HTC Desire 526GPLUS Dual Sim: User Review

by xDeuiii

HTC Desire 526G+ Review

HTC Desire 526G+


After years using a 2G phone, I finally got my hands on a smartphone, at age 19 specifically, the HTC Desire 526G+. Having already those experiences with smartphones really help you out starting using your smartphone efficiently. There is the HTC Desire 526G but I decided to go with this one because of the little more oopmh it has at the same price. Octa-core over quad core, 16 GB of space over 8 GB of space. Nevertheless, I like my first smartphone and was worth the wait of all these years.


For starters, it has 2000 mAh battery which is ok but not terrible when compared to similar priced phones. Nevertheless, the battery last long enough for the average person who doesn’t watch millions of movies or plays for days on his phone. Watching a 2 hour film uses approximately 40% of the battery which is kind of ok but for gaming, it’s even lower. 30 mins of gaming and 30% battery is gone depending on circumstances. For casual use like calling, messaging, listening to music etc, it can last a day without charging, so you can leave your charger at home. Speaking of charging, this phone charges at a pretty good rate, even surpassing the Samsung Galaxy J2 and is indeed surprising considering how good Samsung’s smartphones are. With this kind of rate, you could charge your low battery phone in the morning whilst doing your usual morning stuffs (unless you don’t anything) and still have a decent amount of battery to last you through the day.  


Performance wise, the Desire 526G+ handles most games and apps with ease without some kind of lag. General use like web surfing, listening to music, messaging is a piece of cake. Rocking an octa-core 1.7 GHz CPU with 1 GB of RAM, this phone loads your apps fast and handles them nicely.  However, it’s not very up to point when you switch apps quickly or when there’s lots of data coming in at the same time. In my experience, whenever I switched on my wifi, lots of whatsapp and facebook messages used to come in and I experienced a little lag when trying to open apps immediately, had to wait a few seconds and everything was fast again. Now, for aesthetic, it comes with 4 different colours which are described as glacier blue, lacquer black, stealth black and fervor red. Now, if you don’t look up the colours on the website, you could misunderstand the actual colours. Black is pretty straight forward, lacquer black is glossy and stealth black is matt but the blue and red, well, only the edges are blue and red, the rest, white. I have the stealth black because it’s less of a fingerprint magnet if you don’t have a protective cover on it. The shape and design is pretty similar to the other HTC phones but that is expected and that’s what got me attracted to it in the first place. The shape is different from the other popular phone brands. The power button and volume button are all on the right which shouldn’t cause any issue unless you’re very picky about the placement of your buttons. They are square in shape which kind of make them blend with the phone. The available headphone jack is at the top and charging port at the bottom which is convenient so when you’re using your headphones, the connector won’t be a hindrance when using your phone. HTC Desire 526G+ ButtonsHTC Desire 526G+ Glacier BlueHTC Desire 526G+ Fervor Red  


With a qHD (quad HD) display and and 4.7 inch screen, the display is stunning, well at least for me. Photos and videos are crisp and clear especially when using at full brightness but is equally good at lowest brightness. I watched a bunch of 1080p movies and they were gorgeous which makes this phone great to watch movies on long journeys in the bus or car or whatever transport you really fancy. However, if you don’t have a screen protector, the screen is a real fingerprint magnet, so take that in mind.  


Well, the speakers, they are a bit on the low side and are pretty ok. It’s loud enough for a small room but still it is not enough. The quality is decent but don’t expect crazy things going on. When I listened to Turn It Up from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, well I could hear the bass and the overall layers of sounds but it was kind of meh. You could definitely use external speakers. The speakers are located on the front so it’s handy when browsing through songs so your hand don’t block the speakers. However, they could be better.  


For starters, the phone features 8 MP back camera and 2 MP front camera. It’s pretty good but the front camera doesn’t include flash so it may not be ideal for selfies in the dark or at night. However, the pictures are clear when in enough light even for selfies. The quality is pretty good in the dark also when you use the flash.  


Well, for starters, it's not that strong and it's no surprise considering the price tag. 1 feet drop on a floor mat and it was enough to put a kinda of scratch on the edge. That's why I strongly recommend a protective case of some sort. The build quality is decent and seems durable enough to last you a couple of years. However, due to its weight, it feels pretty strong and durable.  


Well, according to me, the best feature would be the design. A kind of different design which I quite like. The buttons are nice also, blending with the phone. Similarly, the matt finish is awesome and more convenient to prevent fingerprints everywhere like David Beckham on a football field. Nevertheless, the performance is also one of the best features of this phone. Gaming is piece of cake for most games out there.  


The first thing that comes to mind is its terrible heating problem. I watch a single 1080p movie at lowest brightness and it heats up a lot, more than the average smartphone. It’s even worse when gaming, 5 mins of gaming and it heats up even more than 2 hr of a movie. It also heats up when charging, I’m forced to turn on a fan in front of the phone while it’s charging after a few minutes of games to prevent reduction of the performance of the battery. Second thing would be the very tight back cover of the phone. Like seriously, it’s very hard to open its back, you could even think it will break if you force it to open. Similarly, you can’t remove your SD card without removing the battery so that maybe a downside for some and definitely for me and same thing applies for the SIM card.  


The HTC Desire 526G+ is an overall great phone but not everything is perfect. For a price tag like that, you can assured of quality and performance from this phone. Great gaming performance, great display, good camera. It would be an absolutely awesome phone if it didn’t have this terrible heating problem which refrains me from labelling a near to perfect budget smartphone.

Rating: 8/10