Samsung Galaxy Core Prime : User Review

by Major Jr.

 Samsung Galaxy Core Prime : User Review

Good morning everyone. I'm writing this review about my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone which I bought last July in Casablanca (approximately 4 months now), and that I'm still using. While buying it, I was looking for specific details as the battery life, the android version, the design and the weight (not too big to handle). After several minutes of research in the store,  I finally made my mind and bought this handset which is running fine up to now.  And for the price performance ratio, I can say it's a quite good choice. So what makes this phone so special ? You can find out the model fromSamsung UK

Battery Life & Charging

Just after I bought the phone, the shop holder told charge the battery for 3 hours and I would be good to go. To tell the truth, I just charged it for 2 hours and some minutes. What surprised me the most is that, the battery kept its strength and I used the phone till the next day evening for a 2000mAh. The charging time till now is approximately 3 hours from 20 % to 100 % making 1.7 days before getting low. It's quite good to know you have a phone that is not going to let you down when you need it the most.

Screenshot of battery menu


Performance & Design

Running on Android 5.1.1 (with Samsung updates available from time to time) with a Single SIM, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime weights 130g(4.59oz) and has an internal memory of 8GB with 5.3GB usage to store the data, 1GB RAM (quite low but can handle most of the things I do). The Primary Camera is 5MP  (but it doesn't look like as the picture below can show it) while the secondary is 2MP.  The screen (capacitive touchscreen) sizes 4.5inches what makes it easy for me to handle.

20160815_112708-1-1-1-1 Lac El Oulfa, Casablanca, Morocco (Taken with my Galaxy Core Prime)

Strength & Durability

Up to now, I never sent my phone back to repairs (and I don't really think I'll for a quite long time). Although it fell off from my hands or my bed several time, the screen is still intact as new as I bought it. Also, there's no scratch on the sides because I bought a cover that protects it very well. My friend who owns a Nokia Lumia 630 which falls on the ground most often than mine is amazed that my Galaxy Core Prime  has not yet been broken. Well, I 'm just a blessed man. 😉


Best Features

The best features I can note on my phone are the Wi-Fi speed and the fact that it supports LTE sim cards. When browsing the Internet on my home Wi-Fi, the phone easily displays page whatever their formatting and very quickly, allowing me to read content as if I were on my computer. Also, I bought the phone in summer, so I had to chill out on weekends a little bit. Everybody who knows Casablanca will acknowledge it's a great and big city. So I used to move using GPS feature with Google Maps. I was amazed on how accurate the locations were specified on the map. Not only that, when making calls, I can clearly hear the voice of the people I'm speaking with, the same for them but my phone has this feature of noise cancellation that makes them not to hear all the things going on around me. Great ! These days, I'm charging the battery of my phone with my computer as I destroyed the charger in an accident, but I noticed the battery keeps going stronger and last even more time than when it was being charged up with its original adapter. You might try this too on your phone.

Worst Features

Well, I have been only speaking good since the beginning. What I didn't like is the last update I downloaded and installed on the phone. It automatically added Facebook as a built-in app and some other Google tools on the phone. I think we have the freedom to install the Apps we would like to use on our phones. But alas, these Apps got installed automatically through the updates. I deactivated all of them as they were taking much space on the phone and I don't really see how useful they were – for me. I don't know about you but I think we should ask the phones and OS manufacturers to allow us to install the things we need on our phones without imposing us their will. Also, sometimes the phone starts bugging when trying to unlock the keypad. It happened 3 times since I purchased the phone. But I noticed that after the last update, I didn't keep on occurring so it might be already fixed thanks to Samsung engineers working on these issues for their lovely customers.

Overall Review

Globally, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is a great, strong and nice phone that I keep enjoying each day and  would recommend to any person willing to change or buy a new phone. Even if more advanced phones exist in the market, this phone is still up-to-date with its features and it will help you do all or most of your stuff. Last time, I met my communication teacher in his office and he took my phone and start looking up inside and told me « Boy, you've a great phone, where did you find it ? It's not common to the one I used to see in the shops . » He was so interested in purchasing the same model but unfortunately couldn't find any available stocks in the city but finally found another Samsung phone in town he's happy with. I'm still enjoying the phone even if I'm planning to switch to a new phone in the next days. This way, I'll be able to make more reviews to the people willing to buy their phones and don't know what to choose. Keep posted for my new articles/reviews. I hope to share my new experiences with you soon. Overall Rating: 8/10