Samsung is apologizing for the Galaxy Note7 fiasco

by dalibor-boldis

What happened?

Looks like Samsung is really, really sorry.

Samsung, in an open letter published on the official Samsung website, has publicly apologized for any problems resulting from the Galaxy Note7 batteries, and the same information is published on Monday in several major newspapers in the US, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Most of us who live a modern life are depending on everyday electronic devices that use batteries, such as smartphones and laptops. Most of us are often unsatisfied with the performance and quality of these batteries, but we are forced to use them, and the fact is that we do not really have a lot of choices and alternatives. On the other hand, battery manufacturers are reluctant to take risks and experiment with new technologies, with which they can replace the current batteries and in that way move the border to better and more quality batteries.

Let us remind…

Last few months in the field of smartphones and modern technology, main subject was the problem that occurred in the company Samsung, which refers to the Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones and it's bad battery. All media and Tech Magazines immediately start to criticize lack of seriousness of Samsung company, which is selling phones with poor designed battery that explodes. The fact is that the chemical reaction in the battery led a damage to the phone, but the fact that battery explodes isn't true. The battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note7 does not explode but ignite due to a fault in the batteries. In particular, because of the error during the production of battery, separators are weakened between positive and negative sides of the battery cells for the Galaxy Note7, so on some models (less than one telephone per 10,000 units sold), it come to short circuit in the battery and uncontrolled warming. Accordingly, the problem is not in the design of the battery, but in the implementation of new technologies into the final product. Everyone is aware of the problem and negligence of Samsung company, but only few of us tries to understand what is actually happening. exploding battery

What about the open letter?

In any case, Samsung has no choice but to gather itself as soon as possible and to try to mitigate the collateral damage caused by problematic Galaxy Note7 smartphones. This confirms that the company is constantly announcing Galaxy S8, which comes out in a couple of months. One logical step is, of course, the publication of an open letter to the public for all Samsung users in which Samsung apologizes to its “valued customers”. Open letter can be viewed at this linkΒ Open letter can be viewed at this link “As you have heard – or experienced personally – we have stopped production of the Galaxy Note7. We are working swiftly to ensure every Note7 device is safely returned. For those directly affected, we appreciate your patience throughout the replacement process.β€œ Samsung continues to suggest that it will continue to try to identify the problem referring to Note7 of the battery, that the investigation has already begun, and that it includes the battery, software and hardware, as well as the production process. Furthermore, Samsung promises that it will publish the results later, and that it will try, through the next generations of technology and increased security, to regain the trust of its users. Samsung was forced to offer honest and direct answer to the problems of Note7 devices, and that is something that should definitely be appreciated.

How do Lithium-ion batteries work?

Without going into that why the Galaxy Note7 batteries made such a problem, we will try to understand why it is still too early to experiment with new technologies and different batteries for mobile phones. Innovations are certainly welcome, but to implement the innovation, it is always necessary to test all things very well, to do not leave even a trace of doubt that the invention will work flawlessly even in the most difficult conditions. In the field of batteries for mobile phones, more or less, all is the same – phones still use lithium-ion batteries as a source of electricity.

What's happening inside Lithium – Ion battery?

Like any other battery, rechargeable Lithium – Ion battery pack is made of so-called cells. Each cell consists three basic components: a positive electrode (which is connected to a positive or + (plus) terminal), negative electrode (which is connected to a negative – (minus) terminal), and the chemical element called electrolyte, which is located between them. The positive electrode is made of a chemical compound called lithium-cobalt oxide (LiCoO2), while in newer batteries compound is called lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). The negative electrode is generally made of Carbon (graphite), and the electrolyte varies from model to model of battery. All lithium-ion batteries generally work the same way. When the battery is being discharged, lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive. The opposite process occurs during charging. lithium-ion batteries


Lithium – ion batteries are very light. They are characterized by a very high density of energy. The next big advantage is quite acceptable voltage in such batteries – 3.6 V. In addition, these batteries do not require any maintenance because lithium-ion batteries are not susceptible to the damaging effects such as memory damage effect when the battery is not in use. Therefore, there is no need for periodic discharge, and it can be recharged at any time without adverse consequences. Also, it is characterized by a long lifetime (from 500 to 1000 cycles), as well as quite aΒ  large capacity.


Some lithium-ion batteries were very sensitive to overcharging, as well as over-discharge, and this problem is solved in electronic way, which solves the problem instead of the user. Next weakness lithium-ion batteries is that such batteries may age even when it is not used. Finally, and most importantly, is that the lithium-ion batteries are often overheated, which leads to explosion or even fire.

And what Samsung did wrong?

Samsung with its batteries in Galaxy Note7 phones, tried to resolve some of these negative weaknesses, but still, with rapid mode battery production and mistakes of engineers, managed to make a mistake and create a total chaos in the world. It is not at all commendable – forcing engineers and workers in factories to publish, as soon as possible, one of the best phones ever made is not good for Samsung at all. On the other hand, it should commend Samsung for trying to change the course of development of the battery industry – it took many hours, days and months to create a battery (although we know now that it is poor made) through an innovative development approach. Commendable is the fact that Samsung's engineers have managed to achieve more mAh (milliampere hours) or 3500 mAh for Samsung Galaxy Note7 phone, in a much smaller space than it was previously possible. Less space in the battery, in the end, led to the ignition of the phone and all problems that users have encountered.


Inventiveness of Samsung should be appreciated because he tried to make a great step in the development of mobile phones. A public apology to all users, in fact, was the obvious move with which Samsung has demonstrated its power and supremacy. If Samsung really, as it says in the letter, was taught something in this great error, it would mean that the next Note 8 and even its other phones will be much better and safer. But another fatal mistake like this would have meant the end of Samsung company and its dominance in the market, and our trust in Samsung would be destroyed and buried forever.