by Kickey Jenei



Before my first smart phone, I had a Nokia 5130 – Xpress Music and I had it for a very long time. All my friends already had a Smart Phone and talked about 'em all the time. I was very satisfied with my old Nokia, but I couldn't catch Wi-Fi with it. Then I accidentally dropped it and broke it. So, I wasn't able to fix it and I needed to buy a new phone for myself. I saved money for about 2 months and in the last year's summer I went to the shop and all they had was this SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE II. I looked at it's specifications and I saw that it has a Quad-Core processor, and I was like: β€žWhat?! A Quad-Core processor in a phone? Even my computer doesn't have one.β€œ Also it said that it was released in 2014. a year before I bought it. I was very suprised and I decided to buy it.  


In the first few months of use, battery lasted much longer and I wasn't forced to charge it very often. Its battery usually lasts for about 8 – 10 hours when I use it more often. When it isn't being used, it could last for whole 24 hours or more. It doesn't take long to charge it up to 100%, around 2 hours. I figured out a few weeks ago that when I turn on battery life saving, it charges much slower. On the phone specs it says that has Removable Li-Ion 2000 mAh (Milli Amphere Hour(s)) battery and it can play music up to 30 hours. Well, after using it for more than a year, I don't believe it can play music for more than 15 hours.  


Desipte the 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor, it can slow down very fast if you have more applications opened because it doesn't have much RAM memory (only 768MB). If I have only one app opened, it doesn't show any performance decrease. It has Android v4.4.2 KitKat operating system which, I think, has a very pleasing design and layout. Display is multitouch with the size of 4.5 inches (11.43cm), 480×800 resolution with 256K colors. I think that the camera is great. It's only 5MP, but every picture I took was clear and lovely. Front-facing camera is not so astounding, but you can take solid selfies with it.  


Even though I didn't drop it so often, I can proudly say that my phone is pretty strong and durable. There was this one situation when I was texting and my classmate from college went behind my back and poked me. I got scared and accidentaly dropped my phone from third floor and it fell on the first floor and continued to roll downstairs. A second after that, I ran downstairs to get it and I was convinced that it broke down, but when I picked it up… guess what… not a scratch! It was still on and running with no problem. Unbelievable! That was definitely the most amazing and frightening experience with my phone at the same time. I dropped it a few times at home but it ended without a hitch. Well, I'm not gonna try dropping it on purpose to test it out if it's really that strong and hard to break, but it's good to know that after all those situations, it's still running fine.  


What I like the most about this phone is the camera. Of course, I know that there are bunch of greater cameras out there, but I'm pretty satisfied with this one. I took more than a thousand pictures and videos, and I uploaded a few on YouTube. As I mentioned before in the introduction, I bought this phone mostly because of it's Quad-Core processor, unlike the first version of Galaxy Core that has a Dual-Core processor. Also, of course, I have access to Google Play and I can download a bunch of apps. What I also love is the Wi-Fi. Since I have this smart phone only for a year now and it is my first smart phone, it was a great thing for me to finally get access to the internet without sitting in front of my computer. It has Bluetooth, which I never used, and I don't think that many people use it now. I can also turn on Flight mode, which allows you to disable incoming calls, messages and you can't use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but you can configure this features by yourself in the settings menu. That's good to avoid distractions. I mostly use it when I'm in the library where you require peace and quiet, like all of the other readers. It has S Beam, which allows you to share files from one phone to another, but they must be very close to each other. It enables Wi-Fi Direct and connects the devices. You can enable Battery saving which limits some background data and processes to increase battery life or you can set it automatically when your battery is very low.Β  It supports dual sim, which means that you can have two different numbers in one phone.  


What I hate the most are these bloatware apps (pre-installed apps) that I can't get rid of. There are apps that I never used, not even once. You can uninstall them completely if you have your phone rooted, but it could be risky if you don't know how to do it. Despite the Quad-Core processor, it cannot be used at it's full potential if you have low amount of RAM memory. 768MB is solid, but it can't be enough for this type of processor.Β  As I mentioned before, when you have a lot of apps running at the same time, most of the RAM gets used and the phone slows down drastically. So, if you want it to be fast again, you must close some of the apps to free RAM space, of course. But it's fine, you don't have to do that because when the RAM gets full and the phone starts overheating, it restarts itself. One of the worst features is that the phone has only 4GB internal memory and 2GB or more is used by the operating system. So you can't have too many apps in your phone. But there is a microSD card slot which can support up to 64GB, but to me, it's a bit expensive to buy, so I only have a 1GB microSD card in my phone. The first version of Galaxy Core has 8GB of internal memory, which is much better in that point of view. samsung-galaxy-core-2-sm-g355h-1


Overall, for me this is a great phone. The camera is very good, 5MP which is ok. I took a whole lot of great pictures with it. 768MB of RAM, solid, but not quite enough. It has display with the size of 4.5 inches, which is not too big, not too small. Only 4GB of internal memory, but you can expand it with a microSD card up to 64GB. If you don't, you won't be able to have many apps because the system takes up more than 2GB. And one of the best things about it is the quad-core processor, but it cannot be used at it's full potential because of low amount of RAM. Processor can do a lot of work very fast, but it needs to have enough memory to store all those processing data. Battery life is solid, you don't have to charge it more than once a day. It can last even for whole 2 days if you don't use it very often. And, like I mentioned, it fell from the third floor and it's still running with no problems and doesn't have a scratch on it. Nowadays, there are much greater phones with much better specs, but I think this phone won't go out of style with moderate use for Β at least one year. Overall Rating: 7/10