Huawei Y635-L03: User Review

by René Sánchez Montaño

Huawei’s Y635 is a really interesting choice for a Smartphone. It’s been over 8 months since I found this device in a local mobile shop as I was looking for an affordable replacement for my broken iPhone. The odds for that to happen weren’t so great because my budget was looking tight and I wanted to get a Smartphone from joining the most basic plan with that company (for about $10 USD/month). Considering that I had just lost my Iphone 5, I found the Y635-L03 to be the most attractive option available in that plan…fortunately, I was not wrong, let me tell you why in this next review:

Huawei Y635-L03

My Huawei Y635-L03


This device has a remarkable charging speed; it takes about 1 hour and a half to go from 5% to full charge if it’s not being used. This works quite well to give your battery a notorious bump if you happen to charge your phone for short periods. Battery life depends on the different demands that I have the Y635 go through the daily basis: if it is just used for scrolling through facebook or answering whatsapp chats, it can last for more than a day without completely running out; but in a video binge-watching day you will find yourself reaching for your charger more than once in a single day. The battery saving options are quite customizable, they come really handy in emergencies. High Battery Power


You can tell that it’s design was really thought through. I might have bigger-than-average hands but I’m no giant, and the Y635 fits just perfectly in the palm of my hands. It might look as a big and heavy cellphone (it’s NOT), but as soon as you feel comfortable with it, you’ll find that it’s beautiful and responsive 5” screen is just the right size to go through any task or app, or to watch any sort of video. The buttons are wisely placed below the screen allowing a quick and easy user interface. Usually it functions fast and smooth, but it gets hot and slow when I multitask with it.
Huawei Y635-L03 Front

My Y635's screen size


Regarding strength and durability, I have found the Y635 to be tougher than it looks. It has survived 5+ minor falls without any noticeably damage and thanks to an average rubber bumper case and a glass screen protector I installed on my device, it just shows minimum scratches. I have not needed any repair or maintenance for my Y635 neither for external nor for internal failure. I have not found any bugs or malfunctions, just some loss of speed with certain apps or when I’m trying to perform several tasks at once.


The thing that I love the most about Huawei’s Y635 is the price in relation to its quality. I must say that this product really makes your money worth; it is even underrated as I feel I got more than expected as soon as I worked my way around its features. The screen is one of the best aspects of this phone, it has a perfect dimension, it is highly responsive and it displays videos and images beautifully. One of my favorite qualities of this Smartphone is its ease of use and its shortcuts; you can control your Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, the flashlight and a huge list of features (even the main settings) from the blocked/inactive screen. Large Screen This device has just 3 buttons (2 for volume, 1 for screen blocking) and 3 tactile buttons (back, main menu and options) below the screen for the overall navigation.  I have no doubt that in just a couple of days (maybe even one) you’ll get used to its navigation and will quickly master some cool features like, for example, taking a quick screenshot and sharing it in any of your social media apps in matter of seconds. Some of the build-in apps work just great and can help you keep track of your data use and your storage purging. The main camera is a great asset; it definitely might not the best camera out there, but the HDR function turns an average picture into some beautiful photography. HDR Camera


One thing that I really didn’t like about Huawei’s Y635 is that its build-in apps and features take a lot of room from the internal storage unit. I had my Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail and other Google apps preinstalled in my device, and even though they are really cool and helpful, they are installed in the internal storage and cannot be moved to any external micro SD card as other apps that I have installed myself usually do. So this becomes an issue for new data or apps you want to add to your Smartphone over the time, good news is that there is an extra socket in the device to add an external micro SD memory (I got myself a 16 gb external storage unit and my problems were gone). Other issue that I have encountered more than once is that it can freeze when I multitask with lots of apps or when I accidentally tilt it more than I should and the screen rotates. This might sound normal but it really gets tedious, as the cellphone slows down a lot; sometimes this happens in a completely uncalled fashion and it has even been necessary to restart the device to be able to use it as normal.


My experience with this device has been really satisfactory so far, in a couple of months I’ll reach a full year of using the Huawaei’s Y635-L03 Smartphone and my complaints are really scarce, in fact I think that the advantages completely overthrow the little objections I have towards this cellphone.  I happen to find myself recommending this device really frequently; to me it’s an amazing choice of a simple, cheap Smartphone that can step up to almost any other Smartphone nowadays…and just for a fraction of their cost. Android 4-4 To this day I can say that I love this device. As a former iPhone 5 user, the Y635 has thought me that there is no need to follow the trends or expend big money on the fashion Smartphone in order to get everything you expect and need out of a Smartphone nowadays. Huawei’s Y635-L03 is the proof that simplicity will always be welcome, and that maybe over-complex Smartphones are not the way to go in the future. OVERALL RATING 9/10 Read more on the official product page from Huawei's Site.