Dell Inspiron 15 5565 Laptop: Review

by Aderire-Adeoti

I got myself the Dell Inspiron 15 5565 Laptop, made the purchase from Dell's website, had it delivered to me in less than 6 days and I have had the laptop now for over a year. Prior to making my purchase, I had long thought on what I basically wanted in a laptop and two things came to mind when I wanted to make the purchase for this laptop – Speed and Budget. I wanted primarily a laptop that will be fast when executing my job because I multitask a lot and I equally was only willing to pay a few bucks, not spend so much and get very little in terms of value.

Battery Life and Charging:

The Dell Inspiron 15 5565 laptop has great battery life. On the average, it stays up for 5 hours 30 mins max. I am always online, working and surfing the internet for information. Here is the thing, my Dell Inspiron gets me through my work. On a couple of occasions when I forgot to take the power pack along with me, I worked without nursing the fear of running out of power. When it comes to how long it takes it to charge – hitting 100% full charge, it takes it about 2 hours and this when you have definitely hit 10% or lower. Depending on your settings, it initiates the battery saver option on the mark set. So, if you want it to initiate power saver once it hits 30%, it optimizes for performance and kills all other irrelevant applications working in the background. The Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop    

Performance and Design:

Judging the Dell Inspiron 15 5565 Laptop on performance, I will give it 85% based on efficiency, it truly is a top performer. I multitask a lot while working, running different applications – jumping from Adobe Photoshop to Audacity, hitting the internet at regular intervals and trying to equally catch up on some movies. It does fine with the multitasking, but it is heavy. I have used a couple of laptops, but this does not compare in terms of weight. It is the heaviest I have used, so far. The weight is the downside for me. The touch-pad is not the best too. I remember times when I had to hit the touch-pad severally, mostly out of frustration. It just freezes operation, takes a nap and then comes back to life. Never really took it up as a serious issue though, because it gets back within 5-minutes.

Strength and Durability:

I have never had the cause to send it back for repairs because it has served me well. More importantly, I frequent the internet, seeking help when the need arises. It is strong and durable. I have had awkward moments, you know, I am typing, my cat jumps on the keyboard, I try chasing it off and then I have myself reaching out for my laptop while it drops to the floor, but you will be surprised that though I fail to stop the laptop from making the fall, all I do is pick it back up and I am back where I left off. It is simply remarkable the strength of this laptop. I guess the screws are in the right places. Dell Inspiron 15 side view design

Best Features:

The features of the Dell Inspiron that strike me are not much, but trust me they are enough to make you give it a thought or consideration. Below are the best features:

Sound System:

I will tell you first hand that the Dell Inspiron Laptop has a great sound system – super loud and solid. Friends have given their compliments so many times, many jokingly refer to it as – “lousy”. It truly is loud and whenever I want to take a break from the daily hustle, all I do is hit the play button and trust me – relief comes from the surround speakers.

Gaming Graphics:

The gaming graphics too is super solid, I play games and for anyone who plays PES – Pro Evolution Soccer, you definitely know some systems that will slow down play and make you want to spend the extra bucks on a console. On this Dell Laptop, I play to the fullest, the pace of the players is right and it is super fast. I definitely enjoy my gaming with little fewer worries.

Keyboard Light:

The Dell Laptop also comes with Lights on the keyboard. This is a cool feature especially when you love working in the dark and all you want to see is the screen for focus. This feature is also advantageous if you tend to travel a lot because I have had times when I travel to a place – where there is power outage due to the wind or some storm that affect the grid or something. This Dell Inspiron 15 empowers you such that you are able to work in the dark with little or no help from some lamp. It is really a cool feature. If you are a lover of touch-screens then this is also a feature packed with the Dell Inspiron.

Screen Touch:

You will enjoy the screen touch feature when it comes to maximizing or minimizing images for a quick and closer look. You could also easily close and open applications without ever needing a mouse or the touchpad.

Worst Features:

Despite my love for this powerful and efficient Laptop, it has its downside. Here are a few of the worst features that this Dell Inspiron has:


Despite the advantage it has with the touch-screen, this is also not a cool feature when it has a problem. Mine developed an issue recently where you just had bubbles running around the screen. It was so obvious that you whenever you touched it, it either showed up somewhere else, or it creates another bubble. These are water-like bubbles that made me feel I had at some point poured water on the screen. When I got online to search for the solution, I got to find out that many other people equally had the same problem. This meant that it was not peculiar to me. Had to go to the settings to stop the touch screen from functioning.

The Casing:

This laptop's casing is susceptible to dirt. When you get a stain on it, forget it. It sticks and does not come off easily. The outward surface easily shows off scratch on it, have tried cleaning it on many occasions but it does not come off, so I have learnt to ignore it and move on. It is still cool though, just that you want it to maintain that nice polished finish, but over time you have to let go off the newness.

The TouchPad:

It just goes still times without number and this can be so annoying. Often times when a drop of water touches the pad it becomes non-responsive. So I have to do a little cleaning and then it resumes its duty. The touchpad is one downside, though that could be my use of it. I use my mouse most times, so this does not really bother me.

Overall Review:

If you want a low budget laptop, highly effective, durable and with a moderate style, this is the laptop for you – The Dell Inspiron. It is cost effective. But as I mentioned before, if you factor in ease of mobility, I can tell you it is not the slimmest in the market, neither is it the lightest in the market. It is as heavy as your Timberland boots combined. If you happen to always be on the road most times, the battery efficiency is one for the consideration, with a battery life of nothing short of 5 hours 30 mins, what else could you possibly want in a laptop – if battery life is your priority. The touchscreen feature enhances the style and class that the laptop affords, Β it is a nice addition. I get to play Candy Crush, just to ease off time, when the workload is break-neck. Music motivates me when I work and the sound produced by the speakers of this laptop are priceless. If you are like me, that sound quality is one you cannot make a tradeoff on. It is cool not just to you, but to anybody who is around to listen. The graphics are equally good. It gets the job done for me and I have no reason to complain.

Overall Rating: 7/10