IPhone 6s Plus: User Review

by Christiana


I bought my IPhone 6s Plus from the Apple shop located in Sarit Center situated in the heart of Westlands, Nairobi. I’ve been using this Smartphone for over two years since its release into the Kenyan market in 2014. Everyone I knew had an IPhone and they had nothing but praise for the models that they owned. Apart from a few minor glitches (that were always rectified), the IPhone was always and has always been the cream of the crop- second to none. As I researched the product further on the Apple website, I knew that the phone had to be mine. What drew me to the phone can be summed up in three words: reliability, security and performance. Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 15.35.44  

Battery Life & Charging

Battery life is fantastic and it lasts all day! However, when I run my social media applications, the battery runs out quicker especially when I have my data bundles running. Good thing there is a solution to this predicament as my phone allows me to activate the low power mode, which reduces power consumption until you can fully charge your phone. This becomes very handy especially if your intent is to stretch your battery life. Charging the phone doesn’t take long to achieve a full battery status, which allows me to be on the move without a hitch. This really improves my day-to-day tasks especially with the capacity to access my emails and other applications that help me work efficiently. It is imperative that I have my phone functioning at all times and this model does not let me down in any way, shape, or form. For instance, as a content and copywriter manager for a digital agency, I am required to be on call 24/7 especially with changes that are constantly being made on a daily, if not hourly basis. It’s imperative that I have a phone that does not let me down especially if I do not have the opportunity to charge my phone all the time.  

Performance & Design

The phone moves at the speed of light. I know that’s an exaggeration, but it functions very quickly and it is able to handle many tasks without any glitches or hang-ups. I love the high-resolution display; the luminance is fantastic. The camera allows me to capture great images in any lighting or environment and that is very important to me considering that I have a photography and film background. I am drawn to documenting places, people and experiences in my life. The qualities of the images are conveyed akin to what the eye can see and that pleases me quite a lot. The wide screen came as a blessing as I tend to have difficulty texting with smaller phones. I appreciate being able to type using two hands and that applications are visible and more widely spread on the screen. On the other hand, like every other smart phone in the market, my phone gets really hot from time to time especially when I have long phone calls. I most certainly hope that apple can resolve this problem in their future models.  

Strength & Durability

I’ve never had to send my phone for any repairs. It serves me well and it continues to do so. I’m quite clumsy in nature and that translates to a lot of mishaps such as dropping the phone on the floor quite often and sometimes in water! My screen hasn’t cracked once neither has the phone slowed down at all. For example, there was this one time where I was doing my laundry and I accidentally knocked my phone into a full bucket of water! Obviously I dived after it to fish it out at lightning speed but I guess it was just a little too late- water had already entered. So, I scrambled for a solution, which was to put pick apart my phone and place it in a bowl full of rice for 24 hours. Thankfully, my phone fully recovered and still functions without any hiccups. So I give it full marks for its performance and durability  

Best Features

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 15.36.02 There a lot of great features to be considered especially with this iPhone model, but among the few that stands out include:


The supersized display screen allows features to be seen clearly especially when illuminated by the LED display backlight enabling both the font and colour to stand out. In addition to this, the screen allows for easy typing as the keyboard is uniquely spaced out.


The camera allows me to take quality photos and videos on both the front and back camera. There are features within these applications that allow for effective capture and editing without having relying on a computer.  

Worst Features

Metallic Finish

The aluminum metallic finish on the phone may be aesthetically pleasing to the eye; however, it makes the phone very slippery leaving little to no room for gripping the device properly. I have had to put a protective phone cover on my phone so that mishaps do not occur because of this.


There is a limited RAM memory that comes with the phone and it does not have an SD memory card slot. As much as there is the capacity to store information and documents on the iCloud, individuals such as myself aren’t entirely comfortable with storing it online. The issue of privacy is a touchy subject. In addition to this, should I want to expand my memory physically, it would require acquiring another phone; same model with a bigger capacity.  

Overall Review

This device has impacted my life in a positive way. I am able to arrange my activities effectively; I have access to information at any one time and it allows me to document events in my life. It has encouraged me to be curious about the world and what it has to offer through creating daily vlogs about my life. I hope to inspire others to open up and be bold enough to seize the day. I absolutely adore this Smartphone and I will keep hanging on to it for as long as I can! Sure, there are some things that do need to be improved, and no doubt they will be. However, the full IPhone range is extraordinary and I cannot wait to keep using the apple range in the future!    

Overall Rating