Google Pixel 3 XL: OWNER REVIEW

by Maureen Njeri

My name is Maureen Njeri. Last month I went to a mobile shop to upgrade my current phone. At the shop, I could tell that my phone was matchless in comparison with the phones that I saw on display. Additionally, the shopkeeper kept on showing and explaining the features of each phone. Lastly, he showed me the latest android phone Pixel 3 XL, launched by Google having all the features that I was looking for in a phone. Anything that Google launches gives me confidence that the product is of good quality. Google Pixel 3 XL is no exception to its launch. Google assures you of identifying any problem within their software and upgrading their software from time to time. It is a big-screened phone with a stunning camera to capture amazing pictures which I believe not any smartphone will capture. Apart from this, its wireless charging feature and a big 6.3-inch display are the main reasons that I prioritized Google Pixel 3 XL over other smartphones and purchased it! Its amazing features have made me use it regularly. Most of the times on a picnic with my friends, I use it to capture super-sharp photos with them. When I am alone, I listen to all my favorite songs as it has outstanding loud and clear speakers. I can carry the phone anywhere without worrying about its battery as it supports wireless charging system. It has insanely awesome call screen and headphone dongle and a fast charger too. However, the huge notch on the phone is hideous and takes up significant space in front. Under the fluorescent lighting, the camera gets flickered. Its body is massive with slippery slides, and your phone may slip from your hands inevitably, so you have to use it very carefully. The touch screen is susceptible and reacts to accidental touches constantly and scratches quickly too. One feature I’ll like to highlight is its low RAM bottlenecks performance and unbalanced right and left speaker volume. Following are the essential specifications of Google Pixel 3 XL that will help you in making your purchase.


Weight: 184g Dimensions:  158 x 76.7 x 7.9mm OS: Android 9   Screen size: 6.3-inch Resolution: 1440 x 2960 CPU: Snapdragon 845 RAM: 4GB Storage: 64/128GB Battery: 3,430mAh Rear camera: 12.2MP Front camera: 8MP  


Pixel 3 XL with 4 GB RAM and non-expandable storage of 64GB with the 128GB model has a secure Titan chip to store your passwords and biometric details I have no complains or any arising issues with the phone’s performance. It is a pretty fast phone in terms of everything, from playing games to opening apps. So, if I say it is the quickest Android, it won’t be wrong as you can multitask and use many apps at a time. Haptics, a vibration response that you get when you receive a message or tap a key when your phone is on silent mode. It is a vital feature to be considered and is present in most of the Android phones. Most of the Android phones have a harsh or weak vibration, but Pixel 3 XL has none. When you unlock the phone or pull down the notification tray, you will get a slight buzz.

Weight and size

This android phone has a 6.3-inch sizable OLED screen with weight 184 grams and dimensions of 158 * 76.7 * 7.9mm. It has HDR support and QHD+ resolution with black levels and a screen of higher-quality with more display and less bezel. The screen-to-body ratio is 83%, which is good progress from the Google brand’s engineers.

Battery life

The Pixel 3 XL with 3430mAh battery supports fast charging of USB-Power Delivery. The phone has an average battery life and screen on time is about 4-5 hours, with approximate 18-20 hours of overall usage before the need for second charging. The reason behind its average battery life is its massive display and camera when used frequently will reduce your load faster. However, it comes up with an 18W USB-PD charger, the slowest charging solution. Let us half an hour charge will give you a 25% charge and an hour charge will be 45% battery charge. It takes 3 hours charging for my phone to have a full battery. Though it comes with wireless charging support, which is even slower.

Availability and price

The Google Pixel 3 XL was released in the US on 18th October 2018, in Australia and UK on 1st November 2018, and after that launched in France, India, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy, Japan, Spain, Canada, and Ireland. At launch, its price was £869, AU$1,349 ,and $899 for 64GB storage and £969, AU$1,499, $999 for 128GB phone. However, the current price of this Android phone is as low as £599, AU$1,098, and $699.99, which makes it an attractive option over other android phones.


Pixel 3 XL is the best camera smartphone that makes your purchase worth. The rear camera with 12-MP snaps a bunch of photos automatically, and you can choose the best and right one among them. It has an impressive Super Res Zoom. Even though the phone does not have technically optical zoom, but it reframes the photos smartly. The front camera with 8 MP captures the perfect selfie.


This android phone runs the latest Android 9 Pie version. It has an exclusive launcher Pixel on top which adds in bits like the gesture buttons, app swipe-up tray and the weather widget/adaptive time. The phone’s UI is fast, simple, and clean to navigate. It has pre-installed essential Google apps and nothing else, so it saves the storage from unnecessary apps. This android version of Google is the best version for me. However, some work needs to be done with the notch as it stuck the bar icons behind which looks unfinished and weird.

Pixel XL Accessories

If you plan to buy Google Pixel 3 XL accessories, cases and screen protectors are the top of the list. It protects your smartphone from spills and accidental drops. The phone will come with a wall adapter and USB Type-C cable in the box so that Pixel Stand won’t be needed. Google created the first wireless charging dock – the Pixel Stand, which gives this mobile device one of the standout feature – wireless charging. You will find a set of Google Pixel USB-C earbuds inside the box too.


My personal Opinion

If you ask me how much I am satisfied with the device performance, then I will rate it 7 out of 10. It has excellent camera result, wireless charging system, a colorful, fantastic display, slick Android version, and much-improved design than any other smartphones. But some software bugs the notch and average battery life have reduced its rating. Above all, it scratches easily.