LG V10 : A Smartphone for Photographers: User Review

by Jordan Chrismar

I needed a Smartphone for capturing memories on the go and I love sharing every photo and video with friends and family. With enhanced videography and photography, this phone has the capability of letting you relive all your experiences and sharing them with friends and family via social media with just one touch. This phone boasts a rear and a front camera for catching all angles. The LG V10 is suitable for both professional photographers and the daily Instagram selfies. I have had this phone for a year and I’m still impressed with its capabilities.

Performance & Design

The LG V10 has a 16MP rear camera with laser auto-focus and LED flash. It also has dual 5MP front cameras, one standard and also with a wide-angle lens in case that selfie turns into a group photo. Also, it has Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, and fast shutter speeds; you will always end up with high quality photos and video even in the dark. All enclosed in a stainless-steel frame with silicone bumpers, corning gorilla glass 4 and a 5.7” display screen. The phone also has a second 2.1” display screen to the top for quick access to apps. There is also only one main button with acts as the fingerprint scanner, the power button, the lock/unlock button and the volumes buttons just above and below the main button. The LG V10 has Android OS v5.1.1 Lollipop and is upgradable to Android OS v6.0 Marshmallow. The phone still performs as fast as the day I got it. There has been no battery failing or overheating and the phone still looks like new.     

Strength & Durability

As mentioned earlier the LG V10 has a stainless-steel frame, silicone bumpers and two layers of corning gorilla glass 4, to reduce the chance of cracks and protect the phone from the damage of falling. The LG V10 is also military standard test certified (MIL – STD – 810G Method 516.6, Procedure IV “Transit Drop”). I can testify to the strength and durability of this smartphone and it is undoubtedly in a class of its own. Being the klutz that I am, my phone drops very often. I have dropped the LG V10 from heights of even 4ft and the phone has no scratch. The phone has even fallen on the screen and everything still functions as it should and this is without a case. It is truly remarkable and I recommend this phone if you are a klutz like me.

Battery & Charging

The LG V10 has a removable Li-Ion 3000mAh battery and has fast charging capabilities. With Quick Charge 2.0 technology, the LG V10 can reach full charge within 90 minutes. The battery can also last up to 150 hours on standby, up to 22 hours on 2G talk time and up to 18 hours on 3G talk time. The battery life is perfect for persons on the go. I especially love the fast charging feature. I am most times travel and being able to just stop and have my phone charged within minutes is amazing. Because of this feature, I have had to worry less about plugging in my phone at night and focus on work and other stuff. It also lasts really long for a smartphone, even when I am using it all day going on social media apps that usually drains battery life with constant use.

Best & Worst Features

This phone has many memorable features, all of which make it worthwhile to buy. The most impressive feature in my opinion is the second screen display. The second display never turns off and is available even when the phone is locked. I love this feature because I can quickly switch between most used apps and control music easily. The fingerprint scanner is another great feature. Especially since the fingerprint scanner is becoming a more useful tool for security purposes. The only downfall I have with this feature is that the fingerprint scanner always fails or cannot be utilized if the phone has just been rebooted. Fortunately, you also have the option to use a code or pattern to unlock the phone. However, given the LG V10’s exceptional battery life, my phone battery rarely ever dies, so this issue with the fingerprint scanner on startup does not bother me as much. Finally, this phone would not be what it is without the camera. As mentioned earlier, the LG V10 has a rear camera and two front cameras. I think the best thing about the camera is the manual mode. In manual mode you have the ability to set exposure, shutter speed and other settings, which can be quite useful. I have set the camera in manual mode many times, especially when taking photos of faraway objects in the dark and simply zooming and turning on flash just will not cut it in automatic mode. The moon is one just object and I have taken amazing pictures of a full moon by using the LG V10’s manual mode. I also love the wide angle front camera which gives the ability to take group photos, especially for those friends that love to photobomb your selfies. My LG V10 still going strong.            lg-v10-2

Overall Review

This phone has so many good qualities, it is hard to not love it. The LG V10 has it all; fingerprint scanner, rear and front cameras, upgradable to Android Marshmallow, fast charging, second display screen and so many other features. Especially for klutz this phone is extremely durable and built to withstand falls. It has a sleek design and is lightweight, which is great for any style and occasion. This phone is great for anyone who loves taking pictures and are always on the go. I absolutely recommend this phone especially if you’re on a budget. View the LG V10’s official site and see the awesome specs for yourself. Overall Rating: 8/10