Macbook Pro Mid 2012- User Review

by Azfar Bilal



The glory days of Apples MacBook Pro (2012 version) are now long gone. However, some users like me; are still clinging to the relatively old machine. The first time I laid eyes on this beautiful piece of computing, it was bliss; like candy canes on Christmas. Acquiring it from The-then-local apple dealership in Karachi, Pakistan, it set me back about $1199 and it might as well be the best $1199 I have ever spent. 4 years from the day I purchased this model, I have very little regret. I must admit, however, that the MacBook pro with retina display did catch my eye at first, but given its hefty price tag, that option was immediately foregone. Of course, for me, the usability matter more than the pretty pictures and I was more than content with what the machine had to offer despite its relatively poorer graphics.
Product Image

Macbook Pro 2012 without retina display


Battery Life and Charging

The Apple promise of up to seven hours of battery life held true with this laptop during the beginning of our relationship, but it gradually went down to about 2-3 hours. For a desk jockey like me, this was hardly inconvenient. Although I must admit, I have found myself running for the charger a fair few times.  

Performance and Design

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is extremely useful in terms of portability. I have taken my MacBook almost everywhere, from the beach to business meetings and it is never a problem fitting it into my bag, which holds a number of other key items for my daily use. The machine weighs about 4.5 pounds, while the 15-inch model stands at about 5.6 pounds, making the 13-inch easier to transport as it uses relatively less space. The aluminum body compliments the laptops sleek and professional design, making it coherent with the minimalistic tendencies of most Apple products. The keyboard and trackpad are incredibly succinct and easy to use, however, they are susceptible to water damage. (I had to find out the hard way when I spilled a glass of water straight through its back, causing the motherboard and keyboard to malfunction.)  

Strength and Durability

In my 4 years of daily usage, my MacBook Pro has fallen off my desk or out of my bag a number of times but the machine has remained sturdy after these unfortunate occurrences, making it the ideal laptop for clumsy folks like me. There have been instances where I have had to send my Laptop for repairs but they have happened because of my own carelessness and not through any design fault of its own. During this time, the management features and performance speed have reduced very little but I figure that is because of the fact that it has rarely ever been turned off and not because of any of its own technical volition.  

Best Features

User-Friendly Specifications This MacBook comes powered with 2.5GHz Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive spinning at 5,400 RPM and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Which makes it safe to say; this is a powerful machine. The system ships with two USB 3.0 sockets, which compared to the new MacBook Pro’s (Mid 2016) is a blessing. What’s more? It has “escape” and “function” keys! which adds on to its usability for designers and web developers like me. Visual and Sound The machine delivers well-defined images with comfortable viewing angles for films, videos, etc. In addition, the sound is crisp and is similar to most laptops available in its price range. Although, I have to use a Logitech surround sound to satisfy my musical needs.   Customisation Features What I love most about the operating systems running on this Mac are the customization features which allow you to set responses for various actions. As a designer, the machine offers various advantages for easy navigation, which can be customized too.   Video-Call Features and Face Time. Another great thing about the MacOS is the built-in video-calling application; FaceTime. The application provides a smooth platform for video conversations and the connection is very rarely lost or disrupted. Again, the high-quality audio output also allows for clear-cut conversations.  

Worst Features

Price The price of this product as compared to similar laptops is unreasonably high. But I guess; that’s what you get for being an Apple snob. There are several other notebooks with similar specifications such as the 13-inch Samsung series 9 and The Asus Zen Book Prime line. Therefore, I would not recommend the2012 Macbook Pro to those who are buying their first laptop or those without the financial capability to do so, as you can get similar products for a relatively lower-cost. Hardware Usability The biggest problem (as with any Apple products) is that it is not compatible with different hardware products made by other companies. I have had several issues connecting the laptop to my HP Deskjet printer, as the two are simply incompatible. Bluetooth Compatibility There have been various instances where I have had to connect my MacBook with external devices via Bluetooth, but due to the restrictive settings, this has been impossible. This is a great disadvantage for anyone who wishes to communicate with other devices, as they are usually non-compatible with The MacOS. You’ll find yourself using e-mail more often than not if you want any information in your MacBook Pro to be sent across to laptops using external operating systems.  

Overall Review

When considering its features; the Apple Macbook Pro is a phenomenal utility. Although the price might be a bit of a deterrent to most buyers, the laptop packs various features that might just convince even the stingiest of customers to partake in its computational capabilities. Everything from its modern design to its top-of-the-line specifications has a unique Apple touch that just cannot be replaced by any other non-Apple notebook on the market. The speedy processor, the unmatched graphics, and its developmental capabilities make it one of the best products out there. For those who are unimpressed by Apple’s new installment in the MacBook Pro series, this is the perfect way to go. Check out the new products in the MacBook Pro line, here!

Overall Rating: 9/10