Galaxy J5 (2016) – Best budget Samsung phone? : User Review

by roi wilzen



Samsung Galaxy J5, could it be the best budget Samsung phone? Let’s take a look. Ever since the smart phones have taken over the mobile phones, Samsung has always been my choice because of its durability and performance and of course of its trusted brand name. My previous Samsung phone got a bit slow after using it for almost 2 years so I decided to get a new phone, when I told my mom I want to buy a new phone, luckily she got a spare android phone, she offered me to try it 1st before buying a new one, she said I can have it if I will like it, why not? It is a Samsung phone anyway. So I gave it a try and I fell in love with it.


I was surprised with its battery life, 3100mah lasted me a day and a half before draining it with regular browsing while using the Wi-Fi and turning on and off the mobile data and a little bit gaming, it has a power saving mode that really helps me to conserve more battery life. I timed its Charging and it takes about 2hrs or less to get it full (without using it while charging).


With 2GB of RAM size it really performs well considering that I am a multitasking user, from browsing the internet, sending emails and using different apps, I haven’t got any issues with its performance. In terms of gaming, it gets hot after 30mins of playing. I really like its classy design, gold accent on the body and metal frame on the sides that doesn’t look cheap unlike my older Samsung phone that has plastic.


I have known Samsung for creating mobile phones that is durable, this is one of the reasons why I chose Samsung, screens that do not break easily. Since I got this mobile phone I already dropped it twice with normal height when standing, luckily there are no signs of breaking the screen and no scratches on the metal frame, as the exterior especially the screen is the most important part for me. I suggest that you should still get a screen protector, tempered glass is better and really helps or a case for added protection.



As an amateur photographer, the camera is one of the most important features that I am looking for, I really like its lenses that shoots really fast that as a user I can benefit from when taking photos in rush situations. Its 13 Mega pixel rear camera resolution really gives a good output, a clear photo day and night scenes it comes with a really bright flash, while the front camera also gives a clear photo for taking “selfies” that most of our generation today would really love this feature. Taking “selfie” with this phone is easy with its gesture control where you hold your palm facing the camera to take a photo without pushing any buttons. sample shot below:


I am a big movie fanatic, I always watch movies using my mobile phones, I like watching movies with Galaxy J5 because of its speaker sounds so I don’t have to use any earphones, with its decent volume I can clearly hear the dialogues and background music that produces good base. In terms of listening to music using earphones or headphones, it produces quality sounds that I don’t need to adjust the volume too high just to have a good listening experience, a mid-level volume does the trick.


I really love the performance of this phone, with its 2GB RAM. I can do all the multitasking that I usually do with a smart phone, considering that this is a budget phone. In terms of storage I am satisfied with 16GB of internal storage where my older phone doesn’t have this much so it gets slower when the storage is almost full, as per the external storage I got mine with 32GB of micro SD card that I can get a benefit from saving a lot of movies and files.


I am impressed with its strong signal when using Wi-Fi at home from the ground floor up until in my room that is located on the 3rd floor of our house, I can still get a decent signal to browse the internet that my older phone cannot do. My only worry in using Mobile Data is that the phone might get hot in a long period of using, I am surprised that this phone does not get hot easily using the mobile data. I also get a strong signal while using its 4G LTE.



When I got this phone it is locked to a specific local network provider, where I have to pay a big amount of money to have it unlock, I was forced to use the Sim card network provider where this phone is bought. I suggest that do not buy mobile phones to network provider if you don’t want to have the same problem, buy at the official stores where they carry Samsung phones that are by default it is open to any network.


So the question now, is it really a good budget Samsung phone? For me, yes it is! I am a picky person when it comes to buying gadgets, it always takes me a very long time before buying. At first, when my mom offered me this phone, the first thing that strikes my mind, this is just a cheap Samsung phone and it might not suit my needs. Luckily I tried it, and now this will be my everyday phone. I am recommending this to anyone who is looking for a cheap Samsung phone while considering a good overall performance and a good camera for taking photos. Wi-Fi and mobile data signal is really strong. For detailed specification go to this site. OVERALL RATING: I will give Galaxy J5 a thumbs up of 8/10.