Off Toco Smart PC Backpack: Owner Review

by Crystal L

So my best friend and I made a deal last Christmas (2018) to exchange gifts we thought were special and useful to each other. Both of us have become freelancers, but we had different tech needs at the time. I always thought she needed a phone while she thought (I hoped) that I needed a smart PC backpack. Fortunately, she got me an Off Toco BM-OF03NV—and she could tell I’m very much happy with it. Why wouldn’t I? Of course, it’s quite inevitable for us to roam around with a laptop backpack due to the nature of our work. I had a bigger antitheft bag, but I always filled it with so much stuff I really didn’t need. So, when I spotted the Off Toco bag at the Syntrend Creative Park in Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan, I secretly wished for it in my mind.

It Was Slim

I immediately got attracted to the Off Toco BM-OF03NV smart PC backpack because it is slim. Like almost anyone else, I’d like to “travel light,” so the thinner my laptop bag, the better. Unfortunately, though, my 14-inch laptop’s charger is a little bulky for this backpack. Perhaps my next laptop should have a less bulky charger, then. off toco antitheft laptop backpack vs my previous one

The Off Toco BM-OF03NV Is An Antitheft Bag

Although it’s not top-of-the-line antitheft like those really expensive backpacks out there, it’s good enough for me—at least in Taiwan. In other places, though, I still prefer to wear this backpack in front of me. So, you could say I have a thing for all things antitheft. Well, this bag has still passed my antitheft standards because it has a secret back pocket and a little lock or hook that can at least warn you if a stranger at your back ever feels like unlocking your bag. back secret pocket antitheft off toco BM-OF03NV smart PC backpack

Pocket, Pockets, Pockets

Being organized in the kitchen is something I’m still working on. But, in terms of gadgets and a laptop backpack, I think I already have OCD. So, if you’re going to put a lot of useful pockets plus some document storage spaces inside an already slim backpack, you’ll have my money. Of course, my best friend knows that. So, when she saw the BM-OF03NV, she knew it was for me. Off Toco got her money (about 1,700 NT$, she now reveals)—but in the best way! pockets and pouches inside off toco BM-OF03NV smart PC backpack laptop bag

This Smart PC Backpack Can Be A Handbag

Well, I love the fact that this laptop bag is a backpack and not a sling bag. Nonetheless, just in case I’m traveling with another bag on my back, I could transform the Off Toco BM-OF03NV into a handbag. When I do, I don’t have to worry about dangling straps, too, as the manufacturers thought in advance to eliminate inconveniences. Yes, there’s a doubly useful back pouch for those shoulder straps to hide. Doubly—because I can use it as an extra storage space for some other stuff whenever I’m using the shoulder straps. off toco BM-OF03NV smart PC backpack or handbag for laptop

It’s Cool, And It’s Water-Resistant

Aesthetically speaking, this backpack is really pleasing. That’s why I was attracted to it at first sight. Moreover, it’s color has an affinity to ocean water, but its material is actually resistant to water, keeping your gadgets and documents safe inside.

You Can Try It, Too!

If you think you’ll like it, then try it yourself. I do like it, and I plan on sticking by it as I look forward to my next slim laptop (with a really compact charger, I hope). After all, this laptop bag is a gift! And, for the price my best friend paid, I’d say this Off Toco smart PC backpack is worth it. Overall, I'm rating this product 9/10. off toco BM-OF03NV smart PC backpack