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Nowadays Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of the best and simplest Smartphone models for everyone from adult to children. I bought it from local but professional mobile store in my country – Lithuania. For now, I have this smartphone about 5 years and I hope to use it even more. I was quite young and like many parents, my mother also wanted to buy me a mobile phone for a birthday. So we went to store and choose the perfect one for me. It had to fit few criteria's:

  • Not too expensive;
  • Understandable and not too much of big programs and unnecessary features;
  • Of course, It had to have a lot of games(or possibility to handle many games or programs of photo editing, video editing, music etc.)
  • possibility for a memory card.

So, it was quite challenging to find



It is necessary to follow instructions for mobile devices as smartphones or other devices which use a lot of battery. On the first time, it is “must do” to charge the phone for 16 to 24 hours. Many people are just too happy for having a new phone that's why they forget to follow instructions. From then it is upon person how does he use the phone. Personally me, I always use it until the end. After five years this mobile device is working about half a day when I charge it fully all night. It is not very useful for business people because you can not trust this phone if you don't have a charger near you. Because I use a lot of Wi – Fi and listen to music my phone is working not all day.


Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite easy to use. You can easily find out how to use it and how the main programs work. Of course, it depends on how much and what programs you need because many MS Word files don't open also you can't edit files but some pdf or images you can easily watch. The design of this phone is minimal and the weight it is not too heavy but the phone is quite big if you want to write with one hand or even just use it with one hand. If you have big hands it is okay but for smaller, you have to use it with both hands for texting etc. Also if you download too many or too big programs the device starts to work slower and sometimes even turns off it himself.


In my opinion, this phone's strength depend on person's responsibility because sometimes you just have to be careful. For example, my phone was in very good shape till I started to use not original chargers then my phone started not to charge, some android application error's also appeared on the screen. Also once accidently I throw phone from the second floor of my house but the screen didn't break but the second time I threw it from about 50 centimeters and all screen was broken so I think it depends on what exact place the screen touches the ground. I think it is very important to use protective film for this phone and even protective holster because I think these screens are quite sensitive.


One of the best features is that this phone has quite good voice recorded which is very useful if you want to record some voice record or even music record. Also, it has quite big space and works fluently if there are not too many programs. I like it because you can put any signal for alarm signals. Also, the android update for this device is very useful because it has many features from itself. And it is very useful because you can create your phone from google play store and if you need any program or technology you can choose from many options. Moreover, this device is good for video talk it has never stuck.


What I really don't like about this phone after five years that new facebook messenger app doesn't work fluently on this device it is somehow hanging. Also if you want to use very large programs it also stuck. And of course, the main thing is the battery which you can use max from 10 to 12 hours if you use the device a lot. Also, there are some problems with speaker because it can easily break because of quite large squares from the speaker. I also found some crumb into that squares. Furthermore, I don't like that menu band with all programs because it reduces the battery and I always forget to delete it from the band.


Mainly, I like this device because I use it 5 years for now. I think this Smartphone is suitable and easy to understand for everyone from kids to old people who uses touchscreen phones. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is useful when you don't have many ambitions for the phone. Basically, Samsung Galaxy S3 features working perfectly. I can call, write messages, create group talks, save a lot of photos and music, wake up every morning with different alarm melody and so on. My phone has a funny story I keep leaving it all the day in different cars. Once I left it for two days. Basically, I am very happy because he is good and not to good for simple using.

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