Best smartwatches in the Market

by Lavanya Jackson V

The smart watch, a computerized wristwatch designed to perform equally to your mobile phones is taking over the techno markets with their evolution. Many brands are exploring this field and are capable of introducing their own innovations to the world. The primary use of a smart watch is for fitness purpose. It takes a further step by giving easy access to all your mobile applications without carrying your phone out physically.

Take a look at these best smartwatches available in the market:

Apple smart watch series 2:

Release: September 2016 Aws2Aws3   Apple smart watch series 2 comes up with two models which are 42mm and 38mm body size. The software “WatchOS” remains same in both series. The prime updates from series 1 to series 2 are the following: • Water- resistance with 50m depth allowing us to focus on those swimming and surfing activities. • GPS • Dual-core Apple S2 processor • Ambient light sensor Size is relatively increased from series 1 mainly because of GPS, which usually requires a bigger battery to maintain the same battery life from series 1. The smart watch series has replaced the gold body with ceramic giving it a hip-hop feeling from the luxurious standard of series 1. One last feature to surprise people is Apple is partnered with Nike for S2 smart watch giving Nike brand and special running apps. This totally focuses on your health. Price: USD $369

Samsung gear S2:

Released: October 2015 Samsung1   Samsung gear S2 has three models: • Standard S2 gear • Classic S2 gear • 3G enabled S2 gear All three are same except S2 3G has e-sim and speaker for making calls, GPS and larger battery capacity. Both classic and gear S2 is made of metal, but regular gear s2 has two-tone matte finish whereas classic s2 is polished. Gear S2 has gorilla glass 3 with 1.2 inch AMOLED display. Based on looks, classic is slightly lighter and thinner giving more traditional and less sporty look. One of the cool features in this smart watch is the on-screen bezel, it is so thin that it’s hard to even notice. Bezel feature is used for navigations and rotates it to swipe left or right. This beautiful round design has the elegant fluid user interface with 2-3 days battery life. In terms of fitness, the functions are very limited in here. Price: Standard (USD $299), Classic (USD $349), 3G enabled s2 (USD $359.99)

Huawei Watch:

Release: September 2015 huawei-watch-16   Release: September 2015 Huawei launched its first android wear that competes equally with Samsung gear s2 and Motorola Moto 360. These guys came up with the most-like watch design and if you are a fan of round figure then they have a variety of options in terms of cases and straps. The metal design gives us the smart look which goes perfectly well with casual or formal attire. With the help of sapphire crystal, thank god for the scratch proof screen.  The fully circular display is 1.4 inch AMOLED with ambient light sensor. Along with heart rate sensor, the watch also has water resistance, which doesn’t apply to the straps. This phone is compatible with both android and iOS. Price: This smart watch has a variety of configurations ranging from $350-$800. The stainless steel version with leather strap costs around $350 USD.

Pebble Time:

Release: May 2015 Pebbletime   This one takes a spot in every Top 10 lists of smart watches in the market. Literally, there is no top 10 list without pebble time in it. Of course, there are few versions. This smart watch distinguishes itself from apple and android wear by giving Always-on color e-paperdisplay and 30m depth water resistance. Pebble time developed their software Pebble OS. The solid construction has boosted battery life lasting over a week, which is impressive. The screen is surrounded by buttons telling us there is no touchscreen. It is basically a watch, to begin with, and then has upgraded features to tell us it’s a “smartwatch”. Price: Pebble Time (USD $149), Pebble time steel (USD $249), Pebble time round (USD $199), Pebble time 2 (USD $179)

Motorola Moto 360:

Release: September 2015 msw1   This big black round beauty is a real visual treat. Moto 360 has the stainless steel body with both dust and water-resistant up to 1 meter & 30 minutes. Compatible with standard 22mm strap this smartwatch works on android wear OS with LCD touchscreen and 233 PPI Pixel density. The screen is protected with corning gorilla glass 3. Heart rate sensor and Qi wireless charging are added features. The Moto 360 Sport uses Motorola's own AnyLight Hybrid tech that allows the screen to be easily seen both indoors and out in direct sunlight. And, with the help of built-in GPS, you'll be able to track all of your runs without having to haul your phone along with you. Price: Price ranges from USD $299-$499.

Asus Zenwatch 2 (5029):

Release: September 2015 azw Comparing some of the smartwatches in the market, the zenwatch is universally liked.  It comes with separate straps for both male (22mm) and female (18mm). It has the stainless steel body with water resistant and corning gorilla glass 3 protections. The Android wear OS combines with quad-core 1.2 GHz cortex A7. Zenwatch doesn’t really focus on fitness programs because of the absence of GPS and heart rate sensors. Besides that, Asus Zenwatch 2 gives a really classy look.  Compatible with both android and iPhone, it is highly customizable and comes in different sizes. Price: USD $172.99

Sony smartwatch 2:

Released:October 2013 sonysw This beautifully designed smartwatch comes with various colors suitable for your style. It has water and scratch resistant, TFT capacitive touchscreen with 283 ppi. The android wear OS with a quad-core 1.2 GHz cortex A7 gives impressive battery performances that last 4 days. Say yes to running and jogging for GPS facility and compass for your voyage. Although the newly released the smartwatches take over the lead positions, sony still fights with its creations. The sony Smartwatch series are still in exploration and we can expect more versions in the upcoming years. Price: USD $139

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE:

Release: March 2016 lg-watch-urbane-2nd-edition-lte LG Watch Urbane allows nano sim inside its stainless steel body. The screen is protected with corning gorilla glass 3. It has dust and water resistant up to 1m and 30 minutes. The strap is non-removable in the round design. The pixel density is 348 ppi and RAM capacity is 768 MB. GPS and Heart rate sensor allows fitness programs. Battery lasts up to 60h. The smartwatch gives good performance giving equal competition to others. Price: USD $399 The revolution of smartwatches are still in innovation and manufacturers are exploring the field to bring out some of the best features in their creations. People can still think that mobile phones are enough to carry on in our life. But it's the unending innovation that makes creators invent best products for user's convenient. Smartwatches are a cool and great product to buy.