MacBook Air: User Review

by Nick Kapur


I bought this product 2  years ago, and  I am loving it. The Apple MacBook Air is the real definition of a portable computer. The Apple Macbook Air was one of the best choices I had made, but before letting you know why, I will start with the origin of portable computers. The first successful laptop was made by Epson in 1981, was called the Epson HX-20, but it was created for the users to take their personal computer anywhere, at any time. At that time the laptops were heavy, but with the technology that we currently have, the creators of these devices can efficiently make smaller devices. Steve Jobs always focus on making the design simpler as possible, one of his mottos were, the simpler the better. This concept is primarily used on all the designs that Apple makes, this is one of the major reasons that convinced me to buy this.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life and charging speed of this laptop are amazing! Originally when purchased this device, it's battery could last up to 10 hours of browsing + 2 hours of video in 1080 resolution. Apple on its product manual states that this laptop's battery lifespan can be up to 1000 charging cycles. Explaining about cycles, now I have 2 years with this computer and my battery charging cycle has increased to 1235, which means that I had to change its battery 235 cycles ago, but I did not.Because of that now the charging takes much time and the battery dies quicker, it discharges in 6-7 hours of constant usage and takes 2 hours to charge. Before it used to take 1 hour and a half to charge. But for a laptop of this size, the battery life is more than perfect. ba

Performance and Design

The design of this personal computer is stylish, it is really slim and small, a perfect combination of a portable device, and even better when you can have all that you ever wished for in it. It gives a top of the class performance, as it comes with i5 Processor and 4Gb RAM. nevertheless, it is not considered a good choice for gaming purposes as it comes with the basic hardware, this computer is strongly recommended for a college student, as it has a lot of organizational features, and everything can be organized in a neat way compared with other operating systems. Its up to date applications can never prevent you from being up to date with your homeworks or tasks.

Strength and Durability

As mentioned above, its design is really compact, this means it is delicate to handle, but I imagine anyone buying a laptop of this size knows how to take good care of it and are ready to assume the risks. I bought this laptop during mid-2014, and now till the present day looks like new, so if treated the right way, it can last longer. The only thing that might affect is that it gets dirty easily, and has some small ports that can be difficult to clean, apart from that, its super durable, and after long hours of work on it, the performance won't change.

Best Features

This item has a lot of goodies that can’t be ignored, firstly lets talk about the camera and the microphone, I was a youtube for some time, used to record gameplays, in which I had to use the microphone, the quality was flawless compared to other laptops, and the camera is crystal clear for any video chat, this might be the best option (depending on broadband speed). Another of its great feature is the backlight of the keyboard, I am a coder, and coders normally work at night, its illumination can help you not mistype keys. How can the trackpad be forgotten, Apples integrated gestures feature gives you the opportunity to use the operating system on its full potential, jumping into apps just dragging your fingers over the trackpad, feels amazing! These are clearly the top features of this computer, but it has a lot of other goodies which can be checked at the Apple site, as every update adds great features to the laptop. More features can be checked at the official site: Apple Site mac-family-edu-201610

Worst Features

There is always something bad, nothing is perfect. One of the worst features of this laptop can be its screen, it should be handled with care. During the recent days of my laptop, I used to catch it from the top of the screen, which loosened its screen a bit, now whenever putting the screen around 120 degrees, it falls till it supports itself. Another bad thing is that if it gets old like 5-7 years, it will start becoming slower, whenever Apple launches an update, it adds more features, which start becoming overwhelming for the processor and the memory. These were the most common issues you could have, overall this laptop does not many negative points, it does the basic tasks, it gets slow when you open several windows or multiple tabs in a browser, but it all depends on its memory capacity.

Overall Review

Before buying this laptop I had a desktop Apple iMac, and I was so satisfied with it that I wanted to make the same experience portable, which made me buy this laptop. I have not faced any issues with this laptop, as mentioned above, I use this for coding, web browsing (for hours), and videos, I have also played some games on it, It is not recommended because computer games use allot of memory, which might make your other processes slower. People normally tend to say that Apple operating system does not allow its users to modifications to its interface or internal settings, which is quite a good thing, as this also prevent many security breaches into your computer. Till present day, I have not experienced a virus on my computer, even though I download a lot of files from the web, nothing affects my day to day usage.   Overall rating 10/10