Samsung Galaxy A5-2017 : User Review

by thomas-grobels



Today I come to do an analysis of a device of one of the major mobile companies in the world (Samsung), I have taken an experience of use with this phone four months. This is the first major launch of the South Korean company after the fiasco of Note7, One more reason to put the magnifying glass on this smartphone that promises to become one of the best-selling handsets of the year. The Samsung recipe seems simple: rescue some of the new features introduced in the Galaxy S7 in this new midrange, which translates into significant improvements in design, screen or camera.


Let's start by saying that this phone resembles those old school Nokia that you could spend days and days without charging it and the battery remained loyal to the cause, well this battery has 3000 mAh capacity, a less demanding screen, and a more efficient processor. With a moderate use I have reached three days, and with intensive use, I had no problems to exceed 30 hours, with more than 5 hours of active screen. We also have fast charge technology, so the battery will never be a problem, and in the case of emergency, we can always use some of the battery saving modes found through the configuration menu. As for charging To power the battery, we will use a Type C USB port.


The new Galaxy A5 2017 family lands with four colors inspired by “elements of nature with the aim of creating a relaxing effect” according to Samsung. In particular, we can buy the mobile in black (Black Sky), Gold (Gold Sand), Pink (Peach Cloud) and blue (Blue Mist), the latter being the model I have received to write this analysis. As usual, we are before a unibody smartphone, that is, it is built in one piece in such a way that the battery is not removable. As for the materials of manufacture, the terminal mixes a metallic structure with great quality finishes and 3D glass in the back, being quite elegant from afar and also in hand. A performance that although it is good also does not appear in excess in any section. Agile, moves Android without a major problem but with power in the benchmark where it shows that some mobile phones with a similar processor perform similarly.


To mention some details of its design previously, we can conclude that it was thought from the defensive point of view the recurrent situation (that has happened to us all) of falls of the device. For that it would describe some important aspects of The back zone, slightly curved in The sides, is a success that contributes to comfort and ease of use. The metal frames, the glass construction and the stiffness of the buttons, also raise the status of this phone. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best-built phones in its range. All this as a whole makes it a safe device, not 100% effective against falls like any mobile, but I have no doubt that it has a lot of resistance judging from my experience with the mobile.


Camera: Next to the screen, the main protagonist of the Samsung Galaxy A5 is its camera. The main one has a 13-megapixel sensor that offers good quality and distance a little respect to the photos we made with other Samsung terminals. The colors are more natural, less vibrant and in sharpness, it is not all so sharp. The focus and speed of the camera of the Galaxy A5 along with its good resolution have left me quite satisfied. On the front, we have a sensor with five megapixels that although they do not have the level of definition of its sister back, the results are useful for self-portraits and quick photos. Also, in this case, we have two additional modes that were not present in other models. Automatic HDR mode, which would be very useful to recover the bright areas in highly contrasted scenes. It would also have been interesting to have a completely professional way instead of the limited version that the South Korean manufacturer has included in the phone. Audio: The speaker is reasonably sturdy and offers good quality and is almost impossible to obstruct by its new location. The experience with headphones is also satisfactory like any other Samsung.


I would like to say that there is not much to highlight negatively of this device because I found it excellent and the user experience I had with it was satisfactory from every possible level, or at least from the point of functionality. However, I could point out a few aspects: Software: Like last year, the Samsung mid-range lands with a somewhat outdated operating system. And is that at this time in the film we might think that a phone over 426 USD Dollars should carry the Android Nougat series, as it was released no less than the end of August. However, the new A5 comes standard with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I was able to notice that it was not a device designed for gaming, many times or most of the time I had to close the game over and over again to get rid of the lag and to run and work optimally. I do not think it is a general software problem by That the other applications were running regularly, only had problems with the games. Below average processor: Energy efficient, but inferior in potential compared to phones like Honor 8 or 3T, of similar prices. Price: An excessive price for a mid-range. There are top-of-the-range phones with very similar prices.


Samsung has done an excellent job with the Galaxy A5 (2017). The company has gathered beauty, power, and autonomy in the same product. The leap forward on its predecessor is undoubted. A device with an exquisite design, excellent performance, and connectivity that does not lack anything. However, it also presents some aspects in which it does not finish convincing: the performance does not stand out against other devices, and TouchWiz is a layer that, in this case, does not provide enough regarding what Android offers by default. The starting price, 399 USD Dollars, also seems a bit high for a terminal well raised but where for a similar figure there are more attractive options. In short, I have been able to verify that in the review of the Galaxy A5 2017 that the terminal has improved significantly with respect to last year, taking an exquisite note in all the sections and boasting in addition to resistance to water. Love the time I could have this device in my hands, if yours is Android, take beautiful pictures, have a music player in optimal conditions all this is a device that on the outside is elegant and flashy, so I recommend this phone. More information can be found on the Samsung official website