by Ubongabasi Joseph

My name is Ubongabasi Joseph, a final year Biochemistry student of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, born and partly brought up in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. My choice of this device was at the time of I and my teammate running several research projects in school, which needed many works of literature and the only way was to either purchase a laptop or a smartphone that could enable browsing, this prompted me to go in search of products that was within my financial reach. Checking on several phone retail shops, though I saw several product brands with their prices, of course, I needed to save up some money rather than spending all on a smartphone. Then I saw this infinix product as of 2016 which was budget-friendly, searched and found the need to purchase at that cheap rate. Earlier said the driving force to make it a choice of purchase among other brands was its budget-friendly standard which I did late 2016 practically three years after its release date. The mobile device can be tagged as a pad, smartphone, or a game console.

A good network connection

The smartphone offers a general specification on a 2G and 3G network as well as a mini-sim capacity, though it is created as a single sim responsive device. The body has a dimension of 193.6 x 120 x 10.5mm (height x weight x thickness) with a touchscreen keyboard and the colors available are white, black and as well as a plastic covering. I purchased a black color though of which came with a good display size of 600 x 1024 pixels and is about 7.0 inches. Its sound comes with various enjoyable features such as alert types, vibration, and has an mp3 ringtone with the support of a good loudspeaker.

Bad memory space

As a communicating device with various pros that are cool to every user that purchases it has its cons as well. Alongside its pros are the cons which makes me as a person de-taste its use because at times its unresponsiveness gets annoying. As a form of regret on purchasing this device, I begin with the Memory alongside its Android Operating system. The card slot has a micro SD up to 32 gigabytes with an internal space of 4 gigabytes, as well as an operating system of Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and a processor of 1.0 GHz and a dual CPU. The major cons that gets me regretting is the low RAM of 512 megabyte which makes it almost impossible to load useful applications, which if at all these applications are not being rejected while downloading will end up downloading and hanging the device memory and further render all other applications not functional, also giving the screen the inability to respond to touches. At times it gets so irritating when doing some payable jobs online and this gets me pissed always.

Bad camera make up

My phone camera is as well a con too, the smartphone offers a primary (rare) camera of 3.2 megapixels up to 2048 x 1536 pixel pictures, anti focus, geographical tagging camera with LED flash and can video too. The secondary or front camera supports 0.3 megapixels up to 640 x 480-pixel pictures. Pictures taken from both rare and front cameras simultaneously are a blur and bad for sight view, in short, I end up not capturing pictures with it because the photos end up looking so frustrating and embarrassing too.

An amazing screen

Just a look at its picture below shows its present state, despite the cracked screen the device is still very responsive to touches and this stirs my joy from within because it is helpful.  

Good connectivity

I somewhat love its connectivity level when it comes to network, despite the cons, the pros remains that it has a good 3G network. The   2G network has GPRS up to 85.6 kilobytes per seconds and an EDGE up to 236.8 kilobytes per second, though I hardly use the 2G network for my connections and browsing. The 3G network is quite fast and appreciative, it has up to 7.2 megabytes per second uplink and up to 5.76 megabytes per second downlink and this makes browsing somewhat enjoyable. The Wi-Fi connectivity is about 802.11 b/g/n, and also has a Wi-Fi hotspot. Bluetooth’s version is 3.0. It also has an A-GPS, with the absence of an NFC and is accompanied by micro USB version 2.0.

Fault after replacement

Ever since I changed the charging port, the phone has developed several faults, both at charging and at USB connectivity to transfer files into a computer. While charging, if the screen remains on, it tends to operate several applications by administering touches on the screen, even if I indicate a touch at a specific point on the screen, it tends to touch another. It has become almost very impossible to connect my device to a computer to transfer files also.

Messaging and difficulty in app operation

The mobile device came with several other features including a sensor compass, messaging which involve the usage of message, emails, push mails, IM and does not have a Javascript. The browser is HTML and it does not respond to secure websites (https) and most times shut down on its own and has acted as a major barrier to most of my online researches. Several times I have downloaded Google Chrome and yet it makes hanging and unresponsiveness even worst.

Music and movie player

It also offers an MP3, WAV, CAAC+, WMA player as well as MP4, H.260, H.263, WMV player. It has a document viewer and editor comes with preloaded applications which includes Google Maps, Google hangout, opera mini, Facebook, Yahoo, Palmchat, Talk, YouTube, Gmail, and much more which I deleted ones that were not useful. Some due to its hanging attitudes, I deliberately refused to download other useful applications.

Good battery capacity

Despite its cons, I still appreciate the battery capacity which is 3500 mAh Li-ion battery. Its battery can last for a long period if only I do not switch on my data, it could sustain me up to a day or two. But once the battery gets to about a percentage of 3, it will go off, whether under usage or just resting. It cannot sustain battery, I deliberately checked through to see if I could find power saving mode, but no it was not installed in the phone.


Its cons are very welled pronounced and it is a significant factor that is affected, which reduces its ability to be used. My take is that I will not recommend it to a friend because of the imposing factors. Infinix products are good but a rating for Joypad 7 x700 specifically, I will give a 4/10.