by Sabyasachi Dassharma

The modern list of basic necessity is food, shelter, clothing, and smartphone. Recently, I was in a crisis situation when my smartphone MI A1 broke in front of me. Watching my phone broken was as painful as my first breakup. After a day of in-depth research, I ordered OPPO F 11 Pro through Amazon fast delivery. This is the first time I ordered a phone which was worth more than 20,000 bucks. The two days without a cell phone made me feel like I am going through rehab. My parents usually found me in the pensive state, staring at clouds trying to make sense of the world. After 3 days, on a lazy afternoon, my saviour ‘Madav’, the delivery boy brought my order. Now, I know why celebrities are happy when they receive gift hampers from Karan Johar. The buyer's persona is a key factor in choosing a phone. It’s important to understand what you exactly need in a smartphone. Otherwise, you will buy one on a friend’s recommendation and regret later. I had to deal with many choices and suggestions before making my decision. To purchase a high-end smartphone you need to spend loads of money. However, for mid premium brands, there are always some aspects with superior quality than others. Hence, identifying what you want in your smartphone is crucial. Firstly, I am a big time gamer and a Netflix user. Secondly, I work in sales and need a higher battery capacity for fieldwork. Lastly, as a traveller, I need a good camera to capture memories. Therefore, my phone needs to have a large screen, mid-level processor, high battery capacity and good resolution primary camera. So there you have it, my ideal phone needs to have these aspects in superior quality. After using the phone for a month, this is my review for OPPO F11 Pro.

The Bold Design

There are two colour variants for OPPO F11 Pro – Aurora Green and Thunder Black. Both colours look great, but my favourite is Thunder Black. The colour is black at the centre and fades away to rear ends with dark blue and purple shade. This gives the phone a premium look and appeal. The display is 6.5 inch which is perfect for my gaming and streaming requirements. Also, when you hold the phone it gives you an exceptional feel. The 191gms phone is curved on edges and can easily be operated with one hand. The design is so good that it will surely generate some eyeballs.

The Missing Notch & Pop–Up Camera

Does notch on your phone irritates you? If yes, then this phone is perfect for you. With F11 Pro the notch is absent and the front camera slides up from the top. This pop-up camera works fine and the given case has provision for it. Initially, I had doubts about the pop-up module, nevertheless, it works very smoothly and you don’t even notice it moving up. If in case the pop-up camera is out and you happen to accidentally drop the phone, the camera goes back inside instantly. Although, I fear most of the time thinking water will spill on it making it non-functional.

Pro Performance

Being in the sales profession, you need to be at calls for hours and also multitask. This phone has never given me any issues so far. For a month, I have used this phone extensively and so far I don’t have any complaints. The phone is powered with an octa-core MediaTech Helio P70 processor and paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The software consists of ColorOS 6.0 which is based on Android 9.0 Pie. The UI is good, but I don’t like large icons in the drop-down menu. Overall the phone is superb to operate and the touch is really good.

Oppo Game Space

The gamer inside me is happy when my phone takes care of my gaming need. I play Clash Royale, Shadow fight & PUBG and I had an uninterrupted gaming experience. The game space is one location for all your games which also helps you to ignore calls and block banners during the game. One noteworthy feature is Hyper Boost, which helps your phone to optimize your gaming experience by increasing RAM space. It also increases your touch sensitivity and loading speed. There are other features like Game Assistant and Game Speech Enhancement which improves your gaming experience.

VOOC Charger

This is the best thing that has happened to me after graduation. My days of frequently charging the phone, carrying power bank and saving battery by switching off the internet are over. This VOOC charger is amazing and it takes around 30min to charge up to 50% of the battery. Besides, the 4000mAh capacity battery is exactly what I need. The battery and the charger definitely make this phone worth more. I guarantee you won’t go back to your old charger after using this one.

The Camera Angle

Oppo smartphones are camera first phones and this one surely stands out. The rear camera is 48MP + 5MP which give a quality picture with high resolution. It captures great detail with balanced colours and good contrast. If you are looking for a camera phone that captures professional like photos even in dark, then check out this phone. The Ultra Night Mode gives you clean pictures with well-exposed highlights and shadows. Even though the front camera is 16MP which is less compared to 25MP F9 Pro, it still manages to capture decent photos. There is beautification mode enabled with AI but I rarely use it.

Oppo Cares

I like how the company provides pre-applied screen protector and phone cover. Into-the-ear headphones are also useful. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about buying accessories and spending extra money. The smart driving mode is also useful and automatically turns on when paired with the car’s bluetooth. The power saving modes are also useful. Apart from these features, I often use sleeping mode, night shield and quiet time.

The Verdict

As far as I am concerned, this phone is great and ideal for users who prefer a good camera and a superior battery. In addition, the excellent design and sliding camera are notable features of this model. I would generously rate this phone 8.5/10. Hope this review helps.