iPhone 6: An honest review

by Preeti Kulkarni

The reason I am so fond of this device, which is now outdated as per the trends, is that it was a gift from my father when I graduated college. I was was a self-proclaimed Android enthusiast, and wouldn’t have made the leap to the iPhone if it were up to me. But I must say, I am glad that I did. What I love about the iPhone is how painfully simple to deal with, which is also what I hate about the iPhones in general. The lack of complexity means that I have almost no scope for customization or personalization, and that was quite difficult to adapt to. So my review of the iPhone 6 is based on a lot of personal observations that I have come across in the past year.

Apple iPhone

iPhone 6


I use my phone for various purposes, but mostly it functions as my assistant/secretary. I do all my note-taking, reminder setting, and bookmark keeping on my phone and the sheer amount of data on my phone is overwhelming. I remember when my previous phone used to freeze when I loaded it with a barrage of tasks but thankfully, the iPhone 6 has been angelic in that regard. The iPhone is extremely efficient with its functionality and Siri is more than helpful when it comes to quick secretarial tasks such as making notes or adding reminders.

Best Features


I deal with a lot of administrative tasks and I  have to multitask as a result. I toggle between various apps and browser tabs constantly, and the fact that my phone keeps up with me is astonishing. I used to have to reboot my phone at least once a day previously. But the iPhone has a great processor. It is fast and efficient, and it just works! Every process is done in a matter of seconds and I don’t think I am capable of switching to any other brand anymore. Due to the simple functionality, the iPhone has created a dependency that I have fallen prey to.


iPhone 6 has an 8 MP rear camera, and a 1.2 MP front camera. Given the kind of beasts that are in the market currently, this seems like a mere workaround. But I personally am very satisfied with the camera quality. I am no photographer, I use the camera for personal shots and to store memories. And for that purpose, the camera is brilliant. The picture quality is great and I have even printed some pictures clicked on my phone camera.


My model of iPhone 6 has 128 GB internal storage and I celebrate the space every day. I remember having to constantly delete the apps and pictures on my phone previously but the abundance of memory that I now enjoy is a luxury in its truest sense. I do not have to pick my favorite apps and constantly worry about the memory on my phone either.

Aesthetic Appeal

The iPhone 6 was the first slim iPhone that Apple unveiled and the rose gold tint that I have on my phone keeps me from covering it with anything at all. When I had to put on a back cover, I opt for a transparent one, because honestly, this phone does not require a cover to add to its appeal. it is perfect the way it is.


The assistant is one of the signature features of the Apple phones but I had not expected the efficiency with which Siri functions. Siri has been my hands-on virtual-assistant for the past year, saving all my notes and reminders securely and instantly. There is no annoying wait time or processing that I have to deal with. Given the amount of note taking I do, Siri is an absolute help that I cannot do without anymore.

Worst Features


I am constantly on the go, and I am quite lazy when it comes to charging my phone. The only time I get to charge my phone is when I’m sleeping, which is again not too much. So the battery life of my phone is an important feature that I look for while making the choice. But since I didn’t buy the phone for myself, I had to make do with the average battery life. iPhone 6 has an 1810 mAh battery that has over 8 hours of talk time. It lasts me just for about 20 hours on a typical day. Given everything, it could be a lot worse.


One thing that I am thoroughly disappointed with, is just how fragile the iPhone 6 is! I am a clumsy handler and I drop my phone often. This has led me to change my iPhone screen twice so far. I cannot fathom why Apple would want their phones to be this delicate. I have been using the phone for a year now, and it is a miracle that the phone has survived this long.

App store

The moment you create an iTunes account and an Apple ID, everyone starts trying to sell you an upgrade. It is somehow accepted that iPhone users are an elite bunch, and I did not enjoy being the focus of every seller’s attention. Additionally, the number of permissions and pop-ups that arrive on an iPhone are way higher than on an Android phone. It seems like a trivial problem but I genuinely do not enjoy having to permit every app every time I open it. And the only workaround to it seems to be giving the apps unrestricted access to my location and data. Like I said, not a big fan!


The iPhone 6 has its perks and flaws but to me, it has been a very helpful upgrade. For someone who just needs the phone to function, this is a great phone. One of the things that I love about this model is that the design is extremely efficient. For example, the iPhone 6 has a button to switch the phone to the silent mode. These little things, make the phone very usable and very efficient. I am quite happy with the model and intend on using it for as long as I can.


I would rate the iPhone 6 a solid 8 out of 10.