Samsung Galaxy A5: User Review

by Vesa Prapashtica

I’ve always been that kind of person who likes to try out different types of phones, and I am not a loyal customer to any of the manufacturers. What I usually look for in a phone is good performance, a good camera (since I’m a huge fan of photography), design and a good battery life. Currently, I own a Samsung A5 and in my opinion, it is a pretty good phone. I bought this phone in August of last year because my old iPhone had finally served its purpose. The reason I chose this phone is that it has a beautiful design, it’s not heavy at all, it’s not that expensive as the other Samsung Galaxies and the camera is 13 megapixels. You can check more information about the A5 2015 model on Samsung’s official website here.


Besides all of the above reasons why I’m pretty fond of the Galaxy A5, the battery life of this phone is quite a puzzle. The specs on Samsung’s website state that the A5 can stand up to 11 hours while connected to Wi-Fi, and up to 8 hours when connected to 3G. Even though I haven’t quite measured the how long my phones battery lasts, it does last pretty long. If I leave my phone connected to 3G unused throughout the day and sleep, the next day it will be at 70% or less. Charging on the other side depends on the type of charger you have. I had a charger that for some reason took over 6 hours to charge my phone from 10% to 100%. After I got a new one it takes a little over an hour to get it to 100%.
Samsung A5

The Samsung Galaxy A5, taken from


The Samsung Galaxy A5 has a beautiful and modern design. It weighs only 123 grams and it can come in many different colors such as Pearl White, Midnight Black, Platinum Silver, Soft Pink, Light Blue, and Champagne Gold. My A5 is Midnight Black, and I can say it is one of the classiest phones I have ever owned. The home button is pretty comfortable even though the new trend is having a fingerprint sensor, and the A5 doesn’t have that feature. One of the downsides of owning this phone for over a year is that it starts to overheat when you use it for long periods of time. If I use my phone for over an hour or two the battery will get hotter. I’ve also had a bad experience with the phone freezing and overheating like crazy. I left it alone for about half an hour but it didn’t fix the problem and I had to manually restart my phone.  
The Samsung Galaxy A5, taken from

The Samsung Galaxy A5, taken from



Pertaining to durability, as expected the Galaxy A5 is quite a hard phone to have cracks. If you keep your phone with a soft silicone case most of the times, then you will never see a scratch on your phone. We all know that dropping your phone is a weekly and in some cases even a daily habit, but I drop my phone more than 10 times per week and I have never had the need to send it back or anything. I still haven’t changed my screen protector from the first time when I bought it. So the A5 is pretty durable and won’t break easily. On the other hand, the other features are questionable. I had to change my phone's battery because it started to swell and it almost popped my screen out of the phone. I have also recently come across with a camera problem. My phone's camera for some weird reason isn’t focusing anything. All the pictures I take with the 13mp camera is blurry and now I have to replace it.


The best features of the Samsung Galaxy A5 are definitely the design, camera and weight. I am a huge fan of phones that look classy, attractive and just simply look beautiful. It has a full metal unibody design, and the back of the phone is matte which I adore. I love the rectangular shape of the phone with its soft edges because it gives the phone a more unique look. The camera is another major plus for me when I choose a phone. The 13mp main camera and 5mp front camera are one of the reasons why I chose to buy this phone. The pictures are simply beautiful, and with the right light and angle, you can take amazing pictures that look the same as if you had taken them with a professional Nikon or Canon camera. You can catch some really great details with this phone. The weight is a major plus to an ideal phone for me. I wouldn’t want a phone that weighed the equivalent of a notebook in my hand. I have owned phones heavier than the Galaxy A5, and the A5 is a great device to multitask with. I can hold a notebook, a pen and my phone all in one hand because my phone isn’t heavy enough to slip through my fingers.  
The Samsung Galaxy A5, taken from

The Samsung Galaxy A5, taken from



As all phones have their pros, all of them have their cons too. Although not many, this particular smartphone does have some disadvantages from my personal experience. I don’t expect any phone to be perfect, but I do expect my phone to be as it is described before I buy it. I’ve read many other reviews that had the same problems as I did with the A5 pertaining to the battery, freezing and display glitches. As I stated earlier, the battery does tend to overheat when used too much. It also overheats if you use it while it is charging (as many other phones do). However, I didn’t expect for the battery to have to be replaced because of bulging after a couple of months of using it. The freezing is also a problem that occurs from time to time with the A5. It has happened to me more than a few times while using my phone, it simply freezes. I either have to leave it for some time so it can restart itself or I have to manually restart it. According to display glitches, the Samsung Galaxy A5 has some problems with colors. Sometimes, for no apparent reason when I start to use my phone I notice that the screen has a sort of green tint. I have still not tried to resolve this problem since it happens not so often, but it will surprise you quite a lot when it does. Overall, this phone is a great phone for the average user. Samsung always tries to create phones that are affordable and quite good, but they always cut down or skip important features. The A5 is a great phone for everyday life use, and some miscellaneous uses too like watching movies, reading or watching videos. I love that the phone has a 5” screen because I have seen phones that are huge in size but you see more of the phone than the actual screen itself. I would recommend this phone to people who don’t chase the newest models and who don’t look for high-end specs in a phone. This phone is not that expensive for a reason, and it does lack some qualities that the newer models have. Nevertheless, the A5 is a beautiful phone and it does meet its price. Overall Rating 7/10