Redmi Note 6 Pro : Owner Review

by Ammar Ashfaq

I like to purchase things with more features coming at the least price possible, and this is the reason I am not a fan of very costly phones of Apple or Samsung. I am a university student with low income, so I am always on a tight budget. Here comes Redmi Phones and Vivo Phones that helps students or middle-class people to select good quality phones and this is the reason I choose Redmi Note 6 pro as my primary phone this year. I did complete research before choosing this phone, but you cannot understand a thing better until you use it yourself. Let me share Redmi Note 6 pro review after using it for nearly four months.

Phone Design

Redmi Not 6 Pro Front
This Mobile has a trendy and excellent design. It has a full metal body. It was available in four colors (gold, blue, black, and red) while I choose the black one. The touch screen is also lovely with a 5.8+ inches display. There is a notch at the top, which, after using for some time, became seamless for me. However, this notch doesn’t perform very well with few apps, notably games. The display looks 1080px to me.

Camera Quality

There is a 12+5 Mega Pixels rear camera and a 5 Mega Pixels front camera. The rear camera is pretty decent and takes good pictures, but the selfie camera is not that great. As soon as I took a picture in low light you with the front camera, I realized that 5 Mega Pixels are too less for a selfie camera. It is one of the downsides of this phone. Although it is a budget-friendly phone, still they would have been able to increase the quality of the front camera. There are many phones in the market with a similar price tag and a better front camera. Thank God I am not that obsessed with taking selfies. If you take too many selfies, then this phone is not for you. If you are a girl, it is better to try any other OPPO phone. Redmi is usually more about performance rather than camera quality. In terms of recording videos with it, I mostly use the rear camera. It gives me several options, such as the use of artificial intelligence. It has face recognition as well as auto-focus. I love to travel, so the rear camera is enough to take impressive shots with it. Although this phone cannot beat the camera quality of other phones but considering the price point, I think this quality is ten times more than you can expect in a phone with twice the price from Samsung.

Battery Life

It has a 4,000mAh non-removable battery. In terms of timing, it is satisfactory. I can use the phone for more than a day continuously with my WIFI On at the same time. Also, it supports fast charging, so it is a blessing. I never have to worry about its battery.

Build Quality

Redmi Note 6 Pro has a reliable build quality. As I mentioned above, it has a full metal body, so there are no worries in keeping this phone along with the keys in the same pocket. It never fell from my hands in 4 months on a hard ground or floor, but I worry that it will not be able to bear a high fall of more than 5 ft (although I haven’t tested that it is just my feeling).


Performance matters a lot. I don’t know much about the inside technical details of the phone. I felt that the speed of the phone is quite fast. It never hanged while using it. Even while using the camera, it takes pictures instantly.

My Gaming Experience:

I am an addict of playing Multi-player online games. The seamless experience of gaming matters a lot to me. I played games like PUBG on it. It never got too hot while playing, but there was a bit of lagging while I played games for more than two hours continuously. So, we can say that it is a good gaming phone.


It lacks the modern USB Type-C, which I think every new phone should have. It has a headphone jack, which is very much convenient.


The phone has a loudspeaker, although it is not that loud. The audio quality is up to my expectations. Still, I am a bit disappointed as you cannot hear it ringing if you are in another room or maybe it can only be the case with me.


No one ever complained about my voice issue over a call. So I presume that its Mic is excellent. I tested by recording my voice; it made noise cancellation and still voice quality was superb.

Sim and MicroSD Slot:

I can use two sims with MicroSD slot at the same time in it. I liked this option.


I don’t think it has proper protection against water. As I once jumped in swing pool with this in the pocket. As soon as I realized that, I took it out. Alas, the camera was foggy for several hours. After a few hours, the phone became okay, and everything as usual, but still, it was like a mini heart attack.

Some Other Notable Features


This phone has a fingerprint sensor as well as the face lock feature. The face lock feature is swift and works efficiently. It even works at night under the sky but not in complete darkness. The gyroscope also responds nicely while playing games on it. None of the sensors has ever caused an issue to me.


It has MIUI 9.6 installed in it. Which looks like a mixture of software from Apple UI and Oppo UI. Few things are hard to navigate, but I got used to stuff within 1-2 weeks. It has Android 8.1 Oreo, which works swiftly on it.  

In Short


  • Great Battery
  • Efficient performance
  • Nice Design
  • Average Weight Metal Body


  • No Waterproof quality
  • Low-Quality front camera
  • Big Margin on bottom
  • Ugly Notch
  • Finger Print Sensor on the front

Final Words

I would rate Redmi Note 6 pro overall as 8.5/10. I would recommend this to you if you want a quality phone with the latest features of the market. I would not recommend this to you if you like taking selfies or a bit careless in keeping electronics. Thanks for reading!