iPhone X: Owner Review

by Rishabh Dev Choudhary

Hi, I am Rishabh, and I am a proud iPhone X owner. I decided to purchase an iPhone X as I thought it was an excellent way to enter the Apple Ecosystem and become a part of this already vast community. I use it as a daily driver, and so far it has served me well. I am delighted with the phone. I have not yet encountered any issue, and the performance is still as good as it was when the phone was launched back in 2017. Here is my review of the phone. iPhone x

Weight and Size

The iPhone X weighs in at 174g, which is not light by newer phone standards that weigh a lot less. Moreover, it is also a bit heavier model than other iPhones that do not belong to the ‘plus’ category. Now, weight was not a big issue for me as I thought that I can easily handle the weight, plus I was going to put on a case that would have added weight to the phone. So, this was not a big concern for me. The dimensions of 143.60 x 70.90 x 7.70 meant that it could easily fit into my hand. I have not faced any problems with ‘one-hand’ use of the phone.


One of the big concerns that I had with the phone was the smaller battery size. At only 2716 mAH, it lasts me for almost a day. But after using it for 2 years, I have realized that this battery is indeed sufficient for me and can help me to perform my routine tasks with ease. Apple has provided wireless charging in the phone, but a fast charger is not bundled with the phone. I find this a bit odd, considering it is one of the premium phones in the market today.

Build Quality

Apple is known for giving the best build quality to its devices. Same is the case with iPhone X. Inspired from the iconic iPhone 4, iPhone X also comes with its backside in glass, while the front and the back are joined together with high-grade stainless steel. This feels like a marriage for the two halves. Although the protruding cameras make it ‘wobbly’ when put on a flat surface. This annoys me a little, but its nothing that a good old phone case cannot solve. The aforementioned use of glass makes wireless charging easy. Also, the fact that the glass is made out of Corning Gorilla Glass makes it tough to use and resistant to damages. I have dropped the phone a couple of times, and it has survived each of these drops, coming out with only a few minor scratches.


Price was one of the biggest areas of concern for me while buying the iPhone. Apple is known for selling its products at a very high cost, but this is mainly because only now, Apple has started manufacturing some phones in India. Otherwise, it had to bring phones and other devices from China, as they are produced there. I was weary that buying iPhone X in 2017, just after its launch, meant that it was going to be a pricy decision. And I was right. Price is a big ‘con’ of the phone and for me a downside of the phone. I should not have to spend a small fortune to buy a phone, just to call others, send and receive text messages. But having said that I have now understood that paying this small fortune gave me direct access into the Apple Ecosystem, and frankly, I am liking working in this ecosystem.


Although the internals of the iPhone X is the same as that of the iPhone 8, it is still one of the fastest phones in the market. It is powered by the A11 Bionic chip with a 3GB RAM makes it among one of the fastest processors in the market even today. I encountered a few bugs in the iOS11, which were later fixed in updates by Apple. The power of this phone is too much, but it is all redundant because there are almost no applications in the App Store that can push the device to its limits. Fewer apps related to the augmented reality makes this new feature pointless. While searching for AR apps and games in the store, there were not many that piqued my interest. Thus, for me, the addition of AR is not that exciting. Applications run smoothly on this device, but they run without lag on older devices such as iPhone 7 or even 6S for that matter. One of the best features for me was the Face ID. Since the screen stretches from edge to edge, and the back is made from glass, there is no room to put a fingerprint scanner. The use of Face ID has been exceptional by Apple, and so far, I have not encountered even a single problem. But numerous other users have complained about it. As there are no bezels on the phone, there is no home button like in the older iPhones. The iPhone X works on gestures, which I learned quickly. The gestures were quick and easy, which made them all the simpler to learn and understand. There are two speaker units on the device, which makes the volume even better. One speaker is at the bottom while one is an upward-firing unit. Unlike in older iPhones, when using the device in landscape mode, sound used to get blocked by hand because of only one speaker; this does not happen in iPhone X. This improved my experience with the phone.


In the end, I would just say that iPhone X is still one of the best phones that money can buy. It is not only fast to handle most everyday tasks, but it can also handle multitasking with ease. I still find it relevant to use the phone, even with so many new phones being launched almost every day. I would recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to get into the Apple ecosystem. I would rate this phone at 9 out of a score of 10. iPhone X