Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT – Owners Review:

by Sakina M J

A wanderlust packs his bag with minimum clothes and a huge playlist. Yes! I am one of them. Music connects people in the best ways. Ask me how I remember things and I will tell you which song I was listening to when that event took place. So the quality of earphones is something I do not compromise on-wired, wireless be it any kind. Sennheiser has a great history and a master’s degree in switching people to music mode. Straddling the line between audiophiles and more casual listeners the company always has been a treat to our ears with the finest sound quality. So I was using this wired pair of earphones which restricted me to move around and even in the gym I was finding it uncomfortable, Freedom first people! The time had finally arrived to buy new wireless earphones.  After ransacking all the sites, stores, flipping the pages of reviews I finally clicked the button “buy now!” And ordered Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT.  

Quality Check:

Ever sat beside a passenger or somebody wearing earphones and you could listen to the conversation as if a live podcast? No, do not eavesdrop but you wouldn’t like something like that happening to you. Do you? A good quality earphone saves you from spilling your beans around. Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT is a perfect fit and once you put them on it is you and your world. The qualities are listed below as I observed them-
  • The bass is potent.
  • Free CapTune app and EQ tool for you to add customization.
  • CapTune connects apps like Spotify, Google play music, Apple music.
  • Super impressed by the clarity of the music.
  • The surrounding noise is sealed decently but not totally so volume up when the train passes or when the drilling is on. Do not forget the school bands!
  • The call quality is amazing. But again if the background noise is more you got to raise the volume!
  • Other features like it consist of a 3 button remote – do not expect yourself to master it as soon as you purchase it and it also has the multi-connection capability.

Design and Weight:

49 grams! It is an ultra-lightweight frame, probably the lightest earphones I ever used. The designing part – it is black with navy blue buttons and a tinge of silver to add beauty. The cable connecting both sides is neat and decent. On the other right side, you find an inline mic, playback controller and a battery charger that is placed in a rich manner. You get four sizes of earbuds so you will definitely find your Cinderella fit! And all of this comes in a packed plastic box, there is no pouch available this upsets me slightly. Coming to the tangling part you won’t have any issues here. Once they are in your ear all you need to do is focus on the job you are doing because Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT do not fall away.  

The Connectivity:

“Alexa connect my Sennheisers” Alexa:- “My friend will do it for you, talk to her please”, Sennheisers have their own voice assistant that confirms the connection, disconnection, incoming call, and battery life. Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT connects both iPhone and Android. When I was connecting it first with my Android I struggled and the struggle was real! To regain the lost connection was a double struggle. Otherwise, the video syncs well with the audio and it isn’t troublesome when I roam around my apartment while I’m on a call. As a PUBG enthusiast, I encountered a few issues as the sync was not going well, the same with the case of YouTube and Netflix.  

The Mileage – How long does it run?

It is said to be 6 full hours. I personally experienced it 5 hours after charging it. But the good news it charges completely within 1.5 hours and runs smoothly the entire time it is awake! So you won’t encounter any ‘cons’ this way. It could have been 6, well the improvement is on the list! The indicator- LED on the in-line remote turns from red to blue when the earphones are fully charged.  


  • The CX 6.00BT stayed connected to my various devices with a range of a bit more than 30 feet with a clear line of sight and a little bit less when there were walls in between.
  • Perhaps more importantly, the Sennheisers were comfortable and stayed in my ears without falling out during runs, at the gym, or just normal activities. The wire bothered me initially that it may bounce and just make me feel uncomfortable, thankfully my assumptions went wrong. 
  • The Sennheiser CapTune app provides the best equalization. The user may use it according to his musical taste in jazz, pop, or any genre he wants to.


  • The absence of Bluetooth 5.0 wasn’t much of trouble but they promised a 6 hours battery life which sadly wasn’t true in my case. They could have been more promising regarding battery life.
  • The earphones ain’t sweat-proof, if even by mistake you carry it to the gym – bhooom! there u go suffering the loss of voice clarity. It should have been sweat proof if not waterproof.
  • All the packing comes in this bulky plastic kit and not in a decent pouch- Ouch! that hurts. Whenever I travel I need to ensure that I have packed it via an external pouch which I bought by myself. They should have given a pouch.

Ratings (out of 10)

  • Design/ comfort: 7.5
  • Audio quality: 8
  • Battery life: 6
  • Value for money: 7
  • Overall: 7.5

You Are Worthy Of It!

You get all of this in the US $99 moreover you get a discount on Amazon and you land up buying it for just $76. Can you believe that? Even if you don’t then do it already because this is no joke. The price is affordable and the quality you get is simply perfect. But do not overuse it in the gym as Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT is not sweatproof. It is best for light workouts and everyday life or whenever you want to bob your head and make yourself feel a disco then you should definitely go for it! Do not forget to order yourself a pouch immediately after you get your earphones on the doorstep and make sure you use the CapTunes app in a nice way. Level it according to your needs and yay! there you are happy and merry.