Samsung Galaxy J1 (4G): User Review

by Nickson Kipyegon


I want to introduce you today one of the great products of Samsung. Actually, the company is among the oldest electronic industries in the world. They have provided a track record of quality products over the years. Currently, their products range from televisions, laptops, mobile phones among others. Samsung Galaxy J1 (4G) is among the latest smartphones unveiled by the company, was first launched in February, 2015. I abandoned my old Samsung Galaxy Duos and purchased the latest brand. I have trusted Samsung products and I like the features of their phones mainly because of their durability. As a student in college, this phone serves me better given its high internet speed, durability of its screen (can’t easily crack when it falls- compared to other fashions) and not forgetting its design mode. It is light and convenient to carry in my pocket; this is one thing that most young people like most. The price was fair enough especially when compared to its specifications and efficiency. The sensitivity of its touchscreen is admirable. Both the processor speed and its RAM make it a perfect tool that runs all applications without overheating which was common with my older fashion.

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  • Touchscreen display- 4.5 inches
  • Resolution 480 pixels by 800 pixels
  • RAM 1GB
  • Processor 1.3 GHz quad-core
  • Dual SIM smartphone supporting Micro-SIMs only
  • Internal storage 8GB (Can be expanded up to 128 GB- using a micro SD card)
  • Rear camera (primary)- 5-megapixel
  • Front camera (selfie shooter)- 2-megapixel
  • Operating System- Android
  • Battery Capacity- 2050mAh (removable)
  • Weight- 131grams
  • Specific measures- 132.6 x 69.3 x 8.9 (height, width and thickness respectively)
  • Connectivity options- Wi-Fi, FM, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G
  • Sensors- Proximity and Accelerometer

Battery Life and Charging

It has a quality battery life which takes not more than 2 hours to fully charge. Once charged fully, I use it for the whole day especially on the internet (I like using social media) before recharging. And on occasions where I am offline, it can take a couple of days which is a good feature for anyone who cannot easily access power. Unlike initially, where I used to carry another battery for back-up in case of low battery on a journey, this latest model has actually made my travel comfortable since it can sustain me a good while before I get accessed to power. It is a phone that is highly recommendable for travelers and those who need much of the browsing without being switched off suddenly due to battery getting low.

Design and its Performance

Its make is yet another amazing feature of the device. It is well designed to be comfortably handled with every one since it can fit even on small pockets. It has smoothly furnished corners; its screen is manageable with one hand and its ability to screenshot by just pressing the power and home key concurrently. To me, its weight and general design is far much worthy compared to other phones with same specifications described above yet are heavier and clumsy. samsung_galaxy_j1_4g_2017samsung image download2

Strength and Durability

Though it is not even six months in my hands, the little time I have had this phone is enough testimony. I have accidentally dropped it severally though on fair grounds but at least it has not cracked nor lost its sensitivity. On rainy occasions I find myself rushing to shelter with my phone held in my palms- gets a few drops of water but still has never affected its functionality. In a nut shell, Galaxy J1 (4G) smartphone is a real diamond rock. It is all-weather friendly and convenient with all manner of working conditions. You can have your own opinion but to me it is indeed a brand you can trust!

Best Features

J1 (4G) features which I consider as the best include;
  • Processing speed- 1.3 GHz with the 1GB RAM makes it effective in task performance without compromising other applications.
  • Internal memory- it’s 8GB memory with an expansion capacity to 128GB is one unique feature of this phone- Its able to keep my academic assignments, reading materials, research materials as well as couple of downloads.
  • Price- It is cheap and affordable. As a student, I wouldn’t have raised good amount to get me an expensive phone. It forced me to sacrifice a little pennies mainly because it was fair to the aforementioned specifications. Currently the market price in India is Rs. 7,200. You can find the corresponding amount in your location; you can see right that it is good enough for its functionality features.
  • Dual-SIM Capacity- I always work with two lines. It was earlier a challenge to remove battery and change the lines. Its therefore convenient and no time wasting.
  • Google Maps- almost all Samsung phones come with in-built Google Map App unlike others which requires you to first search map Apps and tools from search engines.
  • 4G network support- It browses faster with 4G enabled technology which meets the latest generation network. I download files on YouTube, share media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in good moments.

Worst Features

  • The front selfie camera is not well developed. 2-megapixel resolution is not that best for quality images, especially with the short screen coverage.
  • Though it can support many mobile applications, occasionally it delays tasks particularly when run simultaneously on internet and when it is charging.

Overall Review

Generally, this mobile phone from Samsung, on one side, promises good features. With the budget price, it is commensurate to the specifications. In most cases, such specifications or even of less capacity may demand for more cash. As a college student it has made it easier for me revising for exams. I receive almost everything and keep my notes in the phone since it is easy to retrieve and use them even am out of classes and relaxed in a restaurant with a drink. In my opinion, Samsung phones are reliable brand to me, given its history dating way back in 1969 which started emerged as Samsung Electric Industries. The industry only needs to improve on the multi-tasking capacity and the camera resolution in order to make it a perfect figure in the market.

Overall Rating 6.5/10