Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: User Review

by MartĂ­n Van Houtte


It isn't uncommon to experience small accidents in the course of everyday life, with more or less seriousness to each one. Some six months ago I suffered one: my smartphone fell from my hand to the floor and the screen just stopped working (although the device itself showed no markings of the fall). To fix it was not a good option: for a few more buck I could get a much better one from a friend that never used it (so, technically it was new). Yes, of course I am talking about the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Smartphone model. Give it a look!   SGGP front

Its front.SGGP side

Its side.SGGP back

Its back.

I don't like smartphones that are too big because they are uncomfortable to carry on my pocket, so I didn't know whether this one would be good or bad at first. But, boy, I have to say, six months later I am surely happier with this one than with any other smartphone I have ever, ever had.

Battery Life & Charging

Let me give you an example. Last month, in January (during which, here in the southern hemisphere, it is summer), I went camping for a week. With my smartphone charged 100%, I still wasn't very confident that it would last enough without charging it there. However, with the Ultra Power Saving Mode option activated for the entire week, it was with half the power in the way back home. I could share the photos and videos I had taken and text about all the wonderful experiences I had. I think that is pretty impressive. Normally, I will charge it every day and a half, but if I'm all the day watching videos and surfing in the internet and listening to music and stuff, the battery last about four hours. Charging it in itself takes next to half an hour if there are no problems with the electrical tension and if the charger is in good shape (otherwise, is may vary up to two hours), which lets me deal with my everyday stuff without worrying about it at all.

Performance & Design

But what I really love about my smartphone is its usability. I was worried about it's size: I like to carry stuff in my pockets, where I can grab them anytime I need them, and I never wanted a big cellphone because of the hinderance it represents. This one is more space occupying than my previous ones, in deed, but it's not at all burdensome. It fits almost perfectly in my hands, and the texting is as precise as I ever wanted, but not too much so it doesn't do stuff I intended it to do if my fingers are slightly close to the screen. The only think the bothers me is that, since I am so clumsy, I had its screen protected, and it made the touch-response ratio a lot less reliable than before. I strongly recommend not to do that if you get one for yourself.

Strength & Durability

Talking about clumsiness, it has fell more than twice, but nothing bad happened (save some scratches in the screen protection film, but not the screen itself). It was always short distances, so I don't know how it would react to a massive fall, but so far I hadn't the need to send it to be repaired. I spilled water over it accidentally, again, more than once, but nothing bad happened: it resisted it well and nice.

Best Features

This smartphone is great:
  • It has a lot of space for apps. I don't normally download lots of apps, but I had still to constantly take care of the space each one took, erasing data every once in a while; no I don't worry about it anymore. I even have apps I barely use, because I lose nothing if I install them up.
  • It has a lot of RAM, too, so I wait almost no time waiting for an app to do its magic.
  • Its camera is wide enough to get cool photos where everyone fits, and it has just the perfect resolution to share them on the social media.
  • When I need to read something, my eyes don't get wasted at all: I can easily zoom in and out and the text accommodates in an easy-to-read way; the bright is easily adjustable; etc.
  • It is powered by KitKat 4.4, on of the latest versions of the Android OS, which makes it compatible with some of the best apps ever made.

Worst Features

But it also has its problems:
  • The selfies mode of the camera isn't very good: it has poor resolution and short width.
  • Its screen doesn't work well if you put a protection to it.
  • When you are hearing audio files from a chat app, it does lower the volume of them but it is still too high, and you have to lower the volume or take the speaker away from your ear, which stops the reproduction itself.
I really cannot think about another feature of the device that bugs me or is otherwise considerable a “problem”, which I think says a lot of good stuff about this smartphone model.

Overall Review

I strongly recommend this product to you if:
  • You don't want to spend money in luxuries, and thus you want a smartphone which does not cost a lot to get.
  • You want a smartphone which is still very Potent, Helpful and Comfortable.
  • You are clumsy and thus you want a smartphone which is itself resistant.
  • You don't want to be a slave to a device that demands you to charge it twice a day or even more often.
  • You want flexibility to install whatever apps you want to it without worrying.
And I do not recommend it so much if:
  • You want to take a lot of selfies and want them to be of high quality.
  • You have a very sensitive ear and friends that send you a lot of audio files.
  • You want to put a protective film to its screen.

Overall Rating: 7/10

If I had to give it an overall rating, I would give the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone model a solid 7 over 10, and a 9 over 10 if you're just like me in likes and clumsiness.