by Lhai




I am not much of a tech junkie, in fact mention to me the specifications and I will be jaw dropped clueless. I had used both android and iphones but still  I am in no way a tech junkie, my requirements for mobile phones are pretty simple;
  1. it has to have a good camera (I like taking photos of literally almost everything pleasing to my eyes)
  2. it has to be fast
  3. it has to be easy to use
  4. it has to fit my tiny hand (I should be able type a message one handed)
To explain myself better, I am just someone who needs a phone for my personal and professional communication needs. I definitely develop the curiosity about the so much buzz about this iPhone. However, since we know that iPhone are pretty expensive. I can't buy it as soon as it was released,¬†so i have to wait a little while and since I am residing in a country with a weaker currency than a dollar, iPhones are hefty expensive. I had mine all the way from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has one minor downside –¬†NO FACETIME,¬†so I rely on other apps like Skype. Now, Let's run over my thoughts about this phone. I am using an iPhone6s, Rose Gold, 16GB. Did¬†this phone meets my requirements? Yes! It has a good camera (it works best with a natural light setting, like most of mobile phones do I believe). It is fast, based on my usage I haven't encounter any lags. It is easier to use (at least for me) and most of all, it really fits my tiny hand. So yeah, 6s is a better choice for me than the bigger ones like 6s+.


This phone has also been really useful to me since I am usually out for meeting, given that I will not use the cellular data, my phone can last a 12 hour period with out charging and If I did use data, i have to charge it twice in a day. But as per experience most one to two year mobile phones would still last long in terms of battery capacity, however as time goes by it also decreases the time each charging cycle would last. So a powerbank would always come in handy and given that unlike the other smartphones, for iPhones it will be expensive or almost impossible to replace the battery, so maybe you need to consider having a replacement after a year or two.


For the appearance, I believe iPhone6s really mastered sophistication and to me it looks so good, so presentable like anyone would know you are holding an iPhone6s and it pretty much make a statement. iPhones has been an icon for social status the past years whether we like it or not, so being honest here having an iPhone especially if it's the latest one adds up in your branding. For a deeper list of the phone's specifications, you may check on this link:  http://www.apple.com/iphone-6s/specs/. Performance wise, so far it really does it's job for me as for someone who doesn't require much for a phone.


It actually really add points that the iPhone6s is pretty durable given that the owner (which is me) is really clumsy and I am not much a fan of bulky and super secure cased, to me slim clear cases and a tempered glass are already enough. Though the  phone itself is very delicate without a protective case, it really dents and scratches real easy (i swear) I really like how it looks without it's case but it's a little risky given that 6s is such an expensive phone.


Aside from everything I stated above, here are other few things I love about the 6s:
  1. Set event reminder – whether is on messages or messenger whenever someone messages me dates or tomorrow, you can easily just set it a reminder, this is very useful for someone who is really forgetful like me.
  2. Recently Deleted Photos – this able me to retrieve photos I had deleted just in case I will be needing them.
  3. Camera – with the perfect lighting, you can have a really great looking photos.
  4. Podcasts app – I just recently discovered how amazing and very informative this application works. definitely for someone who can't do much reading and would always be on the road.


But of course, this phone may come in handy but it's not really perfect and here are some things I do not like from the 6s and one thing I wish the iphone should copy from other smartphones
  1. So many unnecessary applications – like stocks, compass, wallet, health and others. Sure these applications may be useful to some, but it would really help me clear up space if I can just delete the items I do not need.
  2. 16GB/Non expandable storage – Since I use iPhone and I only purchased a 16GB phone, I am forced to work with a limited storage capacity, this means, I have to clear up space, delete some apps whenever I travel to make sure I do not get annoying notifications for storage being full.
  3. There is no application where I can download music for free, aside from spotify which I have to pay for a premium.
  4. multi screen/window – this one is a feature of other smartphones that I really found useful, it really helps to browse two apps at a time like facebook + email or email + messages


Overall, I will still choose an overly priced iPhone6s more than a smartphone. Again, I am not a tech geek, I am just a normal human who needs a phone and this review is based from someone who doesn't require much and wouldn't go in to details of the speacs like the many people I know. Though many says I can get it's features and specs for a lower price in a form of smartphone, I guess I will still go for an iPhone maybe because iPhones are marketed in a way that I feel it is a safer choice where I could have my money more worth it rather than a smartphone. I believe Smartphones are marketed in a way tech geeks would understand, and people like me who are¬†do not understand RAM, Softwares and whatever don't also smartphones are so many, many choices, I would not bother to compare everything as it will only confuse me a lot. So far, the 6s does it's job for me¬†and¬†I am more comfortable using an iphone rather than the others, I find it easier, more convenient and more user friendly. Others may prefer smartphones, but based on my personal requirements or preference, I would go for the iPhone 6s.