Samsung J5 : OWNER REVIEW.

by Ainur Khussainova

I am¬†Ainur, and I am currently on maternity leave, raising my child.¬†In¬†spite¬†of¬†my¬†family duties,¬†I¬†always¬†work at a part-time job and keep myself busy.¬†I¬†got¬†my¬†bachelor¬†degree¬†in Arts, particularly in¬†Teaching¬†English¬†and¬†French¬†and¬†got¬†my¬†Master¬†degree¬†in¬†Teaching¬†English¬†and Turkish languages.¬†I‚Äôve been¬†working¬†as a¬†teacher¬†of¬†the English¬†language in an¬†International school¬†since¬†graduation.¬†Since¬†I¬†was¬†going¬†to¬†have¬†a long maternity leave and¬†I¬†had¬†polylingual abilities¬†(Kazakh, Russian, Turkish, and English languages).¬†I¬†got¬†interested¬†in¬†translation¬†and copywriting as a freelancer.¬†So¬†I¬†needed¬†a quality-assured cellphone which could¬†help¬†me to¬†perform¬†my part-time job.¬†This mobile device‚Äôs primary duty¬†was¬†to¬†serve¬†me occasionally as a¬†dictionary/thesaurus and of¬†course¬†as a social network surfing platform.¬†With the anxious child on one¬†hand,¬†I¬†required¬†a high-quality device in the other¬†hand.¬†Also¬†at that¬†time¬†as¬†I¬†tried¬†to keep¬†up to¬†date, taking into consideration all technology development factors¬†I¬†decided¬†to¬†search¬†the modern mobile phones online. So let me tell you briefly about the mobile phone ‚ÄúSamsung¬† J5‚ÄĚ that caught my attention.


As a female, the first thing that attracted me was its black, stylish design. When you hold it for the first time, you admire it and it lies perfectly in the hand.  It’s bright and consumes little energy (720p). The main mechanical button is also securely fastened.


Its BODY:  Dimensions- 142.171.8 x 7.9 mm (5.59 x 2.83 x 0.31 in) which is convenient to use, Weight-146 g (5.15 oz), as I don’t like too thick and heavy mobile phones, this model suits to me, cause it is neither too heavy nor too light.


The display is very bright. Even the minimum brightness will be enough for comfortable use. A fingerprint scanner is very fast. Pixels aren’t seen. By using the exterior it is possible to obtain clear frames, it never occurs a problem with focusing.


I was¬†very¬†pleased with the¬†quality.¬†Even¬†during insufficient lighting, the¬†pictures¬†are¬†very¬†good.¬†Frontal¬†selfies¬†come out at 4 because in most¬†cases, the¬†background¬†is not clear¬†(maybe it can be changed in the¬†settings)¬†‚Äď backlight for the front camera is¬†very¬†convenient.


Talk time Up to 18 h (3G) no one can argue against the importance of conversing with mother and friends for women sitting with children at home. The cellphone battery is removable, which turned out to be a crucial aspect. After tons of work hours, internet surfing chatting over social media I had to replace the battery with the new one. It could have been a rather challenging task if the battery was not removable. Music play- Up to 62 h that’s not so vital for me, because rarely a young mom can afford listening to music for hours. It withstands one day of active work without any effort.

Applications and social networks that I used on my phone.

I was over the moon when I first held it in my hand. After immediately downloading all the necessary apps (particularly freelance Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Dictionary, In driver, 2GIS, etc). I started to search for the translation from all four languages that I know. There was a high demand for translation from Russian to English and of course, I typed all the text on my laptop. Samsung J5 was used for searching the work and it was done fairly successfully. A dictionary was very useful to enlarge my word stock, which is essential in my current job. As I have mentioned above I was interested in exploring copywriting. Since I didn’t have the least notion about copywriting I started reading and watching videos and doing my research with the help of my phone, and listening and watching the videos of course during the house works sometimes with the help of my earphone while the child was sleeping. After getting some idea about copywriting I got an aspiration to become an expert in this field. I got this aspiration of course primarily at the expense of my notion, and also must take into account my phone that helped me to realize this idea.

Social media on my phone.

Having¬†and¬†using¬†social networks on your mobile phone is another important¬†issue.¬†On the one hand,¬†it¬†gives an¬†incredible opportunity to one‚Äôs self-realization and¬†a myriad¬†of¬†ideas.¬†Simply, just by reading the¬†quotes¬†that¬†impress¬†me, I¬†use¬†a screenshot and¬†put¬†it¬†in my phone background.¬†And also¬†I¬†was¬†able¬†to¬†use¬†it¬†for advertising¬†my¬†works.¬†On the other hand,¬†one can waste time¬†watching¬†useless ads, fun¬†videos, etc.¬†Therefore, there are both¬†advantages¬†and¬†disadvantages¬†associated with¬†using¬†social networks on a¬†phone.¬†Long story short,¬†I¬†liked¬†these¬†functions¬†of¬†my¬†phone¬†as¬†I¬†used¬†them for¬†my¬†benefit. In¬†my¬†previous mobile¬†devices,¬†I¬†didn‚Äôt have¬†2Gis¬†and other taxi applications¬†such as¬†‚ÄúIn driver‚ÄĚ or¬†Yandex.¬†I¬†was immensely pleased to¬†have¬†them on my¬†mobile phone as¬†I¬†am¬†not¬†great¬†with¬†directions.¬†In¬†my¬†Samsung¬†J5,¬†I¬†was¬†able¬†to¬†use¬†it at¬†high¬†speed.¬†I¬†can¬†call¬†myself an inexperienced car driver but fortunately,¬†I¬†wasn‚Äôt¬†scared¬†with the¬†help¬†of 2GIS.

Accidents that experienced my phone.

Some critical occasions took place a couple of times. My child dropped the phone into the bath full of water. I bid farewell to my favorite device, but after proper drying, it came to life again. Generally, it was my child who caused the worst moments for the Samsung J5. The phone bravely withstood all of the free falls from different heights, thanks to its sturdy and quality built body.

Rating out of 10.

At¬†last,¬†if¬†I¬†give an¬†overall rating out of 10¬†I¬†can¬†give¬†9 cause¬†I¬†saw¬†a¬†lot¬†of¬†benefits¬†from my¬†device¬†and¬†it‚Äôs still in¬†use¬†throughout¬†2,5¬†years, so¬†I¬†can¬†highly¬†recommend¬†it¬†to you.¬†And the next time¬†I‚Äôm¬†considering¬†to¬†purchase¬†the most recent Samsung mobile phone.