Nokia 5.1 : Owner Review

by Abuga Aroni

My name is Abuga Aroni. I've been using the Nokia 5.1 for a while now. I chose it because it looked sleek, had good specifications and just fit within my budget. I mainly use it to surf the web, switch between Instagram and Facebook, and sometimes play the odd Candy Crush game. Just costing around $150 (or roughly £120), the Nokia 5.1 is a good phone in a mid-priced range. It has specifications and features that will satisfy a broad range of users and peoples needs. Cause lets be honest here, do you really need all the hi-tech bits that come in the latest iPhone or Samsung in order to be satisfied? No. Most of us don’t even use our phone intensively enough to do so. But with decent battery life, a good camera, a strong processor and a sleek look, the Nokia 5.1 is a phone you can’t go wrong with. Check out my review of it below.

What’s good about the Nokia 5.1?

You have enough power to run the latest apps

With a strong Octa-core processor, 3GB Ram and 32GB memory, you can run most apps on this phone with ease. Whether you are playing Candy Crush, Subway Surfers or whichever game is most popular at the moment, this phone will be able to handle it. The phone can also handle VR and 360 videos. You will be pushing its performance and asking the most out of it, but the phone will deliver. However, it will get hot and this will drain the battery life. But it’s good if you are looking to get a taste of VR.

The battery life is more than satisfying

With a  large 2970 mAh battery, you can use this phone for the whole day without worrying about charging it. Unless you are using apps that require a lot of power, the battery will last you from the morning to the evening with ease. This is refreshing. Most phones these days have little to no stamina and require that you constantly charge them.

It looks really good – with a high-quality build

This phone has one of my favorite designs. it doesn’t have sharp edges or look blocky and ugly like some phones do these days. Instead, it is very sleek and looks and feels almost seamless.  A timeless and refreshing design. Even if you don’t have any fashion sense (like myself), I’m sure you can come to appreciate this phone’s design.

It is just the right size

I have big hands yes, but I have found most phones these days to be getting bigger and less ergonomic. Simply meaning you can’t comfortably hold them without feeling awkward. The Nokia 5.1 is just the right size- it isn’t too big or too small. The screen is large enough that I can comfortably watch videos and read texts, but not so large that it feels like carrying a small tablet. I wish all phones were built to be this size.

What should you watch out for with this phone?

It’s very very sleek – protective cover and screen guard is a must

Compared to most phones, this phone is so sleek that it constantly feels like it will fall out of your hand … and it will. My advice is that you simply get a protective cover and screen guard because you will drop this phone. Even though the phone is very strong – with gorilla glass and an aluminum body, you don’t want to dent it or get the screen messed up. The bad thing about this phone is how most of its parts are irreplaceable. Yes, you can replace the screen, but you can’t switch out the battery yourself. If an important (say the processor) goes kaput, then you simply have to replace the whole phone. Thankfully it is quite reliable. Out of 10, I’d give this phone a strong 8.  Particularly thanks to its price, it’s ability to take handle most apps, decent camera, and strong processing speed. Rating 8/10.