion track mode. There is a talkback feature which would describe what you touch, select and activate. This would help low vision users to do whatever he/she wants easily to the phone. You can even use 7 smart gestures. If you want to shutdown the phone at a specific time you want, THL 5000 is the best phone to do it. Also, it can power on the phone at the exact time the user wants. The feature name is Schedule power on & off. You can search for previous messages just by searching what you remember in the texts of those messages. Moreover, this phone can be used as a power bank for electronic equipment by using OTG.

Worst features

Every product would have some weakness, because we humans are not perfect to make it perfect. This phone have some problem with connectivity and performance. THL 5000 GPS performance is poor. But with further updates it seems to work moderately. The compass does not work properly sometimes. The Bluetooth out has some stammer and lag when some GPS related app start. It happens when I listen to music from a Bluetooth headset. But hopefully, it does remain only for some seconds. Another thing is that this phone have some partition for the apps. It only contains 4GB internal storage for the apps which might run out of storage. Don’t worry. You can move or change the locations for the installed apps and upcoming apps to the memory card which would provide some space in the internal storage.

Overall review

THL 5000 display, back & side The users of the THL 5000 does not have to be worry about the running out of juice anymore. Even if you play with the phone continuously with low brightness for a day, you have to charge the battery once till the day ends. It have UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and HSPA+ mobile network technologies. It is a classic design model with a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front camera. The strength and durability various according to the users. I would give an overall rate of 7.5/10. THL 5000 gave me a better technology life with few money, which have made me happier. So by using this phone, I have known that the brand name Technology Happy Life (THL) is not just a name, but it is real. ( For more information click ? THL 5000 )