OnePlus 7 Pro: Owner Review

by P.N.O. Muleshe

I am a data scientist by profession and a lover of technology. Smartphones are a big part of my interests and I am always looking for the new thing in smartphones. When I am not in my office browsing the web to push my research, I am probably refreshing by playing the latest games on the phone. Nature walks are my thing when I am outdoors as enjoy shooting photos of the beautiful sceneries and recording videos of exciting events and phenomena. These are the reasons I chose OnePlus 7 Pro as my latest phone and this is my review after using it for three months.

Availability and Accessibility

For a long time, OnePlus has not been selling its products via carriers. This has changed in the recent past when they allowed T-Mobile to be an outlet for their smart phones. OnePlus 7 Pro is among the products found at T-Mobile and is going for $699. Another way of getting OnePlus 7 Pro is ordering directly from OnePlus for $669. People in the UK can purchase this phone from Amazon UK as well. This smart phone operates of GSM networks of AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon also accept the use of OnePlus 7 Pro on their network. However, one needs to make a request to Verizon for routing of all messages and calls and any data traffic over LTE.

Distinguished Outlook

The design of OnePlus 7 Pro borrows some features of both Samsung and Huawei in design. The phone is medium sized; standing at 6.4 inches long. It is probably longer than some people may wish, though its excellent design means that it appeals regardless of the size. The screen is enlarged by the curved AMOLED design. This curved design and the enlarged screen effect is congruent to Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The phone is rather sporty with unique color effects. It is a combination of colors at the back and a glass trim resulting in glass reflecting cobalt synchronized with baby blue hues. The phone comes in different colors with nebula blue and almond as the stand out designs.

Top Notch Performance

OnePlus 7 Pro goes against the tendency to make tradeoffs with regards to smart phones features and functions. Contrary to other smart phones where you have to forego a functionality or feature in favor of another, this phone seems to have it all. It has an excellent speed for 12 GB of RAM. Reviews on its score on Geekbench reveal that it is well within the same caliber as Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS. The three phones compare with a score of 11,227, 10732, and 11420 respectively. Bearing in mind that both Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS are considerably expensive than OnePlus 7 Pro, the phone is worth the cost. Its performance is enhanced to allow multiple functionality at the same time without one activity slowing down the other. Those who love multitasking will definitely fall for this phone. Of course, this is not a perfect phone; it definitely bears its own setbacks. Nevertheless, the phone is good enough to compete favorably with superior brands in the market while retailing at a low price.

Efficient Software with New Things

Efficiency of a smartphone is as good as its operating system. OnePlus 7 Pro runs on OxygenOS. This operating system is Android Pie and one of the finest Android OEMs. OxygenOS provides for easy navigation and a smart, clean display. The software is also incorporated with two unique features that add to its appeal and functionality. These are a screen recorder and Zen mode. The screen recorder allows the user to record the activities on the screen just by one click. The Zen mode is meant to control the user behavior by locking him/her out for twenty minutes to reduce addiction to smartphone. When in Zen mode, the user may only be able to make and receive calls as well as shoot photos. This is more efficient than having to switch off apps.

Seamless Display

As mentioned earlier, OnePlus 7 Pro is endowed with a very gorgeous screen boasting a length of 6.667 inches. This is the ideal screen for feasting on movies or TV on a phone. The curved AMOLED screen is an addition to the beauty of the screen display and gives the perfect view of video contents. It is also noticeable as you use the phone that camera cutouts are absent. This allows for perfect and full view of the video contents. The screen is also very bright and colorful giving which is a thing of beauty when it comes to watching movies. The display is also boosted with an effective refresh rate of 90Hz. The refresh rate is also useful in web browsing.

Short Battery Life

The OnePlus 7 Pro battery life is the standout-underwhelming feature for this smart phone. On this aspect, OnePlus probably chose the way of the majority in the industry. It is always disturbing that manufacturers tend to compromise battery life more than anything else with every invention made in smartphone technology. For OnePlus 7 Pro, one would expect that a 4000mAh battery capacity would boast a reasonable battery life. On the contrary, the phone actually has a short battery life of just hours and 31 minutes. This is well below standard and it flops in comparison to most of the top brands in the industry. To its credit though, the phone boasts Warp Charge 30 rapid-charging technology that enables it to fully recharge in just over an hour.

Great Low-Light Cameras

In order to have a longer screen, OnePlus 7 Pro opted not to have a front camera on the screen. Instead, it is installed with a pop-up front camera for capturing selfie photos. At the back, there are three lenses. One of the lenses is a 48 megapixel while a second lens is the wide-angle has 16 megapixel with 117 degrees field of view. The last lens is a telephoto lens and boasts 8 megapixels with an optical zoom of up to 3x. Amazing! The cameras are very good especially outdoors and produce more natural images than other smartphones. The pop-up front camera takes great selfie photos; especially portraits. However, one must be steady while shooting photos to produce good photos. The phone still offers great photos than other more expensive smart phones.


OnePlus 7 Pro comes at a higher price than all the other OnePlus devices that preceded it. Nevertheless, for just $669/£649, OnePlus 7 Pro offers premium flagship performance, design and software. The price makes sense even more when compared to other premium smartphones in the market. A 7 out of 10 rating is a fair rating for this phone.