samsung s7: review

by Rianna Mcelroy


The Samsung s7 is my very first high end phone. Before now it was a string of cheaper outdated models that just can’t compare to the sleek, pristine luxury that is the Samsung s7. But enough fangirling. you want to know what made me chose this over the vast range of products out there. It’s simple-better online reviews, which I now hope to contribute to. I bought it at my local Carphone warehouse and have decided to go with bill pay for once, mainly for the unlimited data, and so far, I am impressed. It was a toss-up between this and the iPhone 6 and I think I chose correctly. I was told it had a far superior camera than the iPhone 6s, one of the few things I may disagree on, and by choosing android I didn’t have to learn a whole new way of operating. I’ve had this phone for two months now and so far, I’ve had no regrets. So, let me break it down for you.

samsung s7 and samsung s7 edge

Battery life:

The battery on this thing is amazing! my phone is never out of my hand and by the end of the day I still have a bit of juice left. We’re talking 9 hours here. It has a battery saver mode that I keep on all the time that doesn't seem to affect performance and a U. power saving mode for emergency situations that shuts down all unnecessary applications and gives you just the basic call, text, internet and camera options. However, I rarely use this unless I’ve been out longer than usual and have had no access to a power source. Be warned, when I first bought this phone the battery was barely lasting me half the day and I though there must have been a fault within the phone. Not the case. Preinstalled on the phone is a background cleaning app that drains the battery life like there's a drought! so you may want to remove that from your phone to prevent frustration. This phone does include a wireless charging option but the charger for that is sold separately and so for me is an entirely useless function. However, if you do want to buy the wireless charger it may be of benefit to you. One of the best feature of this phone is how fast it charges. According to a quick google search, it takes 90min to go from 0-100% when used with the accompanying charger and 140min when using a regular charger. This feature has saved my life countless of times when running to catch a train after class as it only needs a quick 15min boost to refuel. The battery life is one of the major pros of this phone.

Performance and design:

In terms of design, it’s not the biggest phone out there right now, thank God, but it is still a reasonable size. My previous phone was smaller so it took me a while to get used to but it is by no means a phablet. it has a very accessible interface with most popular apps appearing on the home page and the rest stored under the apps buttons in the bottom right corner. It allows for easy editing so you have a lot of control over your how your apps are displayed. on the first page of apps it has already grouped several into different files under google, Microsoft apps, Samsung and social for ease of access. Google will probably be your most used as it contains Gmail, YouTube, maps and other more useful apps. The processing speed is fantastic with no lagging to be seen of yet but I suspect that may change in time as the storage becomes full and it gets dropped God knows how many more times! It has fingerprint recognition software which I was originally very excited about, however I rarely use it as it doesn’t work a lot of the time. That being said, it could be me not the software so I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Strength and durability:

Let’s just say I’ve put this to the test.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve dropped this phone and so far, it hasn’t developed any problems. It’s been dropped on tile floor, wooden, concrete you name it and besides from a miniscule chip on the top right corner that is purely cosmetic it is completely fine. Props to Samsung for durability. The screen is completely free of scratches and the camera lens remains unscathed and doesn’t appear to trap dust. Another bonus for this phone is its water resistance, which I have also unintentionally tried out. According to the Samsung website it is water resistant for up to 5 meters for 30min and they even recommend washing the device in clean water if exposed to saltwater as this will ruin your phone. That’s the first time I’ve been told to wet my phone!

Best features:

The best features of the Samsung s7 in my personal opinion must be the quick charge time and the NFC feature. I haven’t talked about this before but I think it is very cool. I was initially confused about it but never realized how useful could be. There are apps specifically designed for it such as my transport card app which allows me to check my card balance with a single tap and even allows me to top up which is a life saver! You can also share information with other devices who have this NFC option, kinda like Bluetooth. I’ve used this to share a photo just to try it out and it was quick and easy.  Just as a small addition it has a pretty decent flashlight as well in case your ever stuck in the dark. 

Worst feature:

I’m not completely crazy about the camera. There I said it. It’s okay, even good in bright natural lighting but let the sun go down a little and you've got a mediocre camera at best. It does have a pro option but unless you know what you’re doing its relatively useless. I found this particularly disappointing as I bought this phone on the grounds that it had a better camera and was let down. That being said I have taken some shots with some excellent clarity, but again in bright lighting. Also, begin to zoom in too much and you lose detail. Maybe I was expecting miracles but it was the main feature I was looking forward to. The front camera on the other hand seems really high-def which I’m not sure is an entirely good thing for those selfies. Want to see every flaw on your face? Cause you will. Unless you enable beauty mode that is, which smooths out imperfections when using the regular camera but not for Snapchat and the like, but that’s what filters are for.  I’m also let down by how much it fails to recognize my fingerprint as when it does work it’s so convenient. However, these complaints don’t weigh down my opinion of the phone too much, it’s still a great phone just needing a minor tweak.

Final thoughts:

I 100% recommend this phone. It’s easy to use, has a smooth operating system and if, like me you’re clumsy af, should survive multiple drops. It also fits comfortably in the hand which can be an issue these days for the small of hand. I can use it with only one hand which is all I require in terms of size. The fast charging is a major selling point and for those who are of an adventurous nature or work near water, the water resistance may come in handy. While it is an expensive phone, being a higher range model, broken down into monthly payments via bill pay makes it manageable and in my opinion completely worth it. So, if you’re in the market for a new android phone or are between two minds to make the switch to iPhone, give this phone a shot and see if it will change your mind. If, however you are looking for an amazing camera in all conditions you may want to look elsewhere.

Check it out for yourself!

Overall rating: 8/10