iPhone 6: Complete User Review

by Motuka Minda

If you are looking to buy a durable phone and the latest model is beyond your budget, the Apple iPhone 6 is still worth to consider. We all know that Apple products are high quality and never disappoint. iPhone 6 does not fall short either. I have found it to be a very reliable phone that offers all the features one expects in a smartphone and much more. Although Apple launched iPhone 6 in 2014, its performance still beats many phones on the market out there.

The Apple iPhone 6 Features:

1. The phone has a display of 4.7-inch with shatterproof glass protection. This size is big enough to allow me to have a better view when browsing the internet, viewing photos, reading a book or even gaming. I am can also rotate the layout when I want to watch a video. 2. The fingerprint recognition button allows me to unlock it very fast. This Touch ID feature offers additional security. It also gives me convenience than having to enter a password every time. 3. The iPhone 6 has a 16GB internal storage. However, you have the option of purchasing additional storage for 64GB and 128GB depending on your requirements. 4. Having a 1GB RAM and a Dual-core 1.4GHz Cyclone processor with an A8 chip, the phone is powerful enough to run several apps without “hanging”, making it quite efficient. 5. With its 8 MP back camera, I can take photos in HD and record amazing videos for personal use. The 1.2-megapixels front camera is just sufficient for selfies. It serves me right that way since I do not operate a photo studio :). 6. With the LED flash, I can turn the phone into a torch whenever I need. It turns on faster than trying to download an app to turn on the LED flash.

Some other Apple iPhone 6 Features:

– The video features are improved to include 1080p HD, slo-mo and time-lapse video mode. – It has 1810mAh lithium-ion battery that is not removable. – The phone accepts a Nano-SIM similar to other previous iPhone models. – It supports WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, NFC, 3G, and also 4G connectivity which is faster. These features are more than what you can find in most middle market price smartphones.

What I like about the iPhone 6:

– The phone is designed to be lightweight. It only weighs 125g making it easy for me to carry it around and comfortable to hold in my hand. I can easily slip it into my jeans pockets. It is quite sleek that I have to be careful not to drop it or sit on it. – The device comes in a nice shape. I also like the ability to choose from different colors. The available colors are grey, gold, and silver. The colors are of high quality, too, giving it that classic feel. – With the Retina display, the text and the icons are quite sharp. It is, therefore, bright and easy to read. The display is better than previous models with more vivid colors. – When it comes to speed, we know iPhones are faster, whichever the model. It, therefore, follows that iPhone 6 performance is excellent and more powerful. It quickly responds as I tap and does not hang making it a reliable phone. – iPhone 6, as with other similar Apple products, is very easy to use. I did not need any training to get me started. There is no need to start learning. It is quite simple for anybody to use an iPhone 6. – A good camera is a must-have when it comes to phones. We all want to take great pictures with this small gadget. The iPhone 6 camera takes excellent images. There are two reasons for this. The 8-megapixels and an additional feature called Focus Pixels. The Focus Pixels allows it to focus better and is, therefore, able to produce images that are more precise. – Once Apple releases software updates, Apple users get these sent directly to their iPhones. The original iOS that the phone had was 8, but the ones in the market right now have been upgraded to iOS 10. Apple sends these updates regularly to the phone, keeping my phone's software up to date. – The Apple iPhone 6 has a long battery life of 14 hours talk time on a 3G network. It comfortably takes me a day and a half without having to charge it. By that, I get to enjoy its functionalities without having to worry about power. – With the latest software updates, the phone now has the battery saving capability. When the charge reaches 20%, the battery saving mode automatically kicks in allowing me to use the remaining charge for longer. – The Airdrop feature on the iPhone 6 allows me to quickly share photos and videos with other iPhone users and other Apple devices. – The device has a one-year manufacturer's warranty, and the other accessories such as the battery have six months warranty from the date of purchase.

The Downside of Apple iPhone 6:

– As with all iPhone products, the phone is expensive compared to other phones available in the market. However, considering the quality and reliability of the phone, this does not count for much. – Screen repair costs are very high. It has a sensitive screen. I must admit that I have dropped it a couple of times. The screen gets damaged very quickly, and I have had to replace it a couple of times. However, you can purchase a cover to protect the edges. – Though I have not experienced it, some people have complained about bending. The phone has a weak point along the frame that can cause it to warp. It is, therefore, risky keeping it in your back pocket. If you are going to purchase this model you have to be careful when handling it. However, this issue has been corrected in later models. – It does not have a screen protector, and it is not water resistant. I have had to purchase a screen protector separately to avoid damaging the screen. – 16GB memory is limited. I have to keep deleting unnecessary information and pictures. Otherwise, the “memory is full” message keeps popping up.

The Final Verdict Regarding the iPhone 6:

With all the advantages, Apple iPhone 6 is still a durable phone. The quality of this phone is very high. In my experience, it is a reliable phone. Being small in size and its quick response to commands makes is outstanding among many smartphones. The device is also lightweight and takes fantastic photos. It is cheaper than the more advanced models released and still offers excellent value for money. If you are thinking of switching to an iPhone 6, you will love the experience. Depending on your budget, I would recommend that you check out this durable phone. It still remains my number one smartphone.