Iphone 5s : User Review

by Letitia Mendes


              The elegant sophisticated yet easy to understand company called Apple released its 4-inch multi-touch retina display with 1136 x 640 pixels resolution iPhone 5s on 20 September 2013, I got hold of this beauty on News years in 2016. I was confused when my friend handed me this box all wrapped up, I opened it and saw it was an iPhone! THE APPLE IPHONE 5s! I couldn't believe it. The first thing I did was check out the camera. I was so excited to check out its capacity in holding on a number of apps, for I personally do download a lot of game and editing apps.


Personally, I use snapchat often which causes my battery to drain real quick. However, when not using snapchat and just my regular messaging apps and music in the background, the battery lasts for 7 hours. I usually use, Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix and Youtube, the battery tends to drain a little quicker when using  Video viewing apps.When plugged in to charge it charges to a 100% in less than 30 minutes, this is one of the features that I love as compared to my previous android phones.Many people say it takes more than 3 hours to get it to charge to a 100%, In my experience it all depends on the switchboard, I travel a lot and sit at cafes to do my work. When I charged my phone at some places it took me about 2 and a half hours to get it to only 60% and at some places it took me barely 20 min to get it to a 100%. Although it sometimes heats up a bit while charging and using certain apps, especially while using snapchat and skype.


The iPhone 5s 5 inch body makes it convenient to hold and fits perfectly in pockets. You can easily navigate on your screen using just your thumb. I love the fingerprint function, makes it easier to unlock. The functionality is absolutely brilliant! it allows me to use a number of apps simultaneously without it getting slow in performance and the weight of the phone is quite light as well. I feel so relieved that my skype doesn't hang or close itself like it did on my previous phone.


I'm sure no human has ever not dropped their phone at least once. Though, from my personal past experiences, I have a habit of dropping my phones a lot. I sure did try my best in taking good care of my iPhone¬†but sadly old habits die hard and I dropped it twice…maybe thrice. The screen didn't crack, although the sides of the body got a little dent.Overall the iPhone 5s's body is quite strong although it sometimes heats up a bit while charging or using certain apps especially while using snapchat and skype.


Apple iPhone has sure done a good job with its update from the iPhone 4 , following are some of the features which I personally like. App functionality: I love that the phone doesn't slow down or hang when using a number of apps at the same time. Camera: The front rear camera and the back camera take pretty good shots too, sometimes I feel like a professional photographer using the iPhone's camera. I can easily photograph my detailed artworks while capturing its truest form and showcase it on various medias. Fingerprint: The fingerprint option is another best feature, in my opinion. I don't have to put in my passcode every time and the feel of the phone identifying my print, makes me feel like James bond. Design interface: The iPhone 5s's interface makes it very easy to use and understand. Display: I love the quality of the phone's display, everything is clear and in HD quality. Facetime: I have a lot a bunch of friends and family using iPhones and connecting with them via facetime is so convenient. iCloud: I don't have to worry about losing memories and moments clicked when I need to clear space. Everything is stored in the cloud and I can delete almost everything in my gallery without even thinking twice to clear space up and not worrying about losing anything out.


IPhone has always perfected their way with each upgrade making sure they make our lives easier and convenient, Though they do have few features that put us off, Here are some of the features which I personally don't like of the iPhone 5s. Restrictions: The fact that IOS devices are quite restrictive, I love customizing my phone, I can't do much with customizing it unless I jailbreak the iPhone. Front camera: The front camera tends to click grainy shots sometimes. Battery: The fast battery drainage while using apps like Youtube and Netflix. Home button: The home button is quite sensitive, I had to get it replaced once.


Almost a year and 4 months have gone since I've been using this phone and it works like NEW, haven't had any problems with it software wise.  Overall I love the feel that the iPhone offers us, It's an elegant sophisticated yet easy understandable FEEL.It sure is going to be hard switching over to android if I have to.Wth the help of this iPhone's camera,  I was able to up my portfolio game.  Among many Apple devices, I do prefer the iPhone 5s especially for the size, it isn't too small neither is it too big. Although Apple has launched upgraded iPhones like iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, the iPhone 5s is still the best for its price. Having this iPhone in my life has made me more organized with scheduling my day and tasks, keeping my appointments checked. It sure has made my life a tad easier.The best part is it reminds me of everyone's birthdays, and with my facebook account synced, it even notifies me of exciting events that are happening around me without it requiring me to open my facebook and going on events option to check for myself. It's a good thing, apple has replaced the iPhone 5s to iPhone SE with upgraded features to its 4inch model.