MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015): User Review

by Albert Franke

  Apple 13-inch MacBook Air (Early 2015)  


Being a great Apple enthusiast, I have always been up-to-date with almost every product that is exposed to the market. For this reason, I decided to try out the Apple 13-inch MacBook Air (Early 2015). The family of Mac computers has both expanded and developed over long period of time that buying this laptop I was confident in its advanced technical features as well as the efficient design characteristics. I wanted a device that it is easy to take around, bearing in mind its potential purposes such as note-taking and surfing in the Internet. It has been almost a year since the purchase of the laptop and I am able to draw my conclusion on the $999 laptop and I cannot wait to share it with you.


Long-lasting battery life was my main concern choosing this computer. After having been using it intensively throughout a year, I have never had serious problems with the battery. It is not brand new, yet the 54?watt?hour lithium?polymer battery is dynamic enough to keep up with my daily amount of work. MacBook Air can easily withstand up 12 hours of surfing in the web as well as working with document files or 12 hours of movie playback time. Similarly, the standby time is one month.

Charging with 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter is relatively fast. It takes about 3 hours to get fully charge. However, I follow various techniques to improve battery life like calibrating the battery once a month by completely discharging it and charging from 0% to 100%. Therefore, this helps to maintain the performance of the battery. As far as I am concerned, I am satisfied with the MacBook's battery life since I can completely rely on it, leaving the charger at home for the entire day!


Design is simple and practical. It is a pure joy to carry 13-inch Apple MacBook Air around. Its weight, only 1.4 kg is not even felt in hands. It is so compact that always fits in my bag, no matter whether I am going occasionally going to Starbucks for coffee or travel around the world. 13-inch display allows to spend time efficiently both working with text documents, spreadsheets etc and for leisure time like watching  films on a LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with 1440-by-900 pixel resolution. However, some people would prefer 11-inch MacBook Air due to its smaller dimensions, but with limited work-related inconveniences . Furthermore, there is a 720p HD camera for online calls and conferences.

As performance is concerned, the MacBook Air is geared with a relatively powerful processor (1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5) for its use and 8GB of RAM is more than enough to have several applications running simultaneously. The basic storage memory is 128 GB but it can be quadrupled at an extra cost. One can easily store a couple of films apart from the usual office documents, photos and own iTunes library. The graphic processor Intel HD Graphics 6000 grants opportunity to play games and perform other graphics-intensive tasks like making a video with iMovie program.


Unfortunately, the fact that the laptop is small and light is also the biggest disadvantage. It may be broken by simply not being careful. Needless to say, I have never tried it, however, if one drops the laptop from a table, it can be damaged to such extent that it will not function properly. Luckily, it has never been dropped. I take care of it by keeping it in a shock-absorbing case. I believe, MacBook Air can be used for  relatively long time; another two years for sure!


  • Unique Software

MacOS, the operational system of the Apple computers provides a lot of advantages to the user. To begin with, it provides access to different services that are very beneficial to every user. Apart from the usual programs like GarageBand, an application for music composition, iMovie is used filmmaking as well as iTunes, music library and so on, there is a program called Siri, that can execute wide range of oral tasks, from finding information in the web to automatic messaging to friends. Furthermore, MacOS is constantly updated leading to more efficient task-managing and energy consumption functions of the laptop.

  • Backlit Keyboard

The backlit keyboard provides comfort working at night or at places with limited light. There are many circumstances at which one may be required to use the computer whether it is for work or leisure, in this way it is more convenient as well as satisfying.

  • Multi-Touch Trackpad

One can effortlessly navigate between the webpages, enlarge photos and even switch between several applications with just simple moves of your fingers. It significantly saves time and due to the sensitivity of the trackpad, webpages are scrolled as smoothly as the gesture is applied.


  • Limited Number Of Ports

Even though, the 13-inch MacBook is assembled with remarkable hardware, there are some limitations like number of ports. Having two USB 3 may not be enough for some people as they are used to connect many digital devices such as mobile phones, iPods or other for charging or backup purposes. This results in the lack of space. Nevertheless, one might argue that this is not tragic as this laptop has been invented for more causal uses.


Trying to be balanced¬†as I admire Apple products, I am amazed ¬†by the¬†13-inch MacBook Air (Early 2015). This laptop has impressive both technical and design characteristics like great batter life¬†and advanced hardware. I would really recommend this device to travelers, business people, bloggers, people that are always on the move as it is easily portable. Besides, it could be an excellent choice for university students as they will be able to do work as it is¬†tiny and¬†extremely powerful, additionally, favoured by the relatively affordable price.  

 Overall Rating 9/10.