HTC Desire 526G: User review

by IS

htd desire 526g


I bought HTC Desire 526G in one local telecom store because it was cheap for what it is offering. I own it for one year now and I'm in fact very impressed by this smartphone. I use smartphone for various purposes so it is important to me that my smartphone can run smoothly every game, handle multitasking without problems and have enough memory space and I got all of that with this smartphone for 130$. It is not in most expensive rang of smartphones, but it offers many things as very expensive smartphones so I can say that you get more than expected for less money.


It is well known thing that HTC has „problems“ with bad battery durability so it is the thing here, too. From the day I bought this smartphone, I have to charge it every day if I use it like I do. Okay, in first days I played much difficult games for smartphone to process so I can understand that. Now, I'm only using my smartphone for texting and listening to music and it can last for 5 hours in that mode with full brightness. On the opposite side, I'm thrilled with charging of this phone which is very fast. It takes around two hours to fully recharge battery and it can be faster with fast charger.


The HTC Desire 526G comes in few colors, you can get white and blue, white and orange or black combination. This smartphone is very elegant, looks classy and is very thin. I fell in love when I saw it and I'm sure you'll too. With its 145 grams, it is very light and has 4.7 inch qHD screen which is optimal for me because I dont love too small screens or on the other hand too big screens. With its quad core 1,3 GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM memory, it enables you to play almost every mobile game you desire and not only that, everything will run smoothly except you fill your whole memory space of 8GBs. Front camera is very nice with 8MP and you can record 1080p videos. On the other hand, front camera has only 2MP and quality is bad if you dont have enough light. htc


I'm very clumsy and I dropped this smartphone like thousand times, but it is still working fluently as new. Of course, there are few itches on screen and mask, but that is normal. Battery is becoming weaker during time, but you can buy new one and everything will be fine. I hate one thing about its mask and that is that color easily rips off, outer layer of mask is not made very brightly and starts to pill off with tha slightest kicks. Except that, Desire 526G is very strong and durable smartphone which will never let you down when you don't excpect it. And one more thing, I didn't have any problems with hardware and it has never needed to go on repair.


  1. Money for value
With this middle ranged smartphone and realtively low price, you can do everything what top smartphones can do. You dont have to worry about lags and similar annoying things. Everything runs smoothly and mostly without crashing. If you don't need extra fast smartphone, this one is for you – strong and for people with style.
  1. Strong setup
In HTC Desire 526G you have components of best smartphones in the world and everything runs so smoothly and easily. Some more expensive smartphones from other manufacturers don't give you pleasure of smoothness like this beast!
  1. Design
Its design will adore you in that measure that you won't stop looking in it. It fits in hand like a glove, but watch out, you can forget that you have it in your hand because it is very light. Colors are in great contrast and give to this smartphone another dimension.
  1. Memory
If you feel that 8GBs is not enough for you, you can always put in microSD memory card to extend your memory. This is very helpful if you have a lot of music, photographs or videos. But here is the catch, you cant install apps on memory card, only on mobile memory.


  1. Battery
2000 mAh rechargable battery simply is not strong enough for components that this smartphone has. I can openly say that I'm dissapointed with it because I have to sometimes charge my smartphone twice a day and it is barely enough.
  1. Overheating
If you are lover of mobile games, your smartphone will burn in case you play very demanding games, but I guess that is ok if you assume how many you paid for it.
  1. Front camera
If there is not enough light in the room, don't even try to take selfie because you will delete it immidiately after you see it. Why? Because you can literally count all the pixels on picture taken with front camera with low percantage of light. If there is plenty of light, go ahead, fell free to tak few snaps. my selfie
  1. Lack of LED light
I'm really annoyed by non existance of LED light which indicates notifications like on most of other smartphones. I hate turning my screen all the time, I just want that little one blinking light, is that hard to put in your smartphone HTS, is it?
  1. Mask cover
Back cover of HTC Desire 526G is low quality, plastic is very weak and my is broken on few places. Also color pills of with tha slightest kicks.


If you are searching for strong smartphone that is going to run everything smoothly and without lag, HTC Desire 526G is for you. It is elegant, fits to hand and very light, really good product from HTC. Altough, if you are not so tolerable on charging battery every day, don't buy it, it has very Bad battery durability. Sometimes when I was using my smartphone very much, I had to charge it twice a day, really annoying. If you are selfie lover, don't even think to buy this smartphone because you will need light, lot of light to take normal selfie, but if you don't have light, you can count pixels on picture of yourself. One more thing is really annoying and that is non existance of notification LED light so you have to every damn time turn on your screen and waste more your battery. One more thing that is annoying is non existance side button to take a picture with main camera, I really miss it from older smartphones. However, if you are looking for strong machine that will never give you up in unexpected times, HTC Desire 526G is made for you! Cheap, but can do everything what his older brothers can do. 15556062_1140118379441802_173915405_n