Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: Honest User Review

by Josh Geese

An affordable and modern option for a Smartphone

  I currently own the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, and so far it has been a great buy for me personally! I acquired the device at an AT&T service center as a part of a 24-month contract plan. If I remember correctly, I've had the Smartphone for about 4 months now and I'm really happy with it so far. I had my last phone stolen in January so I had to get a replacement as part of the insurance plan. I chose this model since I previously had the J7 first version and the J7 Prime has a fingerprint sensor, which I found was very neat and useful! If you have every had a phone from AT&T you might already be familiar with their smartphone catalogue and insurance policies when losing or having you phone stolen.  

Charging and Battery life

  I've found that the phone charges fairly quickly and it also lasts almost the entire day unless I'm using it intensively, but in my opinion, the battery life, in general, is very good and in my past experience my smartphones haven't had a very great charging speed or battery duration throughout the day. I have noticed that if I don't fully charge it before I start my day, it can run out fairly quickly. I am also a very big and frequent user of the Bluetooth function as I also own a pair of Skullcandy SB2 wireless headphones (which I also completely love!) and the battery actually lasts a very long time even when I have my data turned as well. So you shouldn't experience too many setbacks when having your Bluetooth turned on in conjunction with you wi-fi or data plan.  

Body design and overall performance

  To me, the phone feels very similar to an iPhone and the case is fully metallic which I find very sleek and comfortable when holding it in my hand. The volume buttons are a comfortable size and don't bother me at all as well as the overall weight of the phone is a good weight, not too heavy nor too light. I really like the fact that the phone has a great speed in terms of opening apps, closing them and switching between various tasks, although some apps do tend to crash if you don't regularly clean the storage and run the Smart Manager. In my opinion, I really like the feel of the phone since I have never owned a metallic-bodied phone before. It keeps fairly cool when charging and doesn't normally heat up too much for me as other phones have gotten blistering hot!  

Durability and screen sensitivity

I have dropped the phone a couple times, although nothing serious, I haven't noticed any scratches on the screen or body since it is metallic, it does resist scratching and denting a bit more than usual. The screen hasn't presented any damages yet and the overall sensitivity is very good as it is very responsive to touch. Usually, my hands can get very sweaty and my fingers tips tend to peel off every now and then so it can be an issue (at least for me) when using the fingerprint sensor function as it has a hard time recognizing my prints. The HD screen is very bright in comparison to some other phones I've owned in the past, it also has a very clear display when viewing either movies, games or just looking at pictures.  

Key features and best functions

I find that the best feature of the J7 Prime has to be its fingerprint sensor since I have never previously owned a Smartphone that had a fingerprint ID sensor, I find it to be super vital and convenient when trying to quickly unlock the phone when needed. Also, the RAM speed is nice and fast in my opinion as most apps run flawlessly. I also really like the camera as it takes very clear pictures even in dark settings and the video quality is great as it records in HD. Something I also really enjoy is the front-camera selfie flash capability, which comes in great handy when you have very little lighting to work with. The speaker has a good volume and doesn't crackle or sound distorted when used at high levels. Sometimes the volume can sound a bit low but I guess it just depends on what you are listening to and on what app.  

Negative features of the phone

  I haven't found very many bad things to say about the cell phone other than the fact that the fingerprint sensor sometimes has a difficult time recognizing my print although, I have heard it may be an issue with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Maybe an update could solve this issue. I do play emulators a lot on the phone and I haven't seen any problem or slowness when running a game at all, even when using the Playstation 1 emulator. I have found that the camera sometimes has a hard time focusing in at first but usually comes into focus after a few seconds of tapping the center to manually focus the iris.

Summary of the J7 Prime Smartphone

  I'm very happy owning this phone and I don't regret choosing it at the time of my plan's insurance replacement at all and I feel that the phone is going to last me a long time if I take care of it enough and I also feel the performance of the phone should stay the same as long as I don't catch any virus or overload the storage too much. 9/10 would recommend the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. If you are looking for an affordable modern and good-looking smartphone, the J7 Prime is a must-have for you since it possesses a great storage capacity and a fast response time when having a lot of apps open or running at the same time. Here's the link to the official page, so you can check it out for yourself! Find out more about the Galaxy J7 Prime