Tecno F3 (Tecno Pop1): Owner Review

by Wanjiru Mugo

I chose the device considering the price range, brand, and specifications. I have previously used other smartphones other than the Tecno brand such as HTC and Sony Xperia. For the Tecno brand phones, I have used Tecno WX3 LTE phone which is in the same price range, with a 4.5-inch screen and 4G,3G and 2G internet connectivity. Other than calling and sending short messages, I use the device for social media interactions through the various platforms, taking photos and videos, sharing them to friends. For work, I need a device that I can write from, read and easily access E-mail and attachments mostly in MS Word, Excel and, PDF formats. Fast internet settings, phone loading speeds, camera clarity, and enough storage to hold media and apps are another consideration. The Tecno Pop1 phone goes for less than 100dollars in most retail shops and online stores. The phone’s reception is pretty good though it fluctuates from 3G to 2G in remote areas. It is a good idea to choose 3G/2G connectivity to keep from searching for network connectivity.

3G/2G internet connectivity(auto mode)

I chose to review the phone, as am currently using it.

Weight & Size

The phone is 5.45 inches and light. The phone is not too thick and can be held comfortably during use. The size is good for watching YouTube and videos on the phone and also for reading. The black parts on the screen take considerable space. To increase the screen dimensions and give better viewing screen, the company should consider removing the dark area at the bottom of the screen and adding to the overall screen. Being so light the phone is convenient when running errands, on the go and for people who like devices that fit into their hands.

Battery Life

It has a removable battery. The phone is charged through a cable (No wireless charging). The phone’s battery lasts a day and night if there is no much activity. During a busy day, when connecting to the internet and increased use, having a charger or a power bank at hand is a good consideration. Switching to battery power saving mode once the phone battery goes low, extends the battery life for a longer time than when on normal settings. The phone’s battery life is decent and does not overheat during charging.

Build Quality

The phone comes in a variety of colors- gold, black, red and blue. The phone is built to last with a metallic back cover. The phone has fallen severally on the concrete floor and it is still intact-though the phone has a screen protector guard and a protective back cover. It comes with the protective back cover. The phone model is Tecno F3, device name Tecno pop1 and android version 7.the CPU Core-Count is four with a 1.3GHz Frequency. The screen resolution is 960X480, internal storage of 8.00GB and RAM of 1.00GB with a slot for a microSD. It uses EDGE cellular network. It is Dual SIM (Mini-SIM) with the SIM and MicroSD above the battery. Other features on the phone include an FM radio, a GPS system, Bluetooth, WIFI and hotspot settings. It has a T-point that remains on the active screen. It acts as a shortcut to frequently used apps and torch. You can add and remove the apps as you like. The T-point can be removed from the phone from the Hi Group folder.
Image showing T-point on Tecno F3(Tecno POP1)



The phone goes for less than 100USD. Considering all the phone qualities, this price is fair to the consumer. This is a low budget phone, with all features a higher-end phone with better specifications has. The main feature that makes it worth its price, is the TFT capacitive touch screen display that is 5.45 inches. Also, the phone’s speed is fast if the phone’s internal storage is not full. For the same price range, there are other Tecno phones with better specifications such as 4G internet network and internal memory.


The Tecno phone brand has a range of smartphones, with high-performance ratings at affordable prices. It has high-end smartphones and affordable ones with great features. It compares well with other android phone brands. The image and video qualities of most of their phones are sharp and clear. Cellular network coverage is strong and the phone does not lose its connections unless in remote areas. It has care centers around the city and a phone in need of repair can be restored to function fully. I’d recommend the Tecno smartphones to a potential customer.


The phone’s performance is average. It performs well basic phone functions such as calls, messaging, and internet connection. The phone camera resolution is 5MP for the main camera and the Selfie camera. They both have the HDR picture mode setting and flashlight. The video resolution is 1080p 30fps. The quality of images and videos captured are clear and sharp. The sound quality of the phone is loud and clear. This makes watching online, phone videos, recordings, and audio a good experience. The phone’s internet connectivity does not have the 4G network band but 3G and 2G bands. This may cause the connections to buffer resulting in slow internet connections. This is especially when viewing videos or YouTube online. Storage is also a problem. It has an internal memory of 8GB. You may have to factory reset the phone to enhance its performance once the memory is full. Having a MicroSD card on the phone or external storage comes in handy to store your media and documents. To save on storage capacity of the phone, it is a good idea to install only a few apps and not update all apps on the phone. Work productivity with the phone was low, had to uninstall MS Office app that I had installed on the device to as the device create more storage space. The phone does not automatically adjust its brightness to the surrounding environment. Increase brightness while outside and decrease when inside.

Overall rating- 4/10

This rating is based on the phone’s performance, storage capacity, and internet connectivity. The Tecno brand has better performing phones for the price range though the phone size may be less than 5’’.