MacBook Pro: User Review

by Misael Hilario

Mac wallpaper I've had this macbook computer – also called airmac or just mac – since August 2015. It was chosen by me with some help from my older brother who is a bit knowledgeable about computer hardware and software specifications – GHz Core and Graphics 4000 aren’t very meaningful words for me -, and so he assisted me in learning a bit more about those specifications and comparing it with other models to ensure I get a quality product. The idea was to have a good portable computer that was able to support my video game knacks, and allow me to work on different kinds of professional documents and projects. Something that will be able to handle high definition media, even if it’s not used that often. Here are some specifications about the model: Processor 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB Current version is OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (I believe was Yosemite when I first got it)


Battery life is at about 6 hours from the 100%. Watching videos / listening to music constantly can reduce that to about 3:30 hours. This has worked just fine for me: I travel weekly to another town about 2 hours 40 minutes away and, aside from when I forget to charge it, it hasn’t let me down so far. I can play games, read an ebook or listen to music just fine during the whole trip. It’s also very light, so it’s a nice travel companion. Charging time is around 4 hours.


About the physical durability: I have taken motorcycle transport with it and taken a few light bumps, hasn’t affected the computer. BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS, as said before the MacBook is quite light so it doesn’t feel too tough. I may just have been lucky. Also the case that comes with it is soft & protective on the front & back but the upper & lower parts are not, so keep that in mind.


The design is stylish and very modern: gray-silver color with the elegant apple logo on the back, looks quite neat. Even on the inside the black & white keyboard buttons are stylish. If you’re that type of guy, you can place a sticker or two in the laptop. Back part is more visible for others: good for advertising, inside more visible to user: anything gives it that personal feeling.


The MacBook doesn’t have a mouse per se, instead it has a touch pad. It may take a little time to adjust to it when you’re coming form Microsoft, as many people are; but it’s actually very intuitive. Slide to move in a direction, tap to click, double-tap to double click. Other commands can be more tricky such as sliding with three fingers to open a menu with all the windows. Again, it can take time to adjust but once you do, it has a certain flow that a mouse does not.


Round one… Fight!

A very similar thing happens with the «Microsoft Office» type-programs. Powerpoint, Excel and Word each have a corresponding program on Apple: «Keynote», «Numbers» and «Pages» respectively. For the most part what you can do in one you can do on the other, but the feeling of it changes. On Microsoft it feels like you have more options at first glance: you want to make a certain type of chart or smart map, you look for it; on mac you also have this but the options, at first, seem limited. The truth is that while on Microsoft you have more readily-able templates, on Apple you have more customization power: more is left to the user and less to the system. This means for you to be effective on Apple, or at least make the most use of some of its programs, certain abilities are required. The OS Mac uses is also less prone to errors. You won’t be getting blue screens of death on this type of computer. It has a 500 GB capacity which is very satisfying for me. All of my movies, video games and entertainment that I had on my older computer would fit in just fine and leave plenty of space open, so It’s good not to have that concern.


I have had some issues with Keynote, more specifically exporting Keynote presentations to Powerpoint. What happens most of the time is that you export the presentation, you open it up on the Mac to test it, works just fine. However, when the moment of truth comes, you open it on a Microsoft computer and Bam! Error message. The presentation opens but all slides are completely empty. Has happened to me twice already, last time in front of a crowd of over 50 people. You can work around this by exporting to PDF instead. You won’t be able to use slide effects, but you can maximize the document and use arrow keys to change pages, so you’ll have your slides. The camera quality is also not very good, but then again this is the case for most laptops.


I have been very happy with the change. First, the looks of the computer are just something I dig, but this looks are also reflected in the style in which you use it. It has a natural feel to the touch pad and the fact that it leaves more room to the user to handle the programs is an improvement for me, because I’m just the type of person who is always looking to learn. Also because it’s so light and the battery time is more than enough it has been great for travel, I take about 3 classes weekly and I use it on all of them. I give it an 8.5/10. Do you agree with this review? Is there something I may have missed? Post your comment below, we’re always looking for feedback. You can find the product at amazon here.     Keywords: macbook, airmac, apple, microsoft, user review