by David Santiago


Although the technology advances so fast that when you have a device for more than two years becomes obsolete, I have no plans to change this Motorola Moto G second generation (moto g x1063), that is because I can still open all the applications that I usually use with a high speed due to its quad-core processor, and the battery still lasts almost the same as the first day. I decided to buy it at that time because it offered excellent features at an affordable price, had a good camera and its screen was suitable for reading books, which I do often. I also liked the design that looks elegant and professional.


It has a battery of 2070 mAh, usually lasts a day and a half with a moderate use and a medium or three to five hours when I am watching videos, one quality that has is that when you have less than 15 percent, asks you if you want to activate the battery saving mode, In this mode I have been able to last more than a day with less than 10 percent keeping it on standby. The charging time is considerable, it takes about three hours to have the full charge, but it is worth considering the duration on.


I have had good experiences with it, normally it runs all applications well, once it got slow so I had to make it a factory reset, after that, it worked normally. Is not heavy and is ergonomic when holding it. This model has interchangeable shells, if you look in the network you can find a great number of designs, some very artistic, with the flip type you can support your cell phone with a flat surface to watch videos which is great, but it hinder a little when taking photos. Moto g (2nd Gen)     Moto g second generation Usually overheating when running demanding applications or watching videos, but not too serious to cause inconvenience when using.  


I have never needed to repair it, despite being a careless person, frequently listening to music, the headphones cord gets stuck somewhere that causes the cell phone to fly to the floor, however, the screen has not crashed, the Plastic has not been grated and the headphone jack works perfectly. Something interesting is that I put my cat to watch videos and when it sees an animal, scratch the screen with their claws, I still do not see any scratches on the screen. As I said I have been using the cell phone for more than two years and it is still in good condition, for this reason, I think it is very reliable. I have used it with wet hands when it is hot on many occasions and the screen still works well.


Has a 5-inch HD LCD IPS screen, coated with Gorilla Glass 3,  I liked it, I usually watch movies and read books for hours with comfort and without strain my eyes. Has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, is pretty good, I've never had trouble opening applications or games, running smoothly. It has version 6.0 of android, which allows choosing the permissions that are given to the applications. The brightness is excellent for looking during the day, even though it is not automatic, it can be easily modified in the toolbar. The internal memory is 16 Gb, I added another external 16 Gb, with both I have been able to download many applications, music and books without saturating them and maintaining the speed of the device. If you want to customize your cell phone, you can easily unlock the bootloader communicating with the company and follow a few simple steps. The loudspeakers provide clear sound, and the volume is still not so loud, it is more than sufficient in most situations.


The RAM is only 1 GB, not a big impediment even when opening several applications, but the problem comes if you have many applications that consume resources in the background, such as alarm clocks, calendars, cleaners and so on, in that case, It's very slow. The front camera is only 2 megapixels, if you are one of those who likes to take selfies, probably not the best option, since even taking good pictures, lacks resolution. It does not have 4g LTE technology, so it uses the 3g, not a big problem unless you occupy a faster internet, I have gone quite well with 3g. A disadvantage I found is that when you insert a new external memory asks you if you want to use it as internal, I thought that would accelerate the device, having the applications in that memory instead of the external one, but not being very fast my memory, It only caused the phone to slow down and now I can not undo the change. Finally, the functionality Screen mirroring in spite of appearing in the icons, it is disabled by default, in order to use it I had to root my phone, since it can not be activated with normal user permissions, investing time in something that should be able to be used.


I think it's a good phone option, with an attractive camera and a fast processor, in its time was one of the best, now continues to fulfill the demands of the average user and I have not found problems using it. I liked having it and I find it useful, especially when watching videos and reading books which are what I do most regularly, I even downloaded very demanding games and can support them. In conclusion, I recommend the Motorola Moto G second generation, it has served me for several years running almost like new, needing very little or no maintenance and supporting all kinds of accidents. However with the continuous advancement of technology, could be obsolete in a short time as I mentioned in the introduction, while that happens I will continue to enjoy it.

You can look for more information on the Motorola official site

I rate it with a 8 because in the near future you may run into problems using it, as more and more demanding applications are launched and you will no longer be able to keep up with the new models.