Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo: User Review

by Simonas PetkeviĨius



Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo is a kind of cool phone that can be used even to this day. I have been using this phone for 3 years now, and it has not disappointed me much. I bought it from a local store. Although the store from which I purchased this phone sell stuff for higher than average price, this phone was not very expensive. This phone is supposed to be an updated version of the original Samsung Galaxy SIII, and though improvements might not seem significant enough, it is still a nice phone. Writing this review, I checked the differences between the original Samsung Galaxy SIII and SIII Neo.

Battery life and Charging

The Battery life is pretty good. When I charge the phone, it usually takes from an hour and a half up to two hours to fully charge it. The battery life is not short but playing some of the more demanding games or using VR can heat up the battery and it can get drained in a few hours. But if I keep it cool I can play games on it whole day. Using it for music, learning apps or for other less demanding stuff the battery life is great.

Strength & and durability

I didn't have many problems with the screen. I've dropped it numerous times, and it never got a scratch, but I have a few friends who have this phone, and they have cracked the screen multiple times by accident. I would recommend a hard cover or a screen protector (which I heard make it a bulletproof) just in case. I would say that the phone is average when it comes to durability but I my opinion you would need to try to break it in order to do some damage.


To my mind, the smartphone has an elegant and sleek design. It has the standard Samsung Galaxy look, which might not be bad at first but after some time the design may get tiresome. All of the factory colors I found are kind of dark besides white and pink. The phone is very light. Most of the cases I have for this phone weight 2 times more than the actual phone. It required some getting used to when using the phone with one hand because of its width. Today it might not seem anything special, but I care more about the performance than the design. I found many good quality covers and cases for this thing (a problem that I had with other phones)

Performance and apps

It is fast. It browses the Net like a beast. It can handle games like GTA San & Andreas, Dead Trigger 2 with no problem. But I have problems running the official Facebooks apps on it. I would recommend using the Facebook lite versions of the Facebook app and the messenger. It runs 720p resolution with no problems, and I had way better YouTube experience compared to the other phones I had. It supports VR which is not bad quality for what it is, it has a few space shooters on it which I found fun for a bit, a variety of VR videos, etc. But running VR causes the phone to overheat so much that I would make my VR glasses sweaty. Samsung SIII Neo has a slightly newer version of Android compared to the original SIII, but it is a bit outdated. Never the less I found most of the apps running on this version of Android, but some apps like PokƩmon GO are not available as of today. The phone comes with a 16 GB of internal storage. Of course, about one forth is taken by the system files, but it took me a while to get those 12 GB stored. What I do not like about the storage is that it saves a lot of deleted file copies into a junk folder instead of actually deleting it.


The wireless connection is really good on this phone. There were a few times when the phone would not recognize any Wi-Fi links, but even then it would fix itself. I do not remember it ever lagging when browsing the internet besides using alternate browsers. The USB port works fine, and overall it has a good connection with other devices.


I am not a big fan of the camera on this phone. In the dark, I found it a really terrible experience. The pictures often come out very blurry even when I hold my hand still. The front camera is not anything special either.


I took this pictures:

Best features

The things that set it apart for are:
  1. It does not have a long charging time.
  2. It is fast. You can browse the Net fairly quickly and play games like GTA San & Andreas.
  3. It has a nice internal storage of 16GB.
  4. It plays videos pretty well.
  5. It has a long life span.
  6. It has a high resolution.
  7. The connectivity on this thing is excellent.

Worst features

It has some problems:
  1. The battery can sometimes be problematic.
  2. The camera overall isn't great.
  3. It comes with KitKat version of Android which is old and does not support all the latest apps (You won't be able to play PokƩmon GO on this thing).
  4. It can get very HOT.
  5. The phone can feel a bit bulky (especially for those who have small hands).


This phone served me well for the last 3 years although it has some problems. I would say that this is a great package meant for those who don't need an expensive phone with all fancy features like high-end camera, all the latest apps, etc. But also not for those who want more than a cheap phone with android with very few apps or functions. Besides all of the flaws, I mentioned I still kind of like this phone. I think I mostly like it for its long lifespan (something I had problems with for a long time with other phones) and after all these years it still feels like a new phone (although it did get a bit dirty). link to the official website of the product.

Rating 7/10