How people actually make money on Youtube?

by Manish Parajuli

How YouTube works ?

Isn’t it fascinating that you simply get paid for other people watching your videos! Have you ever wondered that how this whole process actually works? Well there is Youtube for that which actually pays people for making other people watch their videos But it’s not in fact that easy to make money through Youtube. Makers of the video don’t get paid for the making a certain video related to a certain genre but in fact they get paid for people watching their videos. Though it is more than just the video that gives you money, there are a couple of things associated with it. Well there as ways to make money on Youtube and here’s how people do it :

From Ads

The way this works is you simply monetize your account on Youtube or Google which indeed starts giving you money but in fact a small amount of money on the views you get but it’s actually not the views but that ad that pops up on the videos people watch .If you activate monetization on all your videos then what you start noticing is that there is going to be ads on your videos, there is going to be banner ads in the bottom and on sides of your videos, there are even going to be pre-roll ad videos even before your videos loads up which you can skip. So is it a good idea for you to activate ad monetization? Well that depends on what you do. You get paid for people clicking or interacting on the ads on your videos. So the question here is do you want people to go away from your videos and not watch them for the ads that shows. Here you don’t get paid every time someone watches your videos but you only get paid when your viewer interacts with the ad which may or even may not even appear.   Interacting with an ad means your viewer actually engaging in the ad by essentially watching the ad or closing the ad. So having a few viewers and a few subscriptions on your channel doesn’t pay you well unless you have a huge fan base to earn enough and sustain form the ads? If you can engage more of your audience in the ads you may get a good income from that. Well here’s a problem though, the ads always don’t show up 50% of the time the ads are even not there, so you may think you have a few thousand views on your video and you can earn well but here’s the case actually only half of your audience gets engaged on the ads that shows up and your pay varies only to a few dollars. So in order get paid well from your videos you simply need to build up a better brand of yourself so that you can engage a majority of audience.

Product promotion

The other way on making money on Youtube is by promoting the products. Promoting the product along with recommending and reviewing them attracts a wide range of audiences. You can do anything on that you simply buy product of any company and make a video of yourself unboxing it and giving reviews to the products what’s good what’s not, recommending the product to people weather to buy them or not . So in this way people actually watch your videos before in reality buying a product. After you have a good fan base the company actually pays you for promoting their product. The company’s like Amazon pay you for recommending and reviewing the product you like or you use or your any other favorite products through your videos and get paid for that and its actually awesome. So it is a great way to make money without even actually making products of your own.


It is basically a product placement. It’s the same like your favorite movies actor drinking a bottle of coke or your role model getting dressed by certain well-known brands. Here what happens is that you get paid by the company where you display their products; wear their clothes, show off certain things etc. This may in fact sound cool where you get paid for simply wearing a certain brands clothes or eat a certain product affiliated to a certain company but that is good only when you have already built a channel of a few thousand followers where their products can actually reach a certain mass of people. Otherwise no one is going to come to you say with few followers and just a few single digit views to promote their product. It is not easy to get sponsorship when you are just a start up but once you get famous or get started on Youtube people from different company will actually approach you for giving you sponsorship to show off their products. Once you have a good audience and a good fan base sponsorship is no longer a problem.

Promote your own business

Here what happens;You don’t promote other products you don’t need sponsorship you become owner of your own business. Here you promote your own business whether it is small or big. You provide people with your free service, provide people with free reviews on something, provide them with free consultation, and in this way you get people stuck with you and you can get their contact information and you can actually follow up with them with their problems and their needs and show them your sales model in person and can actually generate money. This may happen off Youtube but you can actually get money for it. You can get people to meet in person show people your business models and you never know you can get a big chunk of money soon.   So these are the ways you can earn money from Youtube. But don’t think that you can get rich overnight just by posting videos in Youtube. Passion is what should drive you to actually make videos and I mean really good videos. Keep making better videos focusing on quality rather than quantity and have a bit of patience and it your way to go.