Smartphone Oppo A5s:Owner Review

by Anuj Saxena

I would like to introduce myself here first, my name is Anuj Saxena and I run an education consulting and career guidance company in Delhi, India. I work with online as well as offline clients by guiding about the suitable career options available for them according to their mental capabilities and potential. I need to be updated regularly about the current education, studies and career related advancements and developments. Also, I need to remain available online for most part of the day to connect with ongoing and new clients. But with the devices I had, it was getting difficult for me to do so. That’s when I felt the need for a latest gadget. For being connected with all my business updates, clients and much more, I realized that I need a Smartphone that not only keep me updated about my business while on-the-go but also is convenient to operate and provide internet connectivity to my laptop with Hotspot feature. Also, I wanted to have another device for leisure purposes to watch videos, online chat and play online games and fitness features enabled in it to keep me informed about my health, but had budget restrictions. So, I decided to purchase latest less expensive Smartphone loaded with all the features in a single device that I needed for myself.

Story of my latest gadget purchase

I had limited budget, so I was looking for best product available within my own budget restrictions. I was looking for Smartphone under INR 10,000 and usually it is difficult to get fully loaded with features I needed, latest and less expensive Smartphone within that budget. I started surfing online, window shopping, asking from friends and family about such device. I was getting suggestions of several devices but they were out of my budget while devices under my budget were low performing with features that would probably become obsolete within weeks after the purchase. I started feeling that it would be difficult to get the good Smartphone within my budget. After all the suggestions, reviews and advice I received it was getting difficult to choose the right option fulfilling all the checkpoints.


After much refining, I decided to purchase from the retail store and visited a mobile shop. I asked for the phone within my budget, again, I was surrounded with so many options. Then, finally I decided to buy Oppo A5s as it is among the best Smartphone under INR 10K category, less expensive and comes loaded with most of the features that a Smartphone user needs, including me.

Red Colour

Technically sound with power packed features

Oppo has established itself as a brand that people can trust with the high performing Smartphones manufactured by them which are also conveniently available in the market. Talking about price band Oppo has a wide price range suiting many budgets. Oppo A5s with price range under INR 10,000 comes with highly power packed features. Having sleek and compact size, lightweight and attractive colour model makes it worthy for every hand. I became more excited when I got to know about its features in details.



I like to work on big size screen. Coming with display size 6.2 inches, the device is ideal to serve my purpose.


I often do video calling, shoot live videos dual cameras of 13 MP rear and 8 MP front makes it easier with negligible lag in switching camera faces.


It is easy to take screenshots with feature already included in SmartBar. Also, shortcuts for regularly used applications are included making multitasking feasible.

Dual SIM Slots

With dual SIMs, it is easier for me to have network connectivity while traveling.

Battery Backup

While using Smartphone, it never happened that device got switched off as 4230 mAh of battery backup keeps the device active to complete all day long tasks without much hassles.

Fingerprint Scanner

This feature keeps me relaxed about any unauthorized access or security of my data while the Smartphone is away from me during meetings.

Memory Storage

Internal memory storage of 32GB is ample for me to keep all the necessary files, documents, pictures etc at one place, so that I could access them from anywhere and anytime.


Often I have long duration calls. With lightweight of the device, I can hold phone for long time without feeling any pain. Lots of other features like face unlock, split screen, video editing, AI album, game bar, smart assistant and much more to be discovered yet.

Some negative points about Oppo A5s

Although it has so many good features still few negative points are there in it. Like, having slow processor and RAM that makes playing moving graphics games a bit tedious as phone hangs while playing. Playing with online multiple players on high speed internet is also bit poor. Also it has little support for multitasking so while playing games or shooting live videos attending the call is bit hectic. Internet works well while using Mobile Data instead of Wi-Fi, as Wi-Fi adapter is less compatible with other routers. Scanning documents with the camera provides blurry and rounded corners image of the document. It is good for watching videos on the same app but a lag is visible while switching between apps or launching apps.

Suggestions for other Smartphone buyers

Overall experience is satisfying with the gadget and I am already addicted to it. It is tough to choose the right option among so many products available in the market, I would recommend purchasing Oppo A5s to all those users who are looking for a latest and less expensive Smartphone. The look and feel of the phone is ideal to compete with many expensive Smartphones, making people envy about your choice. So, if you are going to purchase a less expensive Smartphone then surely consider Oppo A5s as an option, that in low budget comes highly packed with lots of features needed by any Smartphone user. I would like to give 8 rating points out of 10 to Oppo A5s.