Blackberry Leap – User Review

by Rawk

Blackberry Leap White

Intro To Leap

Blackberry Leap STR100-2 White, I have no idea how I ended up with one of my most despised brands in the mobile industry, wait I remember my Galaxy S6 decided to play dead with  me and I had no choice but to get the one phone I told my mom not to ever buy under any circumstance and as usual she doesn't listen and the phone goes into storage where I found it piling up dust,  I’ve been using it for like 4 months and it's been doing an okay job of consoling my loss of the S6, but once in every blue moon it decides to remind that it is a Blackberry,It was supposed to be the new era of the classic version.

Battery Life & Charging

According to the manufactures it should last a maximum of  22hrs, I can say with all the joy left in my heart, that it can go longer than 22hrs if all you do is call and socialise all day. Coming from a phone where half a day is all it can do for me, It is a pretty good feeling when you haven't been able to charge the phone and it is really late and need to capture the perfect moment of a young women maternal instincts kicking in at the most unexpected of moments.The Leap is always there for you with just enough power to engrave it in history for you.When it comes to charging,  that is a whole story on it own,but at least by the time it dies you should also be really tired. original (2)

Performance & Design

This is where my dislike of Blackberry comes in and it never seems to disappoint with its lagging, or screen jams, or calling someone who is right next to you! Like why Blackberry? Why? You suck so much in this department I would take the heating up of a Samsung any day, if you could just perform a little better, just to make me look good in front of the ladies, busy taking your sweet, sweet time to process one command, and your ability to close an app unexpectedly without even telling me why is just very wrong, your app icons don't help much either, the images used for me weren't the best choice, the design of the phone is okay, the accessibility of the buttons are also pretty good, and being able to access everything by just swiping left and right is okay ,but all of that goes down the drain if you open apps by yourself and your screens can not tell the difference from cold and hot. 

Strength & Durability

In this department you have no faults your ability to fall to the ground and come out unharmed is an achievement on its own, you guys should be proud of such an achievement, but I see that you sacrificed everything else about the phone to work on this, which is okay for us clumsy human beings. The repair shops don't know that I own a Blackberry which is so far a good thing, especially when it's being dropped on the most dangerous of surfaces alive, so kudos to giving me another day with a smartphone, and another day to criticize you, even if you save me the mini heart attacks on a daily basis.

… Best Features

The meditation required to come up with at least one good feature about the Leap is a sign that awesomeness will never be The Blackberry specialty. Granted the android emulator is a pretty cool feature, the ability to use my android apps on the Leap is the only thing keeping me from leaving this topic blank, I even felt some relief when I realized if Whatsapp continued with their non support of Blackberry devices next year, the android emulator could save me, even better I can Whatsapp video call because of it, so this was really a good feature to include. The back camera quality is also pretty good to the naked eye, it capture’s really good moments, oh and the battery I so can not forget about how much  my life is made better due to the batter duration, giving me the ability to stay in touch with the world until I call it a night, and the way all the apps minimize on the home screen is pretty nice as well, very well organized, giving it a sense of class where everything else has no class,also the way all your social notifications and messages are centralized in the hub is an okay feature allowing for easier access to messages, and notifications if there is no time to search for the app. Surprisingly Blackberry has some pretty good features if you take the time to look for them, unlike the upcoming worst features of the phone.

The Worst Features!

Blackberry is a treasure trove of bad features, from the start of the phone until the end, there is no way to not find one horrible feature I'll do my best to hold back, let's begin right at the beginning, with the turning on of the phone, I know there is a lot to load but seriously half of the things being loaded is just giving the phone way too much work then required. If you restart the phone right after a lag, and you were in a conversation where your life depended on it , just know your dead! Before phone goes on. Let’s not get started with the charging of the battery, never! I repeat never! let the phone shut down ever! The time it takes to charge to the required amount, you would have already died from travelling to fast,unless you want no connection to the world in that period then all is okay. Did I mention the lag and the keyboard, I have to put this two together, imagine having to buy someone emergency airtime, and as you begin the process the phone takes it sweet time to process your responses, and to make it worse the keypad does not automatically go to an appropriate layout, let me not forget the auto-correct, It’s ability to always give the wrong word or not give you the right option to just pick is just wrong, the right word is always just taunting you right above the next letter.

Overall Review

The Blackberry Leap, I loathed the phone, but was forced to love it and make due with it. Luck was on its side winning me over by 0.001% a day, but when I really needed a smart phone it was there to save my day, and had the ability to help others in their troubles, so all in all if you were to ask me my thoughts on a Blackberry today it would be way better then it would've been 4 months ago, I would've told you throw it in the trash, but for now all I can say is give it a chance it might surprise you. As an IT student having a Blackberry, is like ultimate mock phone, your own lecturer will make fun of you due to the Blackberry, I can defend Blackberry’s dignity now but I would still think twice about it. Blackberry still has a long way to go if it wants to compete with the big boys. Like any phone it will make memories that will last forever, they will most probably be all horrible, when the time is right it will make a great moment for you.
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