Google 2016 October keynote announcements

by elvijs-vilkels


Big Google product announcements at Keynote in October

This year in October there was this big Google Keynote that most of tech enthusiasts and bloggers took part of or at least watched it online. Me, as a technology enthusiast, I watched it live and I were surprised with the new products that Google have come up with.
I've never considered myself an Apple production fan, but their devices have always stood out with precise and fancy design. In this year Google product line-up it looks as if Google are aiming in the same direction. Even in the same price range, which bothers me the most.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL flagship smartphones.

Official Google introduction of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones Previously Google made Nexus smartphones in collaboration with different phone manufacturers, but this year they manufactured Pixel all by themselves. They even points it out saying: “First phone completely made by Google”.  The big Nexus phone line-up comes from different manufacturers like HTC, LG, Huawei and Samsung. I personally still own a LG Nexus 4 and I can say, that after a few factory resets it still runs smooth and gets me trough everyday social applications and communications. Most of nexuses were budget smartphones so stock android enthusiasts were able to get their hands on stock and fresh Android. nexus-line-up Comparing the price point of an Nexus and a Pixel is quite different. Pixel now is trying to stand next to iPhone which makes me think that it has lost it's integrity for true android users. Lets look at some examples: Google Pixel 5.0'' 32 GB model is for 649$ ,not even talking about prices in Europe. It's big brother XL with 5.5'' 32 GB is for 1049 $ .For an 128 GB model they are asking 1179 $. High price point of this device is because Google wanted to manufacture on it's own. If some of major phone manufacturer brands would manufacture it, than we would see much more eye-pleasing prices.

Connected home devices

Internet of things and other smart microcomputers that are installed in our everyday environment to help our needs and assist us whenever we need it. You have probably seen a lot of smart home accessories offered by many manufacturers. Google has some expertise in this area as well. Google home and nest

Google Home

Google have come up with your personal assistant at your home called GoogleHome. Besides being an assistant it can play you your favourite music and set room temperature to be as warm as you want it to be. Assistant is programmed by Google and now have been used for some years now. Catch phrase that it reacts to is “Ok, Google!”. It's very similar to Apples Siri, although a lot of test show that Google Assistant can get you more precise information and it remembers main topics that were mentioned in the conversation. Some may say, that this would be an useless purchase for 130 $, but I consider this technology to be at high value considering the fact that, you can use computer system with your voice to make appointments , schedule events, get in touch with your contacts and do many more functions that usually requires the use of a mobile phone. As I am trying to brag about Google products, which I am not doing, there is one more interesting device that I thought was a bit absurd. But that is only my opinion, like the rest of this article…

Google Wi-Fi

  google wi-fi Google now offers a router, or internet access point technology to be more precise. It seems to me that Google is trying to substitute every bit of technology at our home, so that technological ecosystem at our house would be 100% Made by Google. For someone who recognizes Google as a search engine would look completely weird, but I think that is a legitimately genuine idea. Basically this wi-fi router works as an standart access point, only it has a function in wich group of Google wi-fi devices can collaborate together to extend the field of wi-fi area. One other cool feature I noticed was, that you can easily set your personal Wi-fi with an Android App. This isn't the only Google product you can set up with an app, like you'd expect, all of Google products come with an app.  One minor setback that would make you think whether to purchase this product or not is it's price – 129$. It seems a bit weird that you would have to pay that amount for a wi-fi connection at your house.

Google Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast Ultra Lightweight streaming device you can connect to any HDMI compatible display and stream your media on. This years chromecast is in 4k that allows you to stream media in higher resoulution than before. Using your mobile phone as a remote you can stream your favourite tv shows, videos and music to your TV. You would think, that it is only compatible with android devices, but that is not true, this little streaming device is compatible with all major devices like iOS, Windows, Mac and Android. This 69$ device is not a device you can't live without ,but if you are a person that likes to watch quality content on your big screen and you don't have a Smart TV that can connect to your device, than this is a gadget for you.

Google Daydream View

Google Daydream VR Google have been very enthusiastic about Virtual Reality and in the last year or two VR have been a huge thing in technology world. There are a couple of manufacturers like Oculus that manufactures complete VR headsets, but Google puts emphasis on mobile phones being in VR headset. With precise mobile phone sensors and software it works as smooth as native VR headset. Previously Google introduced us with Google Cardboard that is cardboard VR headset, that anyone can afford and enjoy marvellous experience that virtual reality offers. Now with the new Daydream View they have stepped it up and added higher quality headset with remote and nfc tag, that automatically connects to your mobile device when you insert it in the headset. It might be a bit expensive for some people coming in at 79$ but they present it with a lot of features and different colours. VR headset is a nice device to explore new media type when you can experience different view of a place you have never been before. Google created a VR app that takes full control of VR experience with different games and video content to take you in the VR completely. In conclusion I can say that Google this year have made some awesome devices, some may be a bit pricy and lost it's true meaning but with great quality comes great price. Hope you enjoyed reading my article about this years keynote devices and my thoughts about all of them. Thank you for your time.