Motorola z play: Honest user review



I currently own the “little one” of the Motorola Z family, the Motorola Z play, and what can I say, I'm completely honest, it's a wonderful smartphone for me. I acquired this smartphone as a replacement for my last phone in a 2 years contract with an insurance plan because I had the last one stolen a Samsung galaxy A7 2016 to be more specific, and so far I'm completely happy. I never had a Motorola so for me it was like a new experience, coming from Samsung with a TouchWiz (o god) and now having a nearly stock android the transition was easier than I think for me, the finger sensor, the size of the screen, the camera, and the mods are amazing.  


The battery it's one of the great things that the Motorola Z play have, I mean I'm running Spotify, dead trigger 2, real racing 3, youtube, Whatsapp, facebook, messenger, you name it and the Motorola Z play have no problem handling all this, I can have 1 day and a half of battery without any problem, and the turbocharging with the type C USB it's so fast that I just need barely an hour and a half to get the 100% of it. I think that this type C use it's a great step forward because you can charge in a matter of minutes your smartphone. and the fact that its reversal helps you a lot to just, plug it and done, instead of having to find the correct way to put the connector, or having to flip your phone.


Don't get me wrong the Motorola z play it's beautiful, I love it but the camera bump it's awkward in a begging, without the shells you don't really have an idea of why the camera it's like a big coin in the back phone, but as soon as you put the mods then you realize that the camera fit like a glove with the mods. the front facing camera (selfie cam) and the flash, thank Motorola and Lenovo for the front flash, it's a real deal, you can have the best selfies in the dark now. The fingerprint sensor its fast, very fast you can unlock this baby in a second or even in half of it, just put your finger and boom, and if you want extra security you can set up a pattern or a pin number your choice. overall the design it's beautiful, you can say that it's a real step in the right direction for the modular phones now with the Z family.


It's very hard, just like that, the screen its hard I have dropped a couple of times the phone by accident ( i almost cried) nothing serious, but still my bad and it doesn' t have a scratch or a piece loose, the shells make a pretty good job protecting the back of the phone, and the sensitivity it's great, when I'm playing I don't have to press harder the screen to make the car move, or to make my character run away from the zombies like a crazy, or move back and forward the video on youtube, or the track on Spotify and the HD screen its great when I'm using Netflix or youtube and doesn't have any lag in the games.


I think that the best feature that the Motorola Z play have or one of the best it's the finger sensor, it's so fast for real, and you can set up like all your fingers (i don't why you will do it but go ahead), the camera, it's great, I love the colors, the quick shot, the slow mo it's amazing, and works very good, and the fact that the cell phone it's solid, and unibody helps to keep it clean, and protected with the motor shells the location of the volume buttons and the power button in very comfortable on the right side and the fact that the power button or the lock button have a different texture helps to know which one are you pressing in the pocket, and of course the expandable storage it's s great feature that I personally say thanks.


I don't have a lot of negativity to the z play, but the thickness of the phone it's something that I think it can be more slim, the options that I have as an owner of the phone for the Motorola mods, it's so small, that I think sometimes that it's either you buy some mods, like an extra battery or a shell or just don't put anything into the back of the phone. Sometimes I have small problems with the fingerprint because it doesn't allow me to unlock the phone and then it ask me for the pin code, I don't mind too much, but for a quick draw, I think that a bummer.


overall I think the Motorola Z play it's an amazing phone, with great camera, a really fast fingerprint sensor, a really nice battery and a great design, the mods are just beginning, so this smartphone it's like a newborn that it's making the path for the next generation, I'm very happy with my cellphone it's been a really fun and an amazing experience for me, to be able to use a Motorola for the first time and having this level of experience make me feel confident about the future, I don't catch any virus and I can give a solid 9/10 as an overall review, if you are looking to have a Motorola Z play but feel like it's something new, then yes its new and it's great, I can say 100% sure that it's worthy and that you will have a great time with this phone, and you will thanks to Motorola for the battery life, believe me, it's big thing and it deserve all the love. click here to find out more about the Motorola Z play