by Camilo Mateos


I will start by saying that LG-L70 has different versions and according to the price of yours will probably have mine, D320g8, or other like the “Fine” version. I'm going to tell you about the D320g8, in the Official page of the product you will find all the features of this cell phone. The LG L70 is a mid-range device I've had it for about 3 years and I chose it by doing a comparison on the internet about the best mid-range cell phones, there were a lot of them. But I chose this because this was the only one with the unlock option with “knock code” in which you have to touch the screen like a door with a sequence that only you know and the phone will unlock.

Battery life & charging

The device has a 2100 mAh battery and although it is not too much, it is sufficient for the main purpose of the cell phone. When it was new, the battery power was 2 or 3 days using it all day with social networks and then had to charge it. Now, 3 years later the battery charge is almost a day using it in the same way. It has not given me problems, I only charge it at night and with the smart charger my battery is not overloaded, the only detail I do not like is the heating during charging, the charger and the phone get very hot, so I am Very careful about where to load the device, usually on a table or a metal surface. I am very happy with the battery, 3 years after my acquisition is still good for my daily use.

Performance & Desing

The design is the best part of this device, at least for me, the weight is very low and the size is perfect for me I never liked the giant devices and this satisfies my likes. It has a physical button for the main menu a back button and another for the options in the same bar, a physical button for the volume and to lock the device which gives me a very good browsing experience. I only filled up the memory once because when I did it the cell phone got stuck a lot and it became slow in most applications so I had to free up memory space to avoid it. The games with lots of graphics do not run properly and usually take you out of them but social networks and preinstalled applications run very well.

Strength & Durability

The strength and durability are outstanding, the device has dropped about 2 meters not once or twice, I am very coarse and usually throw things everywhere, and my cell phone has only suffered two dents on the sides and desoldering of the flash, everything else remains functional and perfect. The screen has crashed with many things from different materials and only the mica protector has been scratched. I am always playing to launch and catch my cell phone and nothing inside the device is wrong, I even filmed a concert in the rain covering only the audio input and the charging connection and nothing happened to my cell phone so my experience with it is almost perfect because I would like to have a flashlight.

Best Features


The definition of the camera is very good, I have taken photos on many trips and the photos are of very good quality, sometimes I feel professional photographer, when I had a flash the photos in night situations were very good, but now without it, I can only take photos during the day. The sensitivity of the color is impressive and even with the zoom the details of the image are very good, the exterior images in this post were taken from my cell phone.


The audio quality is extremally good, I use to sleep with relaxing sounds like rain or wind in the grass and the audio is very realistic, the music sound very well and even with headphones you can feel the drums and every instrument in a song, I'm learning languages to and is very useful hear the right pronunciations of words and phrases.


Without no doubt the battery duration is excellent, when my device was new I could spend hours on my cell phone, everything was so entertaining and I always were taking pictures checking my social networks hearing to music or watching videos or movies and now my old device still being good for me, I still watching my social networks but when I want to watch a movie or videos I need to connect the device because battery get low very fast.

Worst features


LG L70 is a mid-range device and probably this is the reason for low memory capacity, the offer says 8GB, but it is only the external memory, the RAM is just of 4GB and part of it is occupied for the default applications that leave you with less memory to install your favorite applications, games or update tools like maps and navigation support. The external memory is expandable to 32GB but without applications this is unnecessary, the memory you have is enough to store images, music, and documents, but if you have the memory full in this cell phone the applications do not work well and do not allow you to use your device quickly.

Knock code error

As I said one of the main reasons I chose this device was the option to lock and unlock the phone using the knock code, unfortunately, I must say it was not what I expected, since the first week I had to stop using this option because it failed a lot. I could use many attempts to unlock my cell phone without good results and I preferred to unlock it by drawing the code with a finger as other devices are unlocked.

On the other hand, the phone gives you some alternatives to the unlocking behavior, but one of the most attractive features of this mobile was the Knock Code.

Overall review

My LG L70 is one of the best cell phones I have had in life and it is not only for durability, but most of its features are very good and memory is the only limit I found to make it a high-range device, the size is perfect to carry it in any pocket and also to use it with one hand, it is very well thought in design and structure and the audio and video working very good. The accessories are still original and I haven't had problems with them ever, data transmission in WiFi, Bluetooth, using it as an internet access point and with network coverage are fast and do not usually fail. Even when applications are not the best and do not have any document viewers, social networks work well and the customization options for screens, icons and notifications are very complete.

I rate this device considering the phone range with a 9/10 for two reasons that subtract one point to the rating. The first point is my flash, I used to take good care of my device until the first drop when it desoldered and I couldn't take more pictures at night and the second is the memory, it is really annoying for me not being able to install games or applications that I like more.