by Martins Bumanis

  Nexus 5X


What model is it, where did you get this device … how long have you had , why did you choose this when you bought it? The LG Nexus 5X. I was shopping for phones as my old Samsung Galaxy S4 was on the verge of dying. I was browsing, considering the newer galaxies phones, but the cost was too high and if it gets damaged, the repairs costs are too big. While browsing, I started researching the Nexus phones, which were usually much cheaper with similar if not better specs and performance. This is how I found my LG Nexus 5X, 32GB model for just under 250$, which was a bargain as it had all I wanted, including the fingerprint scanner, for a reasonable price tag.


One of the controversial things about this phone, is that it does NOT feature a removable battery. The phone is sealed shut, so if you want to feel safe on the go, you need a power bank. The battery is a 2700mAh, non-removable Li-Po battery, which may sound small with phones having over 3000mAh recently, but it is well enough. The phone can last more than 10 hours on minimal to medium usage, however if you use it non-stop, it can hold for up to 3-4 hours. While having a none-removable battery might be a deal-breaker for some, it shouldn't. The battery is very decent and the rapid charging possibility makes up for it. The phone can get up to 80% in battery life in around an hour and up to 30% with some 10-20 minutes of charging, albeit, only with the rapid charging charger.


Discuss the usability of this device… is it too heavy, do the buttons annoy you, is it slow? Does it get hot? Write about anything you have experienced. The Nexus 5X is a beautiful phone, without a doubt. It is slim and light. In the hand, it feels nice, and when you take it out, people notice you, because of the elegant design. I’ve had numerous compliments about it, which makes you double think if you want to put a case on it. Design, however, isn’t everything. While the Nexus 5X performs well, it has flaws. It runs the standard google launcher without bloatware, other than some Google applications preinstalled. But even the launcher isn’t perfect. The phone has a lot of crashes. From user interface crashes to application crashes. It seems to become worse as time goes on. Applications like Snapchat crash constantly or are very slow, because of the smartphone’s camera, which is very slow. I usually restart my phone once a week, just because it has completely frozen up. In this state, it also is trying very hard to do what it is told and heats up in the fingerprint scanner area. This is the only area that gets hot, so it is not that bad.  


Have you had to send this back for repairs?  Did it break easily… or maybe it survived a massive fall!  Write about your personal experiences. Nexus 5X is a phone I am amazed by. It is slim and looks very fragile, yet it is more than meets the eye. I have accidently dropped the phone numerous times, but it does not even have a single scratch. The phone is sealed shut, as you cannot remove the battery, so once you drop it, you won’t have any parts flying around. The biggest fall I’ve had was from a height of 1.5 meters on to solid concrete. The phone was fine, the display was not even scratched and it worked perfectly well!


List the best features and write a little bit about each thing you love about this device.

Fingerprint scanner

One of the most important things for me nowadays is the fingerprint scanner. It provides easy access to your phone. On the Nexus 5X it works very fast and precise. It is always on, so if you put your hand in your pocket to reach for your phone, you can have it unlocked by the time you look at it.

Rapid charging

We are living dynamic lives. And we might not always have 4 hours just to charge our phones. The Nexus 5X features rapid charging, which allows you to get your phone’s battery up to 80% from 0%, in around an hour! Just remember to take your charger with you!


While the camera is not the best. It is certainly not the worst. The pictures you can take are clear and crisp. It can struggle in low light conditions, but usually you will be just fine.

A Google Nexus phone!

If you are buying a Nexus phone, you are doing so, because you love android, and you want to get updates ASAP. If you didn’t know, Nexus phones always get the updates first. So, you never will be waiting more than a week for that new android update, while those Galaxy phones have to wait even up to a year to just get an update!


List the worst features and write a little bit about each thing you love about this device.


While the USB-C might become the new standard, it still isn’t. The phone requires a USB-C cable to charge, and you need a USB-C to USB-C cable to charge from your charger. So, if you don’t have your own charger with you, you might be out of luck, as most phones still use Micro USB’s. This also means that you cannot use those several cables you already have in your house. Once you buy the phone, you also should buy an adapter from USB-C to USB-A if you want to connect to your PC via cable as they do NOT include a USB-C to USB-A cable in the box.

No removable battery

Rapid charging is fine, but you know what is even better? Having a battery, you can quickly switch. Indeed, not being able to open the phone might be a bit of a disadvantage for some, but the battery itself can hold the phone on for the day and if you can charge it even for 20 minutes throughout the day, you can overcome the burden.


Being a fairly cheap phone, you can’t expect an amazing screen. I would describe as ‘’good enough’’ for day to day use. If you expect to show your friends how amazing your pictures look, you probably won’t do it with this phone, it cannot compete with some of the OLED displays out there.

The speaker

The speaker on the phone is bad, no denying it. From the pictures, you would think it actually features a double speaker system like the Nexus 6P, but it doesn’t there is only one speaker on the bottom part of the phone and the sound quality is very low, so don’t expect beautiful music coming out of the speakers, but it does the job for the occasional YouTube video.

No extendable memory

Nowadays the cloud is where people store information, but if you don’t have the network connection for it to be effective, you want look for more storage, which sadly the Nexus 5X does not feature. There is no memory card slot, and the storage you have is what you will have.


Despite the flaws, the phone is actually worth it. As was mentioned, I got the phone for under 250$ and for such a price tag, there really are not that many safe options. You get an evenly balanced, average phone, which has features, such as fast charging, USB-C, a fingerprint scanner and regular android updates, because it is a Nexus. It does it job fairly well and even if it does crash, you might as well just quickly restart it. It is a good-looking phone. When I take it out, I am not ashamed to pull it out, because it looks so good. I get compliments on it and questions on what it is. The beautiful ‘’Nexus’’ text on the back of the phone just adds to its value and you have to understand that it is harder to get compliments on a good-looking phone, when it’s not the usual newest iPhone, which everybody knows. In many cases, people like the design of the Nexus 5X better than some iPhone. I’d say, if you can find the Nexus 5X for a price to of less than 250$, you should consider it.  No matter which Nexus you get, you always will get value for your money. In the Nexus 5X’s case, just be sure to get the 32GB model as 16GB might make you feel a bit limited.   OVERALL RATING  7/10